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WordPress pages start with a great theme. Fourteen Twenty Fourteen By 2014, our standard theme will allow you to build an attractive website for magazines with an elegant, contemporary look. Display your preferred homepage contents either in a raster or a slide control. Utilize the three widgets to personalize your website and modify the look and feel of your contents with a full-width page style and a post page to showcase your writers.

sspan class="mw-headline" id="Choose_your_Layout">Select your layout.

This is a storeroom theme that allows you to view your contents in a storeroom outline. Recommended pictures work best with pictures that are at least 1038 pixels in width. Here is a quick tutorial that shows you how to: Adjust the *featured* tags to select which contributions you want to view on the homepage. Either you can have a raster lay-out or a slide control on the homepage.

Open the Theme Customizer to open your layout: Please click on *Featured Content* and from the dropdown menu pick your favorite page outline. In order to apply contents displayed in the raster or sliders, you should apply the featureured to them. Your contributions will be displayed and the displayed picture will be displayed. In the next section, you will learn how to adjust the feature dated day.

Twenty Fourteen shows by standard every contribution in the slide bar or raster with the day "Featured". In the Theme Customizer, you can process this day. In order to process the day, go to Appearance > Customizer. Modify the name of the day in the section Featured Content. You can use the Do not show this day in frontend check box to specify whether the feature dated day is to be displayed in day clouds at the frontend.

Also, you can use the Theme Customizer to make the following changes to your Web site: When you want to modify extra colours, try the Fourteen Colours plug-in.

Fourteen Twenty. That's a nice theme for a mag.

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