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WooThemes Updater gets an up-date. We have just published the WooThemes Updater 1.1.0, just over 6 month since its first publication. Corrected a few errors and added some new functions that we thought you might want to get to know.

Previously, you only received notification of updates if you had a current licence on your website.

We' ve modified this so that as long as you have WooThemes Updater up and running, you will always see an alert. We have now made sure that the plug-in works perfectly with every network installation. We have done this by ensuring that all licence pages are only displayed when you are in the network administrator.

In the future, you must buy an unlimited licence to enable your licence on any network site. So why create a plug-in to provide updating? While I was at WooThemes, we made four changes to the way the UpdaterPI works. Every and every and every modification we make means we have to upgrade the source that processes upgrades in each of our product.

A plug-in that handles this logics for us means that we only have to upgrade one of the products. Now that we can publish easy WooThemes Updater plug-in upgrades, this means that you can always get the latest versions of our other available plug-ins. I can' t refuse the WooThemes Updater installation notification?

WooThemes takes safety very seriously. We have had almost all our source files audit by Sucuri' secure specialists and run on some of the most secure WPEngine server in the industry. The ability to provide you with updated versions of our codes is just part of our dedication to your safety.

online digitaloimistodude/woothemes-updater: WooThemes Helpers (inoffiziell) WooThemes Website (inoffiziell) www. ein composer repository für WooThemes Helpers http : woo.com.

Please be sure to add the WooCommerce helper to your account to enable your WooCommerce subscription keys. Simple updates via the WordPress Updates page. Please note that we only offer technical assistance for websites with an enabled subscription code for this item. In order to use the WooCommerce Helper Plugin: Please click here to get the WooCommerce Helper plug-in (file woothemes-updater.zip). Choose Upload plug-in above.

Please click here and browse to the woothemes-updater.zip archive. Click Install Now. If so, enable the plug-in. "Execute the componist upgrade and you're done!"

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