Word Theme Templates


Our huge collection of Microsoft Word templates covers a wide range of industries. Modify a design and make it the standard in Word or Excel. Quickly and easily manage the coordination of colours, text and graphical styles in your Word, Excel and PowerPoint files and quickly refresh them...

. Modify the whole design or simply adjust design lettering, colours or effect. In Excel, on the Page Layout page or in Word, on the Design page, click Color, and then select the desired colorset.

First group of colours are the colours in the actual design. In Excel, on the Page Layout page or in Word, on the Design page, click Color, and then click Customize Customization. When you click the Topic Colour icon next to the theme colour you want to modify (e.g. Accent 1 or Hyperlink), select a colour under Topic Colours.

If you want to make your own custom colour, click More Colours, and then choose a colour on the Default page, or input numbers or choose a colour on the Custom page. Do the same for all colours you want to modify. From the Name field, specify a name for the new topic colours and click Submit.

If you want to revert to the theme's initial color, click Restore before clicking the Save button. In Excel, on the Page Layout page, or in Word, on the Design page, click fonts and select the desired typeface. Top typefaces are the typefaces in the latest design. Click Customize Types to make your own custom typeface.

Select the desired typefaces from the Heading font und Bodybody font fields in the field Change New Theme Fonts. or Type a name in the Name field, and then click Save. Topic affects includes shadow, reflection, lines, fillings and more. Although you cannot make your own theme effect, you can select a number of different ones to suit your work.

Click on the Page Layout in Excel or Design in Word page on the Effects page. Choose the effect sets you want to use. In order to modify the topics, just choose another topic from the Topics group. If you want to delete topic formats for only part of the page, choose the part you want to delete and modify all the desired formats, such as type styles, sizes, colors, and so on.

As soon as you have made changes to your design, you can store and reuse it. From the Page Layout in Excel page or the Design in Word page, click Designs > Store Your Theme. Type a name for the theme in the Filename field, and then click Store. Please note: The theme is stored as a . ntpmx file in the Document Topics directory on your hard disk and is added by default to the user-defined theme lists that appear when you click Topics.

Once you have saved your design, you can configure it to be used for all new docs. Use your customized design on an empty spreadsheet, and then store it as a Book.xltx style sheet. In the Design page, click Make Default. The theme of a documentary is a one-of-a-kind collection of colours, typefaces and special effect.

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