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Drew Strojny on July 6, 2012. Twenty Twelve WordPress screenshot. I just downloaded the new standard design for WordPress, Twenty Twelve (2012). Instead, send patches to https://core.trac.

wordpress.org/. WordPress 2012 is a fully engaging theme that looks great on any device.

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The Twenty Twelve is an sleek, legible and reactive design that makes your website look great on any machine. An important part of this topic is a specific front page template. Apply a featured image to your homepage. Adds a widget to the first and second areas of the title page.

Links, quotes, side-effects, status and image mail formats are displayed slightly differently than default blogs - and they keep their distinctive appearance on your website, whether in archived or individual mailings. You can use the full-width page, no ribbon option to delete the ribbon from any page. Would you like to make it even easier and delete the side bar from all your contributions and pages?

Clear all currently running widgets from the Broadget area of the Primary Toolbar and the Toolbar will go away. Turn Twenty Twelve's look into your very own personal one with a custom menu, custom header, and/or custom background. Width of the primary is 625, except in the full width version where it is 960; width of the side bar is 250.

The width of the picture is 624 (height is flexible) - these pictures are shown on "normal" contributions; contributions without a certain size like picture, page, left or quotation. Proposed head frame sizes are 960 x 250 (width, height). But both are versatile, so you can easily load a smaller crop if needed.


The work on the new standard WordPress theme, Twenty Twelve, was a very unique, thrilling, and humiliating one. At the beginning of the year we started slowly, but the tempo has increased significantly since then, and we are now getting ready to move the code base back into the WordPress kernel. There is a Twenty Twelve Demonstration at WordPress.com, which will be available now!

Our aim was to create a clear, minimalist and reactive theme with a strong emphasis on type and legibility. We have achieved this objective and I am very satisfied with where we are now. Do you know that Surf Office, Postmatic, Yeah Dave and over 700,000 small companies run their web sites with Make, our free WordPress Page builder?

Explore the Make Page Builder now. Forum for WordPress theme creation in a clean room with Sass and Git for simple and dispersed revisioning. We' ll be releasing the Twenty Twelve Glithub repo for future generations, but the theme's ongoing evolution will soon move to the Subversion-based WordPress Trac.

The whole process is transferred to the WordPress Trac and the source should soon (hopefully next week!) come to the fore. Did you see our page boy? Get to know Make, our WordPress page creator, which is free and easy to use. Get to know Make, our WordPress page creator, which is free and easy to use.

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