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Introduction of the new WooThemes Support System Throughout the years we have enhanced our support system innumerable-fold. Many, many, many, many, many, many, many reviews, as we pack and support you, our dear customer. It is because here at WooThemes, our primary, definitive goal is to offer you the best possible adventure. It is not our intention that you only have a great time when you buy your first item or fill in your invoice data.

Our aim is not for you to have a great time only when you browse our comprehensive catalogue or activate your subscriptions. In this spirit, we are pleased to present our new, more user-friendly support system. Only a few month ago I was entrusted with a straightforward but thrilling challenge: to facilitate support.

I' ve seen a number of satisfied clients during this period - but that was usually when I was done helping them. Until the solution of their problems they were disappointed and exhausted and had every right to be. It was a great opportunity to make changes and possibly enhance the experiences of hundred thousand people.

For me, that's a really great prize. We introduced our new support system to a few of our clients two weeks ago. You will now find a Tickets page when you login to your WooThemes area. All has been redesigned to give you a slimmer, simpler feel. Test the new ticketing form yourself.

Please click on the big badge "Open new ticket" to open a valid one. You will find the same trusted option and ticketing category as in our earlier form, but with some fairly awesome enhancements. What if we open a tickets together and see it? This is how the new ticketing display looks like:

If you choose your ticketing type, you will see some intelligent system enhancements. If, for example, you choose "My Account", you can choose the unique order number you want to request, which will be filled in using your personal information: I better open a ticker. The new support system is quite intelligent.

I don't even have to open a fucking train pass! If a new tickets is filed, you will receive a verification prompt and your number: the number of the ticket: You can also use this display to tell us what you think of the new ticketing event. You never have to quit your accounts page to have a talk with us.

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