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WooCommerce's best shop theme for eCommerce websites. A WooCommerce plugin is integrated and a bootstrap responsive mobile framework is included. You can import free Elementor WooCommerce templates and WordPress Customizer settings to quickly create a great-looking WooCommerce store. The Responsive & Retina ready WordPress theme developed for WooCommerce Plugin.

Make beautiful shop layouts with parallax scrolling & fly-in animation.

Advanced WooCommerce

Only WooCommerce shop you'll ever need. The design and overall architecture of this theme is scalable to all browsers, screen scales and portable computing platforms. The design has been created according to the latest HTML5 standard and will fully support the latest on-line buying experiences. In addition to the standard WooCommerce functions, we have enhanced the main functions and added more high-performance functions to improve your webshop.

We' ve added extra features to view your product in different column views, more efficient shortcuts and change the overall shop design. The included slide control allows you to present your product, pictures or video. Substantial special features and the fact that the slide control on cell phone works even better give you the chance to really delight your website users.

You will be encouraged to buy more of your wares. The system is driven by the fully reactive FlexSlider, which makes it suitable for use on portable equipment. The WordPress 3 menus are ready to use right out of the box, making it easy to get up and running, but still strong enough to produce extremely individual and imaginative mega-menu-setups.

Up to 5 column creation and view everything from standard navigational hyperlinks to HTML and shortcuts. Bootstrap Frameworks, which is a lean, easy-to-use and high-performance front-end frameworks for quicker and simpler web design. Customize pages such as Blog, Archive, Contact us, or select No Page Style in the sidebar to view your page contents in full width.

Just make a page and select the one you want, the layout will do the work. Now you can customize your website, but we have 5 pre-defined skin options to select from. Customize your stamp designs with one click and use a basic theme designer to customize the remainder (fonts, colours, background, borders,...).

Creating a WooCommerce Website with Elementor & Astra Theme

Would you like to open a WooCommerce shop and sell your product over the Intranet? Whilst you can find a lot of information on-line, the whole creation of a shop that actually looks good can often seem a little overpowering. What if we were to tell you that in less than an hours you could open a good-looking e-commerce shop... for free?

However, with the Elementor, WooCommerce and Astra theme combined, you can do it. In this article we show you exactly the step you need to take to get your own business up and run in the shortest possible timeframe. There are two major utilities you need to go beyond the WooCommerce kernel plug-in to create your shop:

The Astra Theme - this is a free WordPress theme that contains advanced Customisation as well as integrated WooCommerce integrations and demonstration pages. This is a free page creator that will help you tailor various pages in your shop, such as your homepage and overview page. All we' re assuming for this is that you already have WooCommerce in place - we take care of everything else to make your shop look good and work.

The WooCommerce Guided Tour videos are a good starting point if you need a helpful guide to set up WooCommerce. As soon as you have WooCommerce up and running, here's how you can make your shop look fantastic! Easily customize and customize your WooCommerce shop by importing free Elementor WooCommerce template and WordPress Customizer preferences.

Astra' special WooCommerce integrated tool allows you to customise important parts of your shop in WordPress Customizer in near-instant. Here is how you can use Astra to setup the heart of your WooCommerce shop: In order to start, you need to have a design and a plug-in installed. They are both included in WordPress.org, which means you can download them directly from your WordPress dashboard:

As soon as you have finished installing the theme and the Starter Sites plug-in, go to Astra Appearance at ? Sites in your WordPress dashboard to install your demonstration site (this help item contains more information if necessary). Then choose the Page Builder elementor: Then you can use the filter option to find the different eCommerce template.

While some of these are free, others labeled "Agency" need the Astra Premier Sites plug-in, which is part of the Astra Premier Agencies Pack. However, for this example we will use the free Brand Store demonstration page: Click Apply Plug-ins to apply the desired plug-ins (in this case Elementor and WooCommerce):

Note that when you click one of these icons, Astra overrides your existing theme preferences. Shortly after, while Astra is importing all your important information, your website should look exactly like the demonstration. The Astra uses the WordPress Customizer to help you change the look and feel of your shop. Using this utility, you can make code-free changes to various parts of your shop and immediately see the results on a real-time thumbnail.

In order to use the WordPress Customizer, go to the Appearance page at ? Customizing in your WordPress Dashboard: As well as the WooCommerce-specific preferences here, Astra also contains custom features that help you customise other aspect of your website such as font, colours, logo and more. You can read the Customizer Setting article for a complete description of these customization features.

However, for this briefing we will concentrate on the WooCommerce integration of Astra. This allows you to manage certain parts of your shop: WooCommerce preferences are mostly found in two major areas. In order to use the first Set of WooCommerce layout choices, go to WooCommerce in the WordPress Customizer side bar. Shops - allows you to specify how many items should be displayed on your shop page, what information should be displayed and how many product column should be displayed.

If you change the shop columns to 4, for example, an additional item will be added to each row: In addition to the WooCommerce part of the layouts area, you can also find WooCommerce preferences in : The ? Container allows you to define the width of the area your WooCommerce pages use. Also, you can directly browse to another WooCommerce option from the WordPress Customizer home page by selecting WooCommerce.

You can use these settings to control: Store Note - allows you to activate a cross-location note and adjust the text. Catalog - allows you to manage which information should be displayed on your shop and categories pages. If you activate a shop note, for example, you will receive this beautiful page-wide alert banner:

Use Astra to customise your shop and products pages, as well as your menus and sidebars. However, when it comes to optimizing your homepage and About Us page, the free Elements Page Builders plug-in comes into play. In order to modify your homepage, click the Modify with Itemor button. lementor makes it easy:

When you need help editing the heart pages of your shop with Elementor Page builder, the Elementor 101 video is a good place to find out more about Elementor. Astra and Elementor both provide professional version software that can be used to enhance your WooCommerce-Shop. Not only is this feature a feast for the eyes - it includes functions that can have a true effect on your store's bottom line by making it easy for your customers to buy your items and giving you the option to manage your store's check-out page:

Baymard Institute research indicates that e-commerce buyers tended to look at more endless scrollbar items, which is great if your business has a large catalogue. Qualitiy filtration is an important part of every eCommerce shop. Increase your check-out options: It is also possible to select whether you want to activate the voucher box and some other minor preferences or not.

Each of these choices will help you optimize your order processing to make sure your shopping basket cancellation is as low as possible. When you create a shop for a customer, you can use this function to delete the entire Astra brand-name from the WordPress dashboard to create a custom end use. When Astra Pro provides you with comprehensive and unparalleled e-commerce functions and capabilities, the Astra Agency Package allows you to use first-class, ready-to-use Agency tagged sites from the State Web Site Libraries.

With Elementor Pro, you get easy and convenient WooCommerce integration with Elementor Pro and Elementor WooCommerce solutions that help you view your own content and create new screens. Merge them all together and WooCommerce, Astra and Elementor are a threefold menace that allows you to quickly create a fully customized e-commerce shop without having to write a line of coding.

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