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Wootube! - Dolittle's got nothing on me.

It' s like a 15-minute stroll to the shore from where we are parking, so you might think they have at least turned a little pale by the day we get there! but it'?s funny when it happens! Maybe because when they try to gamble like this, someone (*coughMAISIEcough*) interferes and despite the variety of sharpened and pointed objects between them to ward off invaders, they don't really like it when other dogs get in the midst of their joke and they're a bit over it.

Well, I think Teresa would know, because she owned and coached Angus the infamous "C. fficile" Springer Spaniel, who earns his live by nosing out this atrocity in hospital! My nose work with puppies is really intriguing *in theory* - I find it astonishing what they can do with smell and how much they love it.

I find it deafly tedious to observe in practise - it was a bit more interesting than "my" puppy who found out, but not interesting enough for me to want to do it myself with one of my puppies. Think I' ve just basically been corrupted by sport like elbow movement that have a great deal more immediate and high Oct number satisfaction for my squirrel-like attentiveness spans.

When we talk about being agile, I have really good plans to go back to the game, usually while I'm lying in my bedroom contemplating the game. I can' t find the practical strength to actually exercise, although I live right next to a big arsenal devoted to sports.

Though I have a fistful of puppies I could play with - spring arrives up there, but hey, the Regionals won at Tweed when he was 12 years old, so it's not like she's old. I' d still like to try to dive in the jetty with Peetie. Think she might be really good at it.

While I know that I don't take as many pictures of my own pet blogs as I used to, the more I take pictures for other humans and/or shows, the less free I have to take and edit pictures of my own four-legged stuffed animals. but my neighbors are curious about you.

They' re really noisy. Foolish Pute persisted in seated and slipping outside the chicken shed and still refused to take her children into the shed. Land is now quite thoroughly enclosed (the fence, not my farm, which stays unenclosed. *bumble*), so I'm not concerned about carnivores except those who are living with me in my trailer.

Cause there are some certain thin puppies and some scaredy-cats that would feed these infants in a nano second. I found the baby-truths WITHIN the x-held area I have for the dog last night. Luckily the hounds were in the house... except Maisie, who made up her own recipe for au pair before she made her move.

Scared them out as I fend off a bunch of starving cuspids, but I don't expect this end to be good, necessarily until I can persuade Mom to join the Fellowship and stop to live off the Grid. I' m also not worried that the kittens who eat the chicks...this huge pewter pipe REALLY gets heated when the temperature is nice, so I left the doors open so the dog can go in and out at will instead of all of us in here crushed to breathe and sweat.

This means that I cannot keep my kittens indoors, so they are indoors and outdoors for the first times in their life. Donut was of particular concern to me because on other occasion, when she fled the home where I lived, she never came back in and I had to catch her.

However, if you remember my days in the West End West End flat, she was known as The Serial Killer Tinker Nuts, who captured and murdered countless bird species on the roof with socialopathic delight. It seems he's keeping off the streets, but they' re inhabited by cowboys - they have grass, so I keep worrying about him.

Then I let everyone out into the experience room to relax while I am feeding and watering the fowl, and the kittens go out to do kitten stuff...then I take the dog in small groups to the pots, then I feeding them for lunch and I sat down at the dinner with my pot of cafe.

Every mornin' around this hour, Cyrus has captured a big, delicious common vole, and I see him with the voices in his mouths strolling across the car park to dine under the trailer. It was inappropriately warm again this summers, which I'm beginning to think is our new norm - preapocalyptic:( It's all smoky and blurry outside, and I'm hesitant to let the hounds run in it, so I'm happy that a few nights ago we went to our Super Secret Swimming Hole when the skies were clear and you could see the heat.

Couple of week ago I took a picture of a docking dive experience that was fantastic...it seemed like a great time for the canines! There are rumors that a dip tank might soon be revealed around these parts, and I still think I've found a use for Peetie, after all, because while she is sucking on just about everything, she's really excited to dive into the depth.

Actually, I find her very comfortable to life - she has designed a beautiful circuit breaker, and she is quite uncomplicated in the home and will enjoy herself if no one else wants to use her. Even though I made Winter fall last winter a not quite shaded turkey eggs he stole from Off Grid Mama's deserted hutch, and she slurped it up with grubs and everything, and ran away, LIKE HER ASS WAS ON FIRE, eating it down all the while.

However, she's not hard to have, and she usually hears quite well, and she doesn't run away all the while, a la Silly. But I miss his full length physical embrace, he was very loving.... but he has built up a rather comfortable family. I' m a little envious... I' d like to be in Belize, I'm sure of it.

It makes me smile all the while, she's such a pathetic little canine. but also some "someone could take my ball" fears and spend a great deal of strand hours bent over his protective ice hockey shot in the sands. Hounds that can go! or you know, I took everyone with me to swim in the slot because it was 8 million degree outside today and got 17 degree higher every single day when I thought, "wow, is it ever high.

Still a great high octane dog with a NO STOP ONLY GO lifestyle, she has bodily chosen to distribute herself like The Hulk and become a kind of mystical mélange. She' s still really sweet. She' s quite self-reliant and sometimes I call her to come and she'll stop and stare at me and consider her decisions before she decides whether to get a biscuit or stroll and find her own rewards.

Peach + Wasser = dive. Really should try to dive in the harbor with Slender Dog. Today I didn't get any pictures of Dexter, but this one from a few week ago is a fairly detailed account of all swim trips with Dexter. On other messages I was asked to take pictures of dives at our next monthly event (I said "local event". I think I am now living formally in the country), which is thrilling because I have never taken pictures of this game before.

It' also interesting that the huge amount of mud and wood that live between my big can on wheels and the chicken coop has been almost completely dragged away, which means I can put up a proper picket line and my dog will have their own playground!

Well, at least she masticated it this year. Does not accept disciplines from adults when they get angry with her even though she is the aching one. From all the canines. Walking was next to a shooting gallery... I was concerned that the hounds had been frightened by the almost steady noise of shooting, but no one hit the lash, except Aunt Michelle, who wandered in a state of almost steady assurance that a lost ball would slay one of us. haha.

Other good piece of information is that he's beginning to realize that the vibrant necklace I got for him means it's getting ready to report when he gets it against his throat. Naturally he doesn't need full Flamboyance(tm) to posture nicely for pictures. Next one, maybe. Tonight I put this face, as well as the remainder of her, outside with a medullary cow bones so that the other hounds could take a breather.

No, they didn't... they were standing at the cupboard doors watching her chewing on her bones and complaining that she didn't have one either. Last weekend I had a whirlwind with Fae - I think I already said that the setting of the day is not towards the beautiful view I see from my windows, but on the other side of the car park, with a backdrop of oh-so-charming port potties.

Still I think it worked and I was quite happy with the final results! I also found a wandering meadow in the car park that helped me fulfill my missions. It is a throw between this picture and this one that I liked best. I tried for a while to get this star picture of the sky, and when I saw my chance, I let the poor guy standing still for an obscene long period of your life until he was in the right one.

Now' s the goddamn good night to take that face out for the tits in your beds. Life in this thing contains an incredible amount of healthy attentiveness given to fluids. Also, since it cost me $125 every single empty, I encouraged my visitors to use the port containers at the agile buildings instead of ;-) haha, just for fun.

Those trailer builders think of just about everything, I have to say.... but I suppose they think that those who go on holiday will be walking around in bare feet, because there's just no place where you can take your boots off when you take them off. At the end my boots are treaded by ring fighting dog around the village.

Altogether, apart from the small and irritating ly small room with 100% RESIDENCE to accommodate my hamper, it's no different than life in one of the many stag homes I've been renting over the years. I' m ironic because they both want to lie on the bedside in their spare hours, and I spent a great deal of my free hours screaming at them as they snarl and make their faces biting and nasty from opposite sides of the cot.

All of us know that Dexter is as numb as two door nails, and I thought the WooTWoo became profoundly handicapped at their ages (hard to say because none of them was ever what you would call "super obedient"), and I realized how much listening they were losing last night.

There are still some annoying routines for her, like her brothers and sisters eating bites at supper, and I still don't like to practice aggressiveness with her because she still likes to spend all her days looking at my hand and falling through obstructions instead of looking where she's going, but otherwise she's pretty relaxed. Can' t tell you how much I look forward to having the dog run around together instead of two at a stretch.

At the regional end of the week, since I wasn't entering, I knew that the agile house would be empty all week long, so I kept the doors open and let the hounds come and walk into their exposed area.... and discovered my Cyrus, who was wandering around at the front of the car park...!

They always come home, but that's not a custom I can let them into, because not everyone who uses the agile buildings is cat-friendly. Don't leave the doors open anymore! I was content with just firing in the real sense of the word at sundown, and in spite of the pebbled area I'm really glad how it turned out!

Just loving to photograph a dog, I wish it was all I ever had to do to earn a livelihood. I' ve had some really great session this months and all it does is wish I had more (I have more, but I mean MORE. All the while more).

But I also used the life next to an agile house to make some clear agile pictures with the wonderful scenery of greens and blues right in front of the doors. yesterdays mark the one-month jubilee of life in my new excavations, and I tried to write a blogs about it, but my web is at best...mercury-containing out here, which is kind of irritating considering how much it took me about $600 to even furnish myself (which falls into the "less-than-awesome" category) and refuse to have me uploaded to fitr.

I am here to give you a brief introduction to hiring in the BC Lower Mainland - hounds or no hounds, there is nothing to hire under $2500 per months. It'?s got nothing to do with the canines. Yeah, I got a bunch of hounds. Unless you are trying hard to find a rented apartment near me, out of compassion for doingG please include your propensity to make a discerning statement about how many I have because you really have NO IDEA.

Yes, the sleeping room is small, but the lounge is quite roomy, everything in it is brandnew - furnishings, utensils, etc. Originally the idea was to store all the goods early on Saturday afternoons, and spending the remainder of the working days packaging the leftovers of the family.

On Sunday it was intended for the construction of the chicken shed (which you made stunning blogs reader because I could not buy it without your help - the shed and the fighting were about 1500 $) and the fighting of their area at the new place... I would be reading on the web that these stables can take 2 persons up to 6 hour to construct.

On Monday mornings I was spending a good two hours trapping chickens and bringing them into my truck to take them to their new excavations, which were actually pretty smooth. It was planned to move them, then do a few charges to bring the last of my things into my friend's garages nightly as the caravan was shipped on Tuesday, and I would be spending Monday nights in a motel where the dog's sleep in the Van.

When I had moved the chicken, I paused to refuel on the way back to my house, and a man passing me said, "You know the throttle is leaking under your vehicle as quickly as you put it in, right? I had to hire a truck, and the landlord was quite unyielding that NO HUNDS were permitted in it.

My friends and my friends were staying overnight, the dog (and cats) stayed the whole evening in the car, which I was cleaning very well and the car hire was not smarter, and I got my car back the next morning because the repairman found it in a wreck.

I have a boyfriend who has a large edifice that is used for agile and other dogsports on his land. Here my caravan is parksed, so I actually stay in the edge of a car park for an often very loud house. I' ve already learnt to switch off the baying to a large extent, and it's remarkable that my own hounds (most of the time).

So the only thing that really sucks is when there's a process here because the car park gets jammed, and not every participant is happy that my *house* is picking up what they consider a precious car park property. I don't really stay here because I am in a car park, push, blink.

For different detriment I didn't deliberation in, much as drinking facility tube and diversion tube and diversion tube and car park and different substance that as organism who's never celebrated an AV before, wasn't equipped for. As a result, my last complaints are that I have run out of cash and I have to sit and spare enough to be able to buy an area for my dog fencing from caravans to fowl so they can walk, gamble and shit in silence.

At the moment we get up very early in the dawn and are playing a game of friesbee in the car park before other guys come to use the house. However, my puppies are used to many hectares of enclosed free roaming and they find it somewhat difficult to tolerate this and run further away.

I borrowed some expenses from a boyfriend to make a small "yard", but they usually don't shit or piss in it and take it out to do their thing on a lead two at a stretch really gets old quickly. As soon as I can put up a perimeter barrier, they can have at least 100 ft in each way to be dogs...especially the wooTwo really yearn for a place to go outside and sleep in silence.

They are old and believe that they are fern hounds, and also believe that they should stay several long days lying under a shrub or forest in a flat shaved ditch and exploring their area. With all these pictures it was therefore a matter of taking out single or pair dogged individuals and shooting a few bullets before the unwilling mastiffs were brought back into the trailer.

Last night a cowboy snatched a babe turnkey that had run (through) the chicken pen outside - at noon! I' d forgot how much I really dislike cojotes, as they were no trouble at my former, fully enclosed place:( So now I'm again worrying about the Littles - I really need a picket line, because that face is valuable to me!

Neither is the backdrop the best for pictures out here, but with a little imagination I can do it... I recorded it with my own recording trobes, but outside, and I was quite happy with the results! Wouldn't mind getting some really cute ones at sundown when I get to it (this one was at noon), I guess.

There are definitely some provocations, among them the loss of my studios (*sob*) and the fact that it always cost me 125 dollars if I have to commission the firm to come and empty the, um, Pooper. Hopefully now that I'm back on-line, I'll be able to blog more frequently again, especially when I've pulled up the heap!

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