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Produce effective, free Word templates that promote your business. Free download Microsoft Word documents and templates for school, work and personal use. Find where templates are saved (Microsoft Word) Notice: This item is intended for Microsoft Word user of the following versions: 2007, 2010, 2013 and 2016. This tip may not work for you if you are using an older release (Word 2003 or earlier). Click here for a copy of this tip specifically designed for previous Word versions:

Find where your template is located. It' s regrettable that Microsoft does not make it easy to change them. When you change a template, the first thing you do is download a template, and that means you need to know where it's saved on your hard drive. Unfortunately, the avarage users have no idea where they are on the hard drive.

Trouble is, even Word Help can't tell you exactly where the template file is on a particular computer. To find out where your originals are saved, perform these steps: Select Custom template from the file type dropdown menu. Maybe, if the template paths are long enough, you can already see them in the dialogue window.

The Word application opens the Change Location dialogue window. At the top of the dialogue window, the Search in drop-down menu contains the actual pathname used for your documents. Please be aware that you can find out where your application is located. You may not see where your standard artwork is located.

Word saves the standard defaults for creating new, empty files in the Standard document preset. I' m saying "maybe not" because some Word editions seem to save this particular pattern in a different folder. When you think this is the case with your Word copy, simply exit the application and use the Windows find functions to find "normal. do*".

Notice the use of the placeholder star at the end of the searched object; this should help you to find a pattern (or even a document) that begins with "normal". This tip (6072) is for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010, 2013, and 2016.

Click here for a copy of this tip for the older Word user interface: Find where templates are located. If you use Word's email merger functions, the information you combine adopts the style of your original documents.... Must your makro know how many Excel window are open?

Word has a function named AutoRecover that will help you when Word or Windows crashs. When your regular pattern gets confused.... Now you can set Word to alert you when it's about to store an update for the regular submission. Many organizations have standardized submissions that can be accessed over the corporate LAN.

When you have a template....

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