Woothemes Woocommerce

Vootemes Woocommerce

Published a new plugin, WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout Payment Gateway. Automatic acquires WooCommerce - WordPress Tavern Matt Mullenweg, CEO of Automattic, today announces that it has taken over WooCommerce, WordPress' most favorite e-commerce solution. Recently received seven million BuiltWith downloads and statistics, the plug-in shows that WooCommerce dominates worldwide e-commerce sites and operates about 30% of all shops on-line. It is the biggest Automattic take-over to date and brings 55 new staff from 16 different nations to the business for a combined 370 Automaticians.

The Mullenweg affirmed that the takeover included Woo, Sensei and all other plug-ins and topics. In view of the high acceptance of WooCommerce on the Internet, Automattic will not rename the recently purchased product. Both WooThemes and WooCommerce will remain available through their own sites. Over the years, Mullenweg has often talked about extending Automattic's range in trading globally, but few could have anticipated that the business would buy Woo instead of creating its own internal trading platforms.

Automtic does not disclose the full amount of the takeover, but Re/code is speculating that it is $30 million: As well as expanding its WooCommerce client franchise, Automtic will use the site to expand its sales opportunities for WordPress.com clients while maintaining ongoing e-commerce relationships.

"We will continue to have partnership on WP.com, but in the long run we want to continue to provide it as an option," Mullenweg said. The WooThemes creators never thought that WooCommerce would reach the levels of fame it has and eventually bring it into the Automatic series. Cofounder Mark Forrester writes: "In 2008, as three foreigners in three different nations, we went in search of the WordPress theme without ever imagining the rocket-driven journey into self-hosted e-commerce that lies ahead.

It was an unbelievable trip, supported by a truly amazing fellowship, and here we find ourselves supplying over 24% of our shops with our flag ship WooCommerce. It concerns a whole group of external design and development companies that develop WooCommerce solutions. You' re likely to have more options and more revenue ahead of you, with the strength of Automattic behind the kernel plug-in.

M├╝llenweg affirmed that the next WooConf, which will take place in Austin in November, will be continued as originally scheduled. WooCommerce eco-system stakeholders will be able to keep connecting to and building for the WooCommerce eco-system. Now with Automattic at the forefront of the dominating e-commerce web platforms, it will be interesting to see if the business can make making sales as easy to sell and publish as it can be to publish now.

WordPress.com's hugely successful performance is in part due to the company's dedication to the democratization of our publications. "The Web, I believe, needs an open, self-contained and easy-to-use trading environment that you can run on your own website," said Mullenweg in his introductory short message, the first ever broadcast on Automattic's YouTube album.

Releasing items and sales over the Internet is probably more complicated than simply releasing them, especially when you consider site, taxes, payments gateway and everything you need to handle your deal. Mean non-developers have no idea what it will take to create a blogsite, let alone an on-line shop.

However, if Automattic can help democratize the capacity for periodic people to resell goods on-line, it has the capacity to change e-commerce on a global scale.

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