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Copying and pasting from Word - WordPress Help WorldPress has made it even simpler to add extensive contents to your website. When you have a Word file that you want to use as your blogs posting, you can now just copy and paste your styled contents into the WordPress mailroom and WordPress takes over.

Hint: Due to this new procedure, the Text as Word Quick Tags pushbutton has been deleted from the edit window. Inserting contents without using formats is another possibility. Suppose you want to insert preformatted contents from a Word file into your WordPress edit window, but you don't want the formats to follow.

Just click the Insert as Text pushbutton and WordPress will do all the text for you. The first step is to mark and copy (CTRL+C) all the text in the Word documents that you want to insert into WordPress. Enable the toolbar shortcut in your Quick Tags (formerly Kitchen Sink) in your visual Editor to display extra reformatting choices.

Click the Insert as Text pushbutton to move to the On location. Hint: When you click the Insert as Text pushbutton for the first time, the following error appears on the screen: Press OK and go back to the Edit Post/Page page window. You' ll now see that the Insert as Text pushbutton has a quadratic border that indicates that it is now on.

Press STRG+V to insert the Word contents into the editor and you will see that the contents are displayed without reformat. In order to deactivate this function, simply click on the Insert as Text pushbutton, which switches the pushbutton back to the Off state.

Copying and pasting from Word to WordPress

When you' ve ever tried copying text from a Microsoft Word file and then pasting it into a posting or page in WordPress, you know that text never looks right when you put it on your blogs. It is enough to say that Word and WordPress are not veryompatible. If you copy text from Word and then insert it into WordPress, the issue is that a pile of additional HTML is pasted into the text.

While you won't be able to see the additional codes in the WordPress visible text area, if you go to the WordPress HTML text area and know a little HTML, you'll see a lot of additional codes in your blogs posts that have no need to be there except to cause layout issues in your blogs.

Luckily, there is a way to copy and past text from Word to WordPress without the additional text appears strange. The first way is to copy the text from Word as you would normally do, and then go to the WordPress editing tool in your WordPress dashboard. Left-click where you want to add the text, and then click the Add from Word button on the taskbar above the Mail box.

If it' s not displayed, move your mouse over the kitchen sink symbol in the tool bar and click to see all the symbols shown. If you click on the Word symbol, a dialog window appears in which you can enter your text from Word. When you click the OK and the text is inserted into your blogs posting editors without all the foreign text being present, it will be displayed for you.

You may still experience Formatting difficulties when pasting text into WordPress using the Insert from Word utility. When you want to make sure that there are absolutly no additional coding or styling issue, it is best to insert the text from Word without applying any styling whatsoever.

This means that you have to insert pure text, which will require a few additional stages, which will be discussed in the next section. Just open Notepad on your computer (or text editors on your Mac) and insert the text from Word into a new Notepad (or text editor) format. From Notepad (or Text Editor), copy and paste the text into the WordPress Mailroom.

There is no additional token added. If, however, there was a format in the source text that you would like to use in your article or page (e.g. print in fat, link, etc.), you must insert it from WordPress. You can also use an off-line log editing tool to edit and edit your WordPress log, including the pages you want to use.

If you copy and paste text from Word to an off-line Blog editors, the issue with adding additional codes usually does not arise and most formattings are maintained properly.

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