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Support for Woocommerce topics

When you use custom WooCommerce template overrides in your design, you must declare WooCommerce support using the add_theme_support function. We have just published a guide to properly explain WooCommerce's support in topics. Explanation of the support of WooCommerce in topics - Woocommerce

When you use WooCommerce customized templates override in your design, you must define WooCommerce support using the add_theme_support function. The WooCommerce templates are only activated for topics that support WooCommerce. Unless you design with WooCommerce support declared, WooCommerce assumes that the design is not WooCommerce compatible and uses short code-based, non-supported design to view the store.

The declaration of WooCommerce support is simple and includes the addition of a feature to the functions.php of your theme. add_theme_support('woocommerce'); add_action('after_setup_theme','mytheme_add_woocommerce_support' ); make sure you use the your own setup_theme cookie and not the init cookie. For more information, see the help document for help with this. Used with settings: add_action('after_setup_theme','mytheme_add_woocommerce_support'); These are option theme options that you can specify when you declare WooCommerce support.

In case these are not defined when you add topic support, the customizer allows the customer to adjust the picture size under WooCommerce > Product Images. Product_grid' allows design designers to specify standard, minimal and maximal values for the shop's shop lines and colums. In the Customizer, you can define the lines and colors in the WooCommerce > Product Catalog section.

You only need to perform a topic intergration if the automated one does not match your requirements.

You only need to perform a topic intergration if the automated one does not match your requirements. Although it is a simple complete package it has the disadvantage that this pattern is used for all WC-taxionomies ( products etc. ) and postal items ( products archive, individual products pages ).

Configure this page: Depending on the topic, this may vary. It' s similar to the way we use to create designs. It is also the way in which we achieve good integration with Twenty Ten to Twenty Sixteen Threads. Add a few rows to the features of your theme. php file. When you are not sure which class or ID you should use, look at your topic page. see pdf for instructions.

When you overwrite a style sheet, you must refresh the style sheet each times you change the data. Using the Project_grid preferences, theme designers can define standard, minimal and maximal preferences for columns and rows for the shop. Launched with 3.0, the products page. 1 and 3. 2 the new galleries is turned off by default and must be activated via a clipping (below) or via a compliant design.

In order to activate the galleries in your design, you can define the support as follows: add_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-zoom'); add_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-lightbox'); add_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-slider'); you don't have to support all 3 parts of the galleries; you can select and select functions. When a function is not activated, the script is not loading and the galleries are not running on pages.

Once Galerie feature are activated (e.g. you have a design that activated them, or you are using a non-WC compliant design), you can deactivate them with remove_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-zoom'); remove_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-lightbox'); remove_theme_support('wc-product-gallery-lider'); you can deactivate all parts; you don't have to deactivate all functions.

You should overwrite a HTML document if a HTML structure has to be changed. If you open these file, you'll find that they contain all the hook that you can use to add/move contents without having to modify templates yourself. Using this approach prevents problems with upgrades because the templates can remain fully intact.

Easily manipulate your data in an upgrade-safe way using overriding. Don't modify these directories inside the kernel plug-in itself, as they will be overridden during the upgrading procedure and all modifications will be forfeited. Cascading is designed so that the standard layouts are compliant with as many designs as possible by using percentage breadths for all layoutstyles.

In order to prevent problems with upgrading, we suggest that you do not edit these data and use them as a point of origin. When you only want to make changes, we suggest that you add some overwritten style to your design's style sheet.

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