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Word designs include a variety of colors, fonts, and effects. Words 2013: issues Please download our practical documentation. In Word 2013, all docs use one topic. Actually, you have already used a design, even if you didn't know it: the Standard Office Design. Each topic - even the Office topic - has its own topic elements: So why use topic items?

When you use topic items, you'll probably find that your text looks quite good and all the colours match well.

However, there is another good excuse for using thematic elements: If you move to a different topic, all items in the topic are updated to represent the new topic, so you can quickly modify the look and handling of the whole work. The following pictures allow you to easily match the Standard Office Design with the Organic Design.

Keep in mind that colours and typefaces are only updated when you use themed typefaces or themed colours. Choosing non-topic colours or non-topic font colours will not alter your documents when you add a new topic. When you use built-in style, you will find that the font types for these style changes when you use a different design.

The reason for this is that all built-in style is rooted in the design font. When you don't want the style to be changed, you need to make customized style changes. In order to alter the subject: On the Themes page, click the Themes button. Choose the topic you want from the drop-down list. You will see the topic you chose.

Suppose you really like the typefaces of a subject, but you want to try different colour patterns. Word allows you to combine and harmonize the colours, text and effect of different themes to give your documents a truly one-of-a-kind look. When it still doesn't look right, you can adjust the themes colours, text, and effect on the Design page.

If you select topic colours, try to find a part of your work that uses multiple colours to get an impression of how the colours will look together. Saves a design: As soon as you have found the desired setting, you can store the design so that you can use it in other documentation.

On the Design page, click the Designs button, and then choose Save current themes... from the drop-down list. Click on Store topic...... Returns to the File Manager. Enter a name for your design, and then click Submit. Stores the design. It can be applied to any documents by choosing them from the available topics.

Navigate to an already created Word file. You can use the exercise paper if you want. Use a topic. Change the color, font, and effect of the design, and then store it.

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