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WooThemes.com domain is diverted because WooCommerce occupies first place - WordPress Tavern

In 2008, when Adii Pienaar, Magnus Jepson and Mark Forrester founded WooThemes, they never suspected a bright 2008 in which most of the company's revenues would come from e-commerce. When WooThemes was established as a key actor in the WordPress theme market, the WooCommerce entrepreneurs started with the aim of boosting sales by offering e-commerce topics.

Prior to its acquisition by Automattic in May 2015, WooCommerce represented 85% of WooThemes' total revenues. More than 15 million downloads have been made of WooCommerce, which currently supplies 37% of all shops. Mark Forrester last week-end said that WooThemes.com will now be redirected to WooCommerce.com, which has an upgraded face.

"We' ve relocated our website from WooThemes.com to WooCommerce.com to give our teams focused attention, visibility for our clients and what has become Woo' flagship business," said Forrester. WooCommerce's WooCommerce brand-name is now taking the top bill on the website. WooCommerce's teams will remain focused on storefront and canvas issues while improving the WooCommerce consumer experiences.

It is a big leap forward in streamlining the WooCommerce franchise, which became even more confused and obscure after Automattic bought WooThemes. It is a frequent trademark issue among WordPress businesses that have turned away from selling themes over the years. When the WordPress kernel became more agile, new ways of doing things skyrocketed.

At the same time, however, those entrepreneurs who began to build topics were hesitant to give up the brand they had already forged. "Somewhere along the way, the line between WooThemes as a corporation and WooCommerce as a commodity became a little blurry," Forrester said. Automtic is driving WooCommerce Connect, its new SaaS platform designed to make service, payment and delivery more user-friendly.

forester said the venture will enter Alpha 2. The clarification of the WooCommerce trademark will be crucial to attract new customers who are not acquainted with the company's WooThemes/WooCommerce/Automattic travel. At the moment WooThemes.com is being diverted to WooCommerce.com, but the site is not retiring. Mr Forstter indicated that the firm was planning to "do a cardiac graft and create a new WooThemes.com" covering all of Automattic's topics.

Topics previously housed on WooThemes.com will continue to be available to clients, but are now available under the WooCommerce brand-name name.

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