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February 3, 2015 at 4:41am. Let's see the top 10 free WordPress topics'15. Fast response design This multilingual paradigm of excellence, shown in the typeface, is complemented by the appealing Twenty Fifteen styling. Designs adapt to any display without compromising ease of use or overall appearance. When you are in the Customizer, try to personalize the theme even more by attaching a customized headers to your blogs.

The Twenty Fifteen offers a simple navigation interface, especially when you include menus that are described.

In order to create your own customized menus, go to Customize Menus and click on the gears symbol under "Show extended menus properties". You can then choose "Description" so that you can enter menus (subtext) in the navigational menus of your website. You can now attach descriptive text to each of the links in a menue.

If you link to one of the following pages, the symbol will appear in your navigation area: - The symbol is displayed automatically:

Adjusting twenty fifteen

Twenty-five, our standard theme this year, attracts visitors' attention to the essentials - the texts and pictures you post on your website. To keep things easy and lean doesn't mean that you can't make a subject your own. Starting from free user-defined colour themes (see above gallery) to a vertically positioned head area with plenty of room to channelize your (and your website's) personalities, Twenty Fifteen is a theme that encourages you to show off your creative potential.

There are three locations here that do an excellent work and use the theme as a screen for their visions. Belgian blogslogger Dr. Willem Van Cotthem has developed a theme that fits the theme perfectly: the user-defined headers picture shows the rough natural scenery of the wilderness without affecting the legibility of the easy-to-navigate user-defined menus.

Carefully chosen pictures of the website round off an appealing look that breathes fresh air into the intriguing theme. Website reporter Alfie Hanoun ensured that locating your favorite tunes on his website was a snap, with a well-designed, customized interface. Following the minimalistic aesthetics, the only other supplements to the side bar are well-placed hyperlinks to the site's welfare account and an image widget with the site's logotype.

Michelle Potter Luu's Potter Blogs may only be a few week old, but you wouldn't suspect it if you judged by the professional-looking website layout that gives Twenty Fifteen's out-of-the-box look some intelligent customized accents. Beautiful pictures give the sound (and are particularly eye-catching against the theme's standard neutrals).

She has also added hyperlinks to her info page and the Etsy shop, as well as hyperlinks to her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram account - all fresh from the side bar. A About. me widget - with a picture of Michelle working on the potter's disc - makes the room even more welcoming and gives it Michelle's present.

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