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You must submit a support ticket for this. The WooCommerce Customer Care is a complete customer care system for WooCommerce. Which is LiveChat? Which is LiveChat? The LiveChat is a real-time client support and on-line selling solution that helps companies better organize communication and interaction with clients.

It' s simple: you just need to attach a web page to a web page, listen for your users to ask you a specific query, or send them an invitation to join the game.

This means more happy clients, more solved issues and more sales. It also makes your support experience more effective by allowing you to conduct more than one simultaneous session, answer common queries, attach instant messages, view a transcript of previous calls, and submit data to clients via the online conversation screen.

If you go off-line, your online chats widget will be substituted by a ticketing template. This means that your visitor can still post their question as a ticketing. LiveChat can be integrated smoothly into a number of favourite third-party applications and utilities such as Facebook, HubSpot CRM or MailChimp, from e-mail campaigns to online help. Create a LiveChat user interface or sign in to an already established one.

It is free, but you need a LiveChat licence to use it. The LiveChat package includes a 30-day evaluation version that allows you to use the LiveChat without a purchase commit. LiveChat can be used for your support as well as for your distribution and never miss a possible leads.

Support & help by phone or via WooCommerce chat +1-888-446-5559

You can always get in touch with us if you need help. Even though e-mail errors are quite frequent, they are easily fixed. See how you can fix WooCommerce's e-mail alert yourself. Payments gateway offers your customer a safe and simple method of making a purchase through your website.

With WooCommerce supporting all major pay gateway solutions, you can see which is the right paywall for you. We have also made an essay that will explain how to incorporate Stripe into your WooCommerce site. Sequences are the same for most other payments gateway. Basically, there are two main reason why you need to have a quick and easy to run shop on-line.

Firstly, when your prospective clients search your site for items, they will open more than one page for comparisons. But if it lasts forever for a page to get loaded, they' ll be angry and go and find a shop that works quicker and you' ll be losing them. This is why the power of WooCommerce is very important.

Moreover, the second cause is that the web sites are also rejecting slower sites, which will have a negative effect on the location of your site in the results, so we suggest to accelerate the WooCommerce site. In order to see how you can do this yourself, read our WordPress Science articles. In addition, subscription is an outstanding advertising medium - you can amaze your loyal clients every months with sample of your latest wares.

In addition, you can define week, month, or annual subscription with automated payment; you can allow your customer to update or reduce their schedule; you can create different accounting plans that match your company's needs; check the "Try before purchase" box so your customer can see the level of service you deliver before any long-term engagement.

These are the WooCommerce subscription documents, and we encourage you to read them and find out more about how they work. When your company is about the sale of tangible goods, you need to send them to your global clients. Every one of your clients only plays in one area.

If you need help with anything, don't hesistate to get in touch with us. On-line companies can help you market your goods and provide your service to clients around the world, but to do that, you need to have your e-commerce website available in different language versions. With WooCommerce Multilingual you can easily manage all your items with all your items and item description and the entire order transaction, but you can also run your shop in more than one currency.

In order to complete everything and make it look professionally, it's a good idea of adding an account and leaflet enhancement to your WooCommerce shop. In this way, an automated order acknowledgement will be sent to your customers by e-mail. WooCommerce PDF Invoices & Packsheets are available for you to view if you are interested in exploring more on your own.

Merchandising is an integral part of any successfull company - the addition of a high level e-mail merchandising policy can help your WooCommerce website in many ways. EmailChimp is the most widely-used e-mail for WordPress. You can quickly build focused ads around your customers' shopping histories, restore deserted shopping baskets, synchronize Facebook, Instagram and Google ads with your e-mail ads, build pop-ups on your website that allow your clients to sign up to your directories and more.

Keycodes are small bits of coding used in WordPress (and its plugins) that allow the user to perform various actions without having to know how to write larger coding. Hotkeys are also available for WooCommerce and can help you to deploy many useful functions in your shop, pretty quickly. If you want to include shortcuts on your WooCommerce website, review the WooCommerce shortcuts.

A great WooCommerce add-on that allows you to manage the check-out page of your shop. Generate new user-defined arrays in all areas (invoice, shipment, contacts ) or modify your current arrays, change their order, activate/deactivate etc. In order to see all the functions offered by the WooCommerce check-out box editors, see how to do this.

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