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This year' standard WordPress theme's first draft, Twenty Thirteen, looks pretty special already! Fast response, device-independent layout Beginning with a thoughtful, reactive design, Twenty Thirteen is designed to fit devices of all sizes, from smart phones and tables to the latest and greatest HiDPI displays. Twenty Thirteen offers two beautiful screen typefaces, Sans Pro for continuous text and Bittern for headlines, to enhance legibility and appeal.

Generic symbols are used to create seamless, scalable symbols across the theme. An example of a colourful representation in postal form. Links, quotes, videos, audio, side effects, status, images, galleries and chat are all presented slightly differently from default blogs, include a distinctive backdrop colour and sometimes a different text-handling.

Thirteen Twenty presents your affectionately arranged contents with strong and unmistakable colours. Large, changing colour gradients are supposed to promote the batching of a multitude of sizes. The colours are clear yet complementary, so any format mix results in a rich and appealing look. The Twenty Thirteen works best without sidebars and was developed with a single-column design in view.

It not only improves the look of your website's grooves, breadth and color, but a broad lay-out also puts the emphasis on your meticulously designed work. And if you're a big believer in Widgets, you can choose to take full benefit of the bottom of the widget section or the option side bar. An example of the way the footing line widget is displayed.

With a custom menu and a custom head screen, you can customize the look and feel to suit your needs. Automatically crop your headframe for small viewing windows (not downsized as in Twenty Eleven or Twenty Ten) to adjust the available area in width and elevation. That means that head pictures that best match this theme are either abstracted or ornamental (like the three head pictures included).

Twenty Thirteen does not natively handle user-defined backgrounds or backgrounds because the layouts are 100% broad, which means that a wallpaper will not appear on most screen heights. 245 widths are available for Widget footing widths. Head is 1600 cm broad and 230 cm high.

Portrait and picture mail format are best for pictures that are at least 724 in width.

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