Woocommerce Template Plugin

Voocommerce Template Plugin

About WooCommerce Template Hints I broke my back to adapt WooCommerce to one of SiteOrigin's designs and builders. I use Orbisius Kid Thme Creator, which is great. When you want to make your own custom kid themes, have a topic you've spent a great deal of your attention on, or need to change your design, this is the help to you!

Overwriting of the WooCommerce template file within a plugin

Aim of this paper is to describe an attempt to overwrite WooCommerce kernel template data within a user-defined plugin so that it can still be overwritten by a topic in the usual way. Notice that this is similar, but resolves a slightly different issue than what we have done to build a customized, rewritable Woocommerce template in your customized plugin.

Overwriting a kernel template in your plugin is something you might want to do if you're building a WooCommerce plugin that needs to change a kernel template and you don't want to have to provide a template to fall into the topic, yet you also want the freedom to overwrite the template in the topic.

Fortunately, WooCommerce's template load system provides a great deal of flexibility in controlling where template data is uploaded from, and allows us to do just that. WooCommerce's standard template charger scans the following places in order until a matching is found: We' ll change this slightly by including a template lookup in our own customized plugin (step 3 below) before eventually retreating to the WooCommerce kernel template directory:

You can do this by including the following feature and the following filtering, which essentially replicates and modified the behaviour of the woocommerce_locate_template() feature found in woocommerce cores.

To overwrite loop/add-to-cart.php for example, copy this into your plugin at the following location: myplugin/woocommerce/loop/add-to-cart.php and make your changes.

It can still be overwritten by the design, and all other template data is uploaded as usual from WooCommerce or the standard directory.

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