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Elegant designs vs. WooThemes: Ultimate comparison! In recent years, the WordPress has evolved from the ground up. When we believe that the latest numbers from Wired, WordPress now provides almost a fourth of all sites with power, which is no easy task. Wordprocess is the most user-friendly CMS on the market, can be downloaded and installed for free and allows you to create nice, fully featured web sites using its extensive set of themes and plug-ins.

The only thing you have to do is get a look and feel and add a few plug-ins for additional features, and you're ready to go. Finally, the variety of available topics makes the choice of the right topic a torture in itself. Why is the choice of a topic so important? It' s simple: not all WordPress themes are the same, and there are huge variations in the coding qualities, designs, and features they work with.

When you don't know where to start your topic search, my suggestion is to choose one of the top titles in the WordPress environment. This name is not much larger than WooThemes and Elegant Themes (Update - July 16.) WooThemes.com is now under the roof of WooCommerce.com, with their themes at https://woocommerce. com/product-category/themes/) - two of the top player in the WordPress themes sector and both very trusted branding.

In the last eight years, WooThemes has developed into a WordPress force pack with a value of around 30 million dollars. During the first few weeks Woo published an amazing number of topics and reached the 100 topics landmark in August 2011. However, the deadline in Woo's story was only a single click later when WooThemes introduced its flag ship product: the Mammut e-commerce plug-in WooCommerce.

WooCommerce has been download 9 million copies since then, the Woo staff has increased to 55 employees and the business has become part of the Automatic range in the best-known WordPress purchase to date. Elegant Themes were created like Woo in 2008. However, unlike Woo's collaboration style, Elegant Themes began his career as a one-man business run by its creator and chief executive Nick Roach from his dormitory.

In spite of these modest beginnings, Elegant Themes has established itself as one of the most important actors in the WordPress environment. During the first few weeks, Elegant produced a large number of easy, specialized topics. But it was the publication of the WordPress Topic flag ship, Divi, at the end of 2013 that really put Elegant Themes on the Map.

Divi's triumph has redefinded the whole company and defined the course of the company's evolution - the company's main objective is now to manufacture small quantities of high value items. Elegant Themes has just 300,000 clients and a staff of 33 employees around the world.

Focused on the themes, you can buy single Woo themes for between $39 and $99, and there are also a fistful of free themes available in the WordPress repository. WooThemes also provides all 63 themes as a 399 dollar per year collector for agents and contractors looking for a cheaper bundle.

However, by far the largest monetary nut of Woo is WooCommerce. WooCommerce kernel plug-in is available free of charge, which has attracted tens of thousands of users. Then WooCommerce will be monetized via additional features - until today there are 349 features that cost between 29 and 399 dollars. The Elegant Themes has a much more straightforward way of doing things - it's a WordPress group.

Only $69 a year gives you instant acces to Elegant's 87 WordPress themes, which include the best-selling Divi; $89 a year gives you instant acces to the five critically acclaimed premier plug-ins. And if you don't like annuities, you can get lifelong membership for 249 dollars with our Themes. Woo and elegant can be divided into two big categories: themes and plug-ins.

Let's begin by looking at the themes Woo has been developing. After Woo has ceased to update some of its less beloved features, Woo now has a 63 theme library. WooFramework underlines all its themes - one of the main causes for its greatness. Woo's wonderfully encoded frameworks give all Woo themes a strong and sturdy base.

In spite of its name, it is not a conventional skeleton in the conventional meaning - not like the Genesis skeleton - but the main driver behind all Woo topics. New to WordPress, an intuitional setup makes it simple for those new to WordPress to set up your website, load a logotype and set up a track-edge.

Canvas is the most beloved topic in the range. It was published in 2012 and cost only $99. This topic is also fully reactive and allows close interaction with WooCommerce. Due to the widespread use of the canvas topic, WooThemes has since published six canvas children's themes. For Elegant Themes now, which has 87 specially designed themes designed for use in a wide range of niche applications.

In the first few weeks, the breadth and breadth of the Elegant collections - with special blogs, businesses, e-commerce, magazines and portfolios - attracted consumers to Elegant. As with WooThemes, Elegant Themes can also be impressively user-friendly - in the case of Elegant, thanks to the ePanel theming options intuitional display. Any elegant design supports ePanel, which is actually a user-defined user friendly application that opens in the WordPress Dashboard.

Every topic in the Elegant range has also been crafted to be ready to go: all themes provide a sound set of shortcuts and page layout to get you up and speed without ever having to touch a line of coding. Additionally to the topics, both enterprises have created a number of high-quality WordPress plug-ins.

So far Woo has published five free WooCommerce plugs (without the WooCommerce core). WooThemes projects: a user-friendly presentation plug-in. WooThemes team: create profile for each member with a link to his/her profile. WooThemes features: Stylishly display your company's key sales arguments anywhere on your website.

WooThemes Testimonials: add client Testimonials to your website. The WordPress audience has responded well to these plug-ins, which allow you to increase the authenticity of your website with plug-ins designed by Woo. Woo's range also contains two first-rate plug-ins: The Sensei (starting at $129): a fun, cutting edge plug-in for course vendors.

Naturally, all plug-ins in the Woo library are obscured by a specific plugin: of WooCommerce (more on this soon). Elegant Themes recently joined the plug-in business, but has since developed some of the most beloved premier plug-ins in their category.

The plug-ins all use Elegant's elegant customized Elegant controls that provide a simple way for the user to set up the extensive configuration of their plug-ins. Elegant Themes has so far released six plug-ins that are available to all members with a development licence. The plug-ins contain a drag-and-drop page building tool, service modus, site building tool and a plug-in that offers all Elegant-links in plug-in-style.

Without a doubt, the big plug-ins in the elegance range are these two: This is a nice, classy style plug-in for your online game. Supporting some of the finest search engine button you'll find, integrating with more than 20 search engine sites and is also one of the fastest search engine plug-in. It' s not possible to argue WooThemes and The Elegant Themes without arguing about their two most beloved products:

WorldCommerce and Divi, the jewel in the top of their collection. The WooCommerce is the world's most widely-used e-commerce software; with nearly 10 million hits to date, it is valued that WooCommerce operates an approximate 30% of all e-commerce stores. WooCommerce is the entry-level WordPress application if you want to open an on-line store.

WooCommerce offers smooth integrations with most themes and makes it simple to include all the important e-commerce features your website needs - initial pages, carts and checkouts. It is available free of charge in the WordPress repository, but can be fully expanded by the installation of one of Woo's published Woo plugins.

The 349 copies released include all the features an on-line shopkeeper might need, such as floating delivery charges, integrations with standard bookkeeping applications, repeated pay subscription and integrations with all major pay gateway systems, to name a few. The majority of gamblers believe that the $30 million takeover of WooThemes by Automattic was primarily due to the huge appeal and growth of the WooCommerce franchise - that's a confirmation!

Even though Elgant was already a favorite Topic Rotary group, the next stage was reached with the Divi Topic in 2013. 5, Divi defined the trademark and redesigned its entire design and plugin publishing process. To those of you new to WordPress, Divi is a mighty, feature-rich, multifunctional WordPress word.

Divi provides the ideal foundation for sites in any market with 18 fully customizable pre-built layout options. To see what kind of styles Divi can produce, we've already presented 75 breathtaking wilderness Divi samples - I strongly suggest you take a look!

We have also released a detailed manual that compares Divi with another favorite WordPress topic, the Genesis Framework. On the WordPress side, trademarks don't come much larger than WooThemes and Elegant Themes. When you' re just getting started and looking for a great themes or plugins, both businesses will serve you well - choose one and you won't be much off.

Both companies are not contradicting each other; you can include one of the Elegant themes alongside Woo's market-leading e-commerce plug-in, WooCommerce. In addition to your selected topic, you can deploy plug-ins from both companies, and no matter which one you decide on, you know you're in good hands. Whatever you decide on, you're in good hands. Your plug-ins are available for download. So elegant or whoo?

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