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Function - If tax_query is used, the results vanish (0 =1 produced). If I just drag the post_type and a few other parts, this works well. post_type', 'orderby' 'rand', 'showposts', ); ); );

); ); however, if I insert the control query as follows.... Taxionomy''Difficulty mode','Terms','Field''Slug' );'Post_type','Orderby''rand','Showposts','Tax_query'); ); ); ); I get 0 contributions and an issue of 0 = 1 when I run print_r($query).

"<font color="#ffff00">-==- proudly presents practice" "├╝bung" "orderby" "rand" "showposts" "tax_query" "tax_query" "taxonomy" "difficulty_mode" "terms" "1" "field" "field" "slug" "error" "m" "p" "post_parent" "subpost". "The following_d" "subpost_id" "" "Anhang" " " "attachment_id" "no_found_rows" "taxonomy" "difficulty_mode" "term" "1" "order" "DESC" "tax_query" "queries" "taxonomy". "Difficulty mode" "Terms" "1" "include_children" "field" "slug" "operator" "IN" "relation" "AND" "is_admin" "is_attachment" "is_singular" "is_robots" "is_robots". "delete_pages_page" "is_post_type_archive" "query_vars_hash" "d289f5774bbde27aa3902982141a66ab" "query_vars_changed" "thumbnails_cached" "query" "post_type" "sw-

where 1=1 and 0 = 1 and 2 AND words. post_type ='bw-exercise' AND (wrd_posts. post_status ='publish' OR words. post_author = 1 AND wings. post_status ='private') Group by words_devises_devise.post_postts.post_status=1 AND wrd_postts ORDER ID by RAND() OF THE SC OF THE LIMS 0, 5" "Contributions" Completely at a loss.

I' ve been reading about all the thread that have to do with using my search engine and trying everything I can but no die. It is a globale one, so it can be referenced by another feature that draws the postal ID of the contributions issued by the request.


Originally Zero Spam was developed on the basis of the work of David Walsh. Notice: This plug-in does not work with Jetpack comments. Many thanks to David Walsh @davidwalshblog for the inspired behind this plug-in. Simply append the cerospam category to a formula and follow your validate instructions:

Definite template. Block legitimate submits and let your spammers through. It had to be turned off after receiving a call from someone who couldn't send a completed application card.

Everyyday I got 10 - 12 spams in my comment area! I' ve been installing this plug-in and NOT since I have. Following persons have added to this plug-in. Gravity Forms submission fix. Standard settings have been added when the plug-in is enabled. Small changes made to the detection of spamming comment.

How Gravity Forms Detects Gravity Forms Mail has been modified. Update of topic dokumentation.

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