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WorldPress is an open source blog tool and publishing platform. Receive 24/7 assistance Check the free and free versions: It is possible to define a priority for your contribution and the taxionomy for each individual page of your website. Prevent Google from being confused with double standards by specifying custom weblinks. 24/7 e-mail contact to our great and competent customer service staff. You can also include a synonym and associated keyword in the Premier Edition.

Then we will review your contents to see if you use the words often enough - but not too often - and in the right places. The free edition allows you to use only 1 focal point lock. In-house links are very important because they help your website's web site structures to be understood by your webmasters.

With this function you can analyze your text and suggest related articles as you type. Using the powerful skeleton editing tool, you can see through the Google user's eyes: What will your posting or page look like in your results? The free edition allows you to view your hyperlink only on Google, not on Facebook or Twitter.

So if you don't want to think about it for every contribution, just put a pattern. You can have your site display the same contents on different web sites, which could be confusing for Google: this is referred to as a problem with double-contents. Browsing the web and creating an index. The WordPress plug-in always handles all your day-to-day business.

This way you can verify that the themes and catchwords you want to give a ranking to in Google, Bing and Yahoo match what you're actually typing about. It is a premium function. Unfortunately, the free edition requires you to perform your own contents analyses. This function is currently only available in select tongues.

Remedirect allows you to do just that: after you delete a posting or page, the plug-in asks you what to do with the old address. Yes, this also works for contents with more than one keyword. Maybe you've already read about Google Panda and Google Penguin - two important fixes to Google's searching algorithms.

This way you can be sure that your website is optimised for the latest versions of Google's algorithms. Update and upgrade to our Premier Plug-in are only available with a current subscriptions. If you have any question about using the plug-in, or if you have a problem setup, send them an e-mail and they will help you!

At any time, you can extend your unsubscribe to continue receiving 24/7 technical assistance. Each extension gives you another year of free techsupport. If you have any questions, our beautiful and competent technical staff will be happy to help you in person. In order to gain 24/7 e-mail technical assistance, you must be upgraded to Premium.

Do you already own our Premier? Here you get assistance.

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