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Support Plugin for Woocommerce

How does it work? This is the only Help Desk & Support Ticket plugin that is compatible with the functionality of a SAAS such as Zendesk or Helpscout. Once the plugin has been installed and activated, simply reply to a few simple queries in the start-up assistant and your help desk will be up and running for your clients. Join a guided demo of our products in the below videos, where you can see the comprehensive listing of free and paid functions that will be available in your new Help Desk!

Please refer to the company's website for first class individual support or purchase enquiries. Take a look at the user-friendly functions of this great plugin: Personalized fields: Simply create extra personalized squares on your ticketing tickets (and our personalized squares bonus add-on provides even more convenience). Select from 13 different panel styles, navigate where they appear (frontend, backend, tickets lists, tickets etc.) and determine who can see them.

You got your passes waiting: See quickly all your queued queues - two mouse clicks are enough to restrict your queue to these queues! Collaborate with agents: Work on the same issue with more than one agency and move issues between agencies; allocate issues to first, second, and third agencies while maintaining the freedom to move issues to any other agency.

Safety: Give each of your agent exactly the right features, plus the option to view or enhance their own ticketing to see the ticketing of all stakeholders - your option! Administrators can even customize the timing and all changes are recorded directly in the ticketing. Individual labels: Subscribe to our e-mail newsletters and receive our free plugin for individual status - indefinitely color-coded, individual status and ticketing label at hand!

Combine it with your priority and tagging and you have the definitive system to categorize and track your issues! REST -API is very easy to use - easy to handle and easy to use! By the time you've seen our great feature set above, you already know that support from Avesome is full of great functions, so if you want to boost your support and make it even better, make sure you use our premier add-ons to further enhance the plugin's capabilities!

Ticket replies and collaboration on single e-mail replies. Provides built-in controls for handling non-recognized emails, replies to sealed ticket requests, and more! User-defined boxes - a powerful tool to visually help you create user-defined boxes for your ticket. Create endless squares and select from 13 different squares!

Chargeable Support - Bill your customers for using your support service. Subscribe by subscription period (e.g. month) or number of seats (e.g. 10 seats per month) or invoice for each seat. Awesome Support includes over 30 high-performance features. Merge / Divide / Close Ticket. Sets the standard contents for certain ticketing boxes.

Easily include more than one user, agent, and even ticketing e-mail address. Build and store your own ticketing filter. E-mail third party notifications of important ticketing occurrences. Extended timer - Track and log times to the response plane with either automated or manually -operated timing. Automated closing - Automate the closing of your ticketing process according to predefined closing policies.

It is especially useful when administering left cards. Publish your issues - Use your issues to build a browseable library of workarounds. Grant public/private sovereignty over ticketing and responses to clients, agencies, or both, and view publicly available ticketing in more than one layout! Visitor Ticketing - Allow new visitors to submit their first ticketing without the need for the additional steps of setting up an individual user ID.

Couple this with email support, Powerpack and satisfaction surveys to deliver a service where your customer never has to login to your fare system! You can use this to forward new issues to the right agents and choose between 5 different advanced algorithm! Document- A high-performance documenting add-on that seamlessly blends into your Awesome Support ticketing system.

Contains a nice standard look and feel and automatically proposes pertinent topics when a user fills out a new one! Redirect Ticketing - Add a pop-up ticketing template to one or more redistributed sites. Hopper Tickets from all your sites quickly and simply to a central support page! Intelligent Replies - Auto reply to Facebook Messenger, Custom Site Chat and New Ticketing notifications.

Service-Level Agreements - Calculate ticketing due date according to the defined service level agreements for each client. Tracking - Easy management of several related issues. Now you can handle the management of thousands of support requests related to the same issue! Closely integrate your chosen CPT with Awesome Support and provide automatic theme recommendations to those who fill out a new ticketing request from you.

Zapier-integrated adaptive rule engines - High-performance rule engines for your ticket. React instantly to ticket requests, modify ticket states, cancel ticket requests, submit information to third-party Zapier ticket management and more! Corporate Profiles - Allow more than one user from the same organization to administer a unique ticket library. Content-frontend - Allow non-trusted contenders to administer their ticket without accessing wp-admin.

Very restricted ticket availability is ideal for providers and other helpdesk staff who are not part of staff support. Enhancements such as EDD (integration with Easy Digital Downloads), Envato and Filestack (integration with code-canyon/envato) add even more performance to Awesome Support. You' ll get an even greater rebate if you buy this bundle without the tech support opt!

The Awesome Support is designed to be interoperable with 99% of all current topics, both free and commercially. It' s "" Play & Go " - all your preferences and template are turned on when you click on the "Activate" icon, so you can start supporting immediately. The Awesome Support provides an enhanced display environment for simple read and navigate with minimum resize, pan and scroll.

Are your customers presenting regular travel ticket sales? The fantastic support is reactive so you can seamlessly immerse yourself in the comfort of your cell phones (provided the topic you are using is reactive). Awesome Support 5 was developed with a focus on versatility; the coding is neat, well written and full of pitfalls.

Awesome Support can be customized to do almost anything you want or need. The Awesome Support consists of many well-known open code project names, among them the Titan Framework for handling plugin plugins, FlexBox Grid for certain style items, BootStrap 4 for option designs, Simple Hint for tooltips and some others.

The Awesome Support is available in a wide range of supported tongues and more and more are added by our support staff and clients! Parts of the plugin have been compiled into more than 20 different programming languages by our community of people. Would you like to have Awesome Support in your own native-speaking world? Awesome Support provides detailed configuration of WPML and POLYLANG using Awesome Support.

Would you like to know what's next for Awesome Support? Do you need to enhance the functionality of Awesome Support? There are many add-ons to help you set up the best support site. Although the plugin is designed and supported by the Awesome Support developer staff, we have received help from various developer sites around the globe.

Among our most important major contributors to the Awesome Support Development Team in 2018 will be: Below is a shortlist of those who volunteered the most translators for our POEDITOR 2017/2018 project: There were over 25 people involved in the various linguistic initiatives, but these were the top 6 with the most active work.

In the name of all our customers we would like to thank them openly for their work and their contributions to the Free Awesome Support team! Regardless of the methods you used after activating the plugin via the plugin's Dashboard, the set-up will run in the backround.

To give your customers simple entry to their support area, simply include these two pages in your menus. Regardless of the methods you used after activating the plugin via the plugin's dashboard, the set-up will run in the backround. To give your customers simple entry to their support area, simply include these two pages in your menus.

I have the plugin already install - what now? You can use the CTRL-F5 on any Awesome Support page in most browser to enforce a full update. Awesome Support 0. Actually, you don't need to modify anything, just click Save to update your permalink tree, even your new issue mail style.

In order to remove the plugin with all its files, you must go to the Plugin Preferences on the Extended page and select the Clear files radio button. Normally, when a plugin is used to register a particular person, that person is assigned the Support Users function. When your subscribers receive the failure notice "You do not have the ability to open a new ticket", it means that they do not have the specific skills.

You can do this if you are installing on an exisiting website and have already allocated a userroll. Unless you know how to apply new features to a roll, we recommend that you use a plugin such as UserRoleManager and assign the following features to the required roll: Don't give your user more than these 5 functions, otherwise they could get administrator rights.

When you need to deactivate the automatic allocation and thus all new ticket are allocated to the standard agents (set in the general plugin settings), you can apply this constants in the features of your topic. Php file: define('WPAS_DISABLE_AUTO_ASSIGN', true); How to make the production fields obligatory? When you have activated multi-product support and want to make the "Product" box in the entry forms obligatory, simply include the following excerpt of your topic's features. pdf file: https://gist.github.com/julien731/a519956ce9c81542439c.

What can I do to modify the ticket snail? Per default every ticket is called via a domain.com/ticket/my-ticket-title typed url. The support is reactive, supportive and open to ideas. This plugin I trust to support my user base. I was really anxious when it went down this weekend, but Nigel from Awesome Support went up and got it running.

I' ve been using Awesome Support for over a year and have come to depend on it for my deal. Ticketing Lists - In the administration area the ticketing Lists has many sorting and filtering choices. At the frontend, the user's ticketing lists are clear and simple to use. Ticketing - For me here is where the plugin really glitters.

Ticketing is like posting an update, so the learn curve stays brief. Another very neat function is a beta checkbox that lists the actual and prior issue for the actual subscriber. Protect your information - The comprehensive GDPR functions give your end-customers full access to their information. Almost everything can be customized: from basic things like ticketing responses (how many per page and sorting order) to advanced configuration like multi agent, multi department, multi channel (email, Facebook, etc.).

The plugin uses a templatesystem for a deep adjustment, if the variety of hook and filter is not sufficient, so that you can include the login/registration and ticketing pages in your design. You should be offering great support, right? Recent updates cause a frontend ticketing bug. One small bug that I probably could have solved myself with a customized style sheet, but I published it here and they solved it immediately.

Instead, they suggested a simple solution that actually works better and can be used through the plugin (and other plugins). To not see this when you change your preferences or update your ticket would mean a easier administration interface. Overall, Awesome Support is much better than other free support plug-ins. WELCOME indeed! This plugin has been created by the following persons.

Substitute a real image instead of an image on the ticketing display in wp-admin - help to correctly resize the image on higher resolutions displays. This caused ALL issues to be deleted if the rubbing machine for private information was run for this incorrect e-mail location. Only the HTML editors, not the text editors, were displayed when an answer was edited.

The Polylang and other schemas that duplicate the AS ticketing pages would cause the data protection pop-up not to be suppressed by default. However, the AS ticketing pages would not be displayed in this way. Ensure that the frontend ticketing tables react quickly. The log flag was ignored when processing the opening mail. The data protection pop-up window was not available on the frontend page of the individual tick. Drag the tool bar within the mail area where the ticketing opens so that the symbols appear when you move the mouse.

Adds a new actions check - a new action check - which allows add-ons to enter the list of tickets at a different place in the wp-admin. To save telephone numbers in the subscriber profiles, added additional boxes. First and foremost, this affected the e-mail support Premium add-on when the administrator selected a username creation methodology that would lead to many frequently used usernames.

Add a feature to give back true/false if the actual page is a frontend page of the plugin. Instead of considering it an empty answer and disregarding it, we had to let the answer go if an appendix had an answer with only one shelf mark (POWERPACK).

Facilitated registry allows administrators to authorize user before they can post a ticket. Check boxes have been added to the GDPR-related registry boxes to make them obligatory or optionally. The UPLOAD user panels did not work correctly. Uploads with the indicator reqirired still resulted in an errormessage saying that the box is necessary.

When the User Defined Field tabs or the Supplemental Interested Persons tabs were not displayed to an agent, all boxes are set to empty when a tickets is stored. Failure to comply with the notice flags for closing customers' seats. An empty BS4 topic has been added to the fantastic BS4 topic directory to avoid a BS4 topic not being found.

The possibility to fade out self-contained issues at the front end just didn't work and it could never have worked. If for some sort of reasons the records are really long, when you render the loop on the front end you should do line break/break within the limits of the line breaks or line breaks tables. Fixed issue where the colour encoding prioritisation on the tab pages of the detailed ticketing display was not checked to determine if prioritisation was on.

After rendering, fix the name on the hooks in the registration forme. An agent can display issues for which they are not eligible if they know the immediate address bar or the issue ID of a current issue. Now the REPLYditor is located in a register card next to the ATTACHMENTS register card, so that the operator does not have to scroll on and on to find frequently used features.

additional interested parts and statistics metaboloxes have been shifted to the tab pages. That step conserves verticals and keeps the user from continuously scroll down to find important information in a metabox. Add a symbol bar to the TICKET DETAIL page that can be used for button icons. Possible interruption of modification The login screen has been revised to make all input boxes used part of the overall user-defined field arrays.

Conceal the SLUG loop by default. The SLUG loop is hidden by the Added a new release of Eric Mann's wp-session-manager frameworks that uses user-defined spreadsheets to store sessions information. Implemented extra registry box choices so that GDPR-related messages can be provided during the registry submission lifecycle. Ability added to reroute to another page after entering a new issue.

Ability to suppress closing issues at the frontend added. Ability added to include the team viewer chats window in the ticketing window. The Support Agent drop-down list is now by default a normal drop-down menu and not a sort of sort of SELECT2 dropdown menu. EMPHASISES the support for GUTENBERG Metro boxes so that the NEW TRICKET page is displayed correctly even when the GUTENBERG plugin is used.

Add a new wp-config options (WPAS_GUTENBERG_META_BOX_COMPATIBLE) to enforce the GUTENBERG editors to display on the new issue page. The CHANNEL box has been set to allow early availability of check marks when you add a tick. Add new filters to determine whether the queue of issues is displayed in the Custom Profiles Widget or not.

400 bug was created when the agents viewed backend ticketing (caused by the category of distant messages not available when using AJAX). The status in the frontend displayed states linked to PIORITY if the preference flag was on.

User with administer_awesome_support should see all issues in the issue queue at once (unless they are overwritten by the safety profile of the addon POWERPACK). Ensure that the number of topic bar passes for user with the administer_awesome_support function is accurate. The number of issues at the beginning of the issue queue is now correctly for administrators with administer_awesome_support. for example. Under certain conditions the passes did not go to INPROCESS.

When the first response of the agents to the tickets does not alter the state ( e.g. when using intelligent responses), it is never altered in a regular response of the agents in the admins. 3. x WooCommerce Stiles have gone over some of the AS-Stiles on AS pages. Search Attachment buttons overlap the bottom of the standard WP topics (2015/1/6/17) on the front end issue sheet.

Superseded update_user_meta by update_user_option (helps when user are on multiple pages, so they can have different choices on each page). You can use the added response template filtering - wpas_show_reply_reply_form_front_end - to specify whether the response template should be displayed on the frontend. Note that the user-defined kernel syntaxonomy arrays did not use the plug definitions in wp-config.

The PRODUCTS, DEPT, PRIORITY, and CHANNEL arrays were delivered as part of the kernel. This also affected all user-defined user-defined boxes, as it caused the recipe slot to be identical to the name. Updated a shortcut at the top of the ABOUT page to display when the plugin is enabled.

Create and refresh the issue fetch method _wpas_last_reply_date and _wpas_last_reply_date_gmt when wp-admin opens issues. Introducing the newly added refilter wpas_can_also_reply_ticket to override the checks that determine whether a user can respond to a ticket. If you are using Tag ID filtration, clear all other filtration. Additions have been made to allow you to specify which tab pages appear at the top of the KICKET LCD.

The user-defined Show In Front-end Detail box attributes only worked if the Show Columumn Backend box attributes were changed to truth. Two new user-defined array choices added: show_frontend_list and show_frontend_detail. In this way, a user can determine where a user-defined front end box is displayed when displaying legacy ticket information.

Add two new intern rectangles to the issue script to save the last response date and whether the issue is awaiting a response or not. From the BULKACTIONS menu, clear the editing item when displaying the tickets listing. The use could damage the data base if several elements of the taxionomy options were added to a single taxionomy area.

The user-defined parameter value of the show_column parameter is now only used to determine whether the backend ticketing queue will display the current value of the parameter. Optimized: Better sort of the activities columns in the tickets lists. Infra structure added to allow the use of response area BAPIs by add-ons. That means that the infinite response area is now more manageable, since add-ons can now place their user interface in a table.

Refresh channels in your train only if the channels are empty. Enable the Enable button to specify the content of the . ttaccess that protects a single directory for uploading tickets. Changes to e-mail alerts to support new functionality in the POWERPACK (Productivity) add-on. Enabled to display the amount of timeout during which a tick was opened in the Action columns.

Valid only for self-contained seats. The show elapsed since the response was open when the passenger hovered over the screen. The name of the update routines has been modified to ensure that it will run when 3.x is upgraded. Simplified logics that refer to when the AWAITING REPLY day is displayed. Previously it was shown to non-ticketing operatives, even if another had already responded to the one.

Display always the Agents columns in the administrator tickets lists. Previously, we removed this columns when an Non-Administrator Active Agents viewed the lists. x Phone alert was issued when using Phone Sync, but the end users did not click the SAVE icon on the SPECIFIC SETTINGS page of the Settingscreen.

To remove a product that was not used on a ticket, append a new item to the Tool drop-down box. Enter the closing date under the Action Activity columns in the administrator ticketing lists. Verify the presence of a feature before using it in our user-defined field classes. Sensei Pluginompatibility Shim - it vomits Post-IDs indistinguishably on all user-defined post-type pages, so we need to deactivate them on our pages.

Preferences for the issue plug were not considered when opening the issue in wp-admin. Your administrator ticketing lists has dropped the e-mail sender's name. A number of additional boxes have been added that are used for recording times. Essential ticketing so that the agents can adjust the amount of ticketing elapsed timeout. Two Additional Agents boxes have been added.

Those agencies can be informed about ticketing activities and see the ticketing in their ticketing lists. Now you can adjust the number of issues per page displayed on the frontend. Standard is still 5 (some users had several hundred client ticketing depending on how they used the plugin).

User-defined fields: You now have the option to specify functions that are unique to user-defined taxionomy boxes. Now there is a new explicite box for ticketing PROGRESS. You can activate this option for the frontend, backend, or both. You can make it obligatory or option. Once a precedence is specified and a colour is selected for the precedence, the issue head changes to show that colour.

CHANNEL is a new option where you can choose where a help query comes from. Often it is up to the agents to fill in the fields - in most cases it will not be filled inutomatically. However, it is filled in automaticly and is available for those issues that are opened from the default ticketing and gravitation ticketing as well as those that are opened by e-mail.

Add intern arrays to save the number of responses to a tick. You can use the buttons under the tabtools -> SETTINGS -> CLEANUP to refresh the old ticketing boxes. A series of boxes added to save "additional prospects". They are just notation boxes that do nothing at the moment, but they create the conditions for further warnings and messages.

Store the date on which the issue was shut down in new meta fields. The date was not stored explicitely before you close the issue, making it very difficult to use the close date for reporting. Allows non-administrators to display and refresh all issues in the issue queue when the function is mapped. view_unassigned_tickets:

Allows non-administrators to display and refresh unallocated issues when the function is allocated. manage_licenses_for_awesome_support: Now it is only displayed for administrator user by standard. Others relate to the newly pre-installed user-defined cabonomies. If you reply to a particular tick, you can select whether you want to switch to the next tick in the queue or to the preceding tick in the queue (in additional to the preceding option to stay in the queue and return to the queue).

Adds the issue ID to the frontend issue queue. Polite prompts to the users to evaluate after 25 sealed issues. Fixed customized post-type defaults for ticketing responses, protocols, and histories, making it easier for third-party utilities to recognize them. You can now display the customized check box area on the backend Tick Nett List  screen.

A few in-house fixes to support the add-on infrastucture for specific add-ons. The position at which the user-defined field information is refreshed in the ticketing has been modified. It is an intern modification to make sure that certain warnings have control over the information saved in user-defined boxes. Limit delete_attachments() and set_upload_dir() to the Configure Client Post-Type state.

Now, the User Profiles Metabox/Widget on the Ticketing Details page shows the complete number of open/closed ticketing with or without filter. The actual number of issues is now always displayed, regardless of the number of issues shown in the abstract. Improved synchronization between the custom status and the tabs labeled tag ticks -> setting tings -> style. In order for synchronization to work correctly, you must first make sure that your colour preferences on the Ticketing -> Preferences -> Style page match those in the custom status first.

Once the agents has chosen "Back to list" in his own private profiles for his actions "After reply", this actions did not work. Enable the plugin only when activating individual sites. The use of the inheritance technique to verify the user-defined box has been eliminated. User-defined arrays could not deal with more than one control box value being saved. The standard style in the user-defined boxes of the control boxes and radiobuttons has been refreshed.

When it appears that certain items are unavailable in your TICKETS menus or your previous steps, please go to TICKETS->TOOLS->CLEANUP and click the icon to run 3.3 again. We no longer support PHP 5. 2 and PHP 5. 3. Parts of the plugin have not been fully featured by 5.2 for some time, but there will be no test for PHP 5.2 in the future.

Minimally PHP support is 5.6.3. The support for the 3rd x line WP release will become obsolete - there will be no tests or support for these releases in the future. The plugin would erase its information during the uninstall procedure by defaul.

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