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Compatible with e-commerce (tested with WooCommerce and EDD). They have a nice image for the slider and a background image for the slider. Best 30+ free WordPress themes 2018 WorldPress is one of the most widely used CMS in the word, thanks to its continual extension you will find more and more themes and plug-ins specifically designed for this workstation. I' ve chosen to discuss free topics for WordPress in this post and will try to give you advice on which topic to use according to your website (blog site, e-commerce, web site suite or web site).

The majority of these themes have great functionality and great designs, so here's the free WordPress themes you can consider for your next projects: The Ansia is a basic and minimum WordPress topic that is especially suitable for blogs. WooCommerce is also WooCommerce compliant to Ansia Thema to create your own shop now.

Infinite color, 2 side bars, footing widget, customized logotype and many other features. The Freddo is a cool and lightweight multi-purpose WordPress topic with all the features you need to create a full website on one page. Freddo themme also has a nice look for blogs with a picture in the headers.

The Freddo themme is fully WooCommerce compliant, which allows you to build your own ecommerce and WPML (multilingual ready). Infinite color, 2 sidebars, footing widget, customized logotype and many other features. The Mise is a nice multi-purpose WordPress themed website with all the features you need to build a full website on one page.

In addition, it has a nice look for blogs with a picture in the headers. WooCommerce is fully compliant with WooCommerce, which allows you to build your own e-commerce, and with WPML (multilingual ready). Infinite color, 2 sidebars, footing widget, customized logotype and many other choices. The Croccante is a fun and easy multi-purpose WordPress topic with lots of functions for creating your own website.

Also Croccante topic is great for blogsite with a neat look and easy website layout. The Croccante themes are fully WooCommerce compliant, which allows you to build your own ecommerce with WPML (multilingual ready). Infinite colossuses, 2 side bars, footing widget, customized logotype, welfare icons and many other features. The Fortunato is cutting-edge and minimally responsive WordPress Blog themes and e-commerce, a large central columns display in the middle of the page, and the side bar that pops up when you click the appropriate icon, endless color and topic choices.

We have WooCommerce integrated, which allows you to build an e-commerce for your brand. The Giga Store is an elegantly free WooCommerce topic for WordPress. The topic is completely reactive. This means the site adapts to different display screens, making it suitable for any type of devices such as smartphones, spreadsheets or desktops.

The Giga Store is easily customizable, Search Engine ( SEO) compatible WordPress with Twitter Bootstrap 3, Font Attesome symbols. Topic features include limitless homepage colors, soft link, user-defined backgrounds, off-canvas menus, 4 sizes of sidebar and/or sidebar, fantastic slide bar, section merry-go-round, testimonial merry-go-go-round, blogs section and much more.

The subject is ripe for interpretation. The Blog Way is a minimum topic for blogging. It' an appealing topic that is best suited for online bloggers, travelling and information and lifestyle professionals. The Astra is the quickest, fully customisable and attractive design that can be used for blogging, creating your own portfolio and creating your own website. The Astra has many side bar choices and widgets that give you full customization power.

In addition, we have integrated specific functions and template so that you can select one of your preferred Page Builders plug-ins to build pages in a flexible way. Several of the other functions: WooCommerce Ready # Responsive # Interoperable with key plug-ins # Translate Ready # Extendible using premier add-ons # Periodically upgraded # Designed, Developed, Maintained & Support by Brainstorm Force.

In search of a perfectly basic topic? The Astra is a quick, fully customisable and nice design! The WP Portfolio is a sleek, neat and attractive, non-responsive WordPress Portfolio topic that adjusts itself to your tables and mobiles instantly. The WP Portfolio is specifically conceived for designer, photographer, artist and creative. Support for common plug-ins like WooCommerce, NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, BreadcrumbPress, Contact Form 7.

It' also ripe for translating. The Alpha Store is a free, state-of-the-art WooCommerce WordPress application specifically developed for stores and e-commerce websites. Clothing, shoes, jewelry, watches, sports, technology, mobile... Alpha Store is simple to use and fully responsive. The topic is translated and multilinally prepared. The Alpha Store is SOEO-Friendly and will help you reach the highest rankings on Google and optimize your code base to optimize the power and load rate of your website.

It is a truly magical design customizer to adjust the design with predefined parameter, no programming needed. The design is created with CSS3 and boatstrap with soft HTML5-Animationen. Key characteristics of the theme: Item 2 menus, ribbon finder, soft symbols, shopping cart by categorie, flex slider merry-go-round with full-width customized product, right or left sidebar, bottom line Widget area, WooCommerce speed dial, customized logotype, customized wallpaper, ready-to-use SiteOrigin's, WR Page Builder or any pull & drag Page Builder that can turn your shopping cart into a multifunctional commercial site, spreadcrumbs, related postings, endless home page style, quick load, cross-browser compatability, cross-browser compatibility, and more.

Topic with Wish List, Instant Review and Comparison of Plug-ins assistance. With WooCommerce & Polylang assistance, Businessx is a state-of-the-art one-page WordPress topic perfectly suited for any company, organization or blogs. Using the free Businessx Extensions plug-in you can create 14 areas (Slider, Features, About Us, Team, Clients, Portfolio, Actions, Testimonials, Pricing, FAQ, Hero, Blogs, Contact, Google Map) on your homepage and place them as desired on the page.

This is a minimal WordPress topic for photographers, designers and illustrations. Mmag is a full Free WordPress topic for on-line magazine, newspaper and blog professionals. It' s fully based on the Customizer utility, which lets you adjust most themes preferences using simple previewing. It' s fully widgetized topic, so the user can administer the site with the help of easy-to-use widgets.

Strong typeface, large pictures and nice colours are the key characteristics that make it perfect for periodicals and newpapers. It' a versatile and high-performance design that offers the user many customisation options. Entire topic tree is created with neat coding, which makes the topic safe and satisfies your requirements for advancedEO.

It' a fully reactive free WordPress template designed for you. Totally, as its name implies, is a full suite of features you need to create a full website. It has a clear and sleek look with vivid colours (Theme Color Changable Option) and parallaxes. Home consists of a slide control, a marked section with symbol, a section about us with progression bars, a brick laid section of the library, a section of the staff, a testament section, a meter section, a blog section with the ability to insert 3, 6 or 9 entries, a roundabout control with customer emblem and a call to the Actions area.

Its design is fully responsive and based on a customiser that allows you to customise the website with real-time previews. Topic is SEO-friendly, cross-browser compliant, fully translatable and compliant with WooCommerce and all other important plug-ins. The Drento is a minimum and basic WordPress blog topic, a central pillar of the page and the side bar that pops up when you click on the corresponding buttons, infinite colours and topic choices.

is a Responsive Blogger WordPress themed website, created and created by Freesiame. Imagine how easy it is to use and how clear your site is. It' also translatable and easy to customize with many customizer features. PerallaxSome is a nice, free, responsive WordPress topic for a page with a fantastic Perallax scroll effect.

It' a high customisable and adaptable WP submission that is suited for multi-purpose sites like businesses, agencies, blogs, portfolios, e-commerce, etc. It' s a completely appealing design that will fit perfect on any machine. PerallaxSome topic comes with different homepage chapters that are each nicely themed. Any of the home page section in your individual page site can be further customised with easy-to-use customisation features.

Design is WordPress Live Customizer driven, allowing you to immediately adjust the entire design. It' neat, easy, SEO-friendly, versatile, multi-lingual and feature-rich for today's web sites. The One Page Express is a nice WordPress themes that can be used to build a one-page website in just a few moments using just dragging and dropping.

There are also many adjustment possibilities (video wallpaper, slide show wallpaper, headers contents type, etc.) to help you quickly build a nice, one-page website. The One Page Express is responsive and therefore works on portable equipment immediately after unpacking. Nouminous is a neat and stylish WordPress magazine.

It' a responsive WordPress topic in the form of a mag, suited for messages, newspapers, magazines, foods, technologies and web sites with a viral element. Design is easy to customize using the customization features available in the configurator. The design was developed with visitors' commitment in view, and features a clear lay-out and excellent typeography to produce a beautifully looking website that combines to deliver a great viewing experience. What's more, the website is easy to use and has a high degree of usability.

This topic is designed with Google Geo in the back of your head, so you can get to the top of the Google rankings with ease. Topic comes with several user-defined Widgets that can be placed on different Widgetareas in the topic. There were also color choices for the categories. eMag, a neat and professionally designed WordPress magazine or blogs topic that looks fantastic on all your equipment.

eMag's widget-based home page settings make it very versatile and with the various available broadgets in this topic, you can tailor your website to your needs. The Nikkon is a multi-purpose WordPress WooCommerce topic created with a minimum, clear and easy to understand styling. It will be great to work with Nikkon for a plain face-to-face blogs, a nice boutique, an on-line photo collection or a full e-commerce on-line shop by just downloading and install the free WooCommerce e-commerce plug-in.

Establish your own WooCommerce web site and sell your WooCommerce items in no time at all. The Nikkon plugin works well with the best free site plug-ins like SiteOrigins Page Builder, WooCommerce, Contact Form 7 and more. Easy, stylish, clean und pretty, Nikkon has great designs for every website, from the clothing boutique to your enterprise website.

The Metrostore is a multifunctional, smart and innovative e-commerce/WooCommerce WordPress topic specifically developed for WooCommerce businesses, business/restaurants, healthcare businesses, beauty businesses, sports businesses, technology businesses, digital and more. Metropestore is equipped with great customization features - you can simply customize the setup according to your needs. Fully responsive, translatable and SOE-compatible, it incorporates the WooCommerce YITH WooCommerce Quick View e-commerce plug-in, a great tool for all your on-line retail needs that allows your customers to search your catalogues or save them in simple but classy style, adding articles intuitive to their cart and going to check out and making payment, all directly from your website.

The Marlin Lite is an elegantly neat and contemporary WordPress themed. Constructed with Bootstrap-Framework, which offers fast reacting layouts and flawless looks on every unit. Topic settings are supported by the customizer. The Hestia is a WordPress topic for pros. Designed for creatives, small companies (restaurants, marriage planning, sports and healthcare equipment), start-ups, companies, on-line agents and companies, portfolio companies, e-commerce (WooCommerce) and contractors.

Has a multi-purpose one-page layout, a widget tipped bottom line, a blog/news page and a tidy appearance, is compliant with : WPML, Retina prepared, WPML compliant, as well as Material Kits for designing and using our material. The HashOne - a high-performance multi-purpose WordPress topic from HashThemes is full of functions for building a full-featured website that can be used by businesses, restaurants, contractors, photography, blogging, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and creativity companies.

Completely responsive and easy to use, the topic offers many customisation options with different areas of the homepage to present the variety of contents. It can be used to create a one-page website with motion graphics that gives the website a special touch of charme and extra effect of para lax. This topic is SEO-friendly, translatable, Woo Commerce compliant and can be integrated smoothly into almost all common WordPress plug-ins.

The Envo Store is really quick, neat, a cutting-edge, responsive WooCommerce WordPress topic that has a striking look. The Envo Store is ultra quick and SEO-friendly WordPress theming. Awarded is Ultra Responsive, Multipurpose, Corporated, Enhanced Corporated, Multi-function WordPress Web, Business, CV, Ecommerce, Video and Blog topic-EOEO. It' conceived for business, but this is proficient for any type of website created and created by themme freesia.

Focusing on corporate pages, it offers several front page paragraphs as well as broadgets, various navigational and welfare menu options, a logotype, color options, and more. The topic includes support for common plug-ins such as Breadcrumb NavXT, WP-PageNavi, Contact Form 7, Jetpack from WordPress.com, Polylang, and more.

It' 100% translatable and you can adjust it simply with many customization features. Flash-a free, responsive, multi-purpose WordPress theme--a truly multi-faceted design that's great for any website you want. The ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin allows you to import several pre-built demo files in a matter of seconds.

Design is fully integrated with Flash Toolkit and SiteOrigins Page Builder plugin, making the design more user-friendly and simple. In addition, the design offers a number of different blogsayouts, WooCommerce functionality, several headers, several colour choices, etc. Grand Popo is the ideal WooCommerce topic for any electronics retailer, drone dealer, clothes and fashions stores, grocery stores and any other WordPress retailer you can imagine.

The Harest is the free edition of the versatile Harest Pro feature, perfect for a corporate or blogsite. It has a responsive lay-out, HD retroina capability, and comes with a high-performance themes option control panel that lets you make great changes without affecting any coding. Design is also supplied with an easy-to-use full width slide control.

Simply insert a logotype to your website and build a nice homepage with the integrated homepage outline. A completely responsive, neat and refreshing WordPress topic, Fora is perfect for a face-to-face blog or e-commerce. You can use the customized tool to modify colours, select softkeys, adjust sliders blocks and other functions.

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