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With the WooCommerce membership you can create and sell access to your website. Membership solutions that are 100% embedded in your contents and product. Membership solutions that are 100% embedded in your contents and your online marketing tools. With a membership you can build a complete member system that is connected to your shop smoothly. While you can limit your contents to members, you can also "drain" this contents over a period of your life to plan when members have acces.

Vendor membership accounts, enclose membership with sales of goods, allocate membership accounts by hand and fully incorporate member benefits into your shop.

So you can specify how you want to grant accessibility for maximal agility. Add 0 or more items (of almost any type) to a membership scheme to promote multiple membership types: You' ve put a great deal of work into your member-only contents, so you can use your membership to track when your members should have it.

Drain your contents, which means you can plan when members should have instant acces to your contents. You can, for example, request that clients be members for a whole week before they can view certain articles or pages. It gives you more power over how members use your site and allows you to get members up to speed on your site at your own speed.

If you use this with subscriptions, you can even specify what contents are contained in a free trial containing drop rule contents. Membership allows you to make member-only items so that your site can become a shopping center, or you can make specific member-only items available. Allows you to limit the view of your items to members, which means these items are invisible to non-members in your store.

Because you may want to give your members certain benefits, you can grant member rebates on all of your members' items, some of your members' items, or certain types of items. Whilst membership administration should be simple for you, it should also be simple for your members. In the members area, members will find all the information they need about their membership.

Affiliates can view the area for each membership from the My Account page by selecting View. Activate any or all areas of the Members Area to provide Members with a listing of available Membership Contents (Contributions and Pages), Membership Product, Membership Discount and/or Membership Memo. When a member has continued to have acces to contents in the near term, he can also view the date of acces.

CSV can also be used to bring members together to make new membership, creating new members, or updating current members by combining your files with your current work. If you run a member site, you are spending a great deal of your attention on support and member administration. We have tried to make this as simple as possible with membership.

We' ve added'Membership Notes' so you can keep tabs on membership information for a client, adding your own memos for future use, and even simply communicating with a particular member by emailing them a memo. They can also use expiry and prolongation reminders e-mails to notify members of membership termination and request renewals or upgrades.

Membership is fully operational as a standalone membership application, but works very well with the most sophisticated eCommerce payment system for repetitive payments: If both plug-ins are enabled, subscriptions can use some subscription functions to give you more flexible membership accounting (see our doc for more details): Would you like to resell membership to a team, company or group instead?

Are you willing to build membership for your clients? Lean back and indulge in your fully featured members page! Get confidence by realizing that the power of your business is as important to us as it is to you when you buy our goods. Would you like to contact members after purchasing or would you like to contact users who leave their shopping carts before purchasing a membership?

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