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WordPress 4.5 compatibility has been added to our themes.

The WordPress 4.5 release includes new functions and other enhancements. In order to keep up with the changes, the following topics will be upgraded to be fully WP 4.5 compatible: Now that the latest releases are finished, please update to make your website better! In addition, further updates to FreelanceEngine and DirectoryEngine will be available shortly.

Best 21+ free WordPress topics for 2018 (Blog, Business & Magazine)

WordPress, the promising website, has gained in importance and attractiveness over the last ten years. Now WordPress is a favorite of billions of website users because it's easy to study and use. Building a website is a question of searching for a great hosting, the great WordPress topic and a few plug-ins.

To date, WordPress has generated a huge niche for themed and plug-in developer as well as a specialised group of web hosting companies known as ''Managed WordPress Hosts''. We have already had Tom Ewer help us find the best WordPress hosting so we won't go into it today. The same way, we won't deal with the essentials WordPress plug-ins you need to start your website.

But today we cover 20 of the best free WordPress themes. Each of these topics will prove useful when you create or rebuild a website. We have done our best to find the most attractive in matters of beauty and the wealthiest in matters of furnishings.

So if you know of a free WordPress topic that you would like to see on this page, please let us know in the remarks at the end. What free WordPress themes are the best? The Meridian One is a classy one-sided corporate design that is easily created thanks to the smart use of WordPress Customizer.

Featuring a sleek, scrollable one-sided styling with a tacky headers, it allows the visitor to glide gracefully to any section that strikes the viewer. Meridian One's one of the best characteristics is that it is completely based on the WordPress Customizer. As a result, the layout is very simple to adapt, even if you don't know anything about it.

Each section on your homepage can be edited or activated/deactivated directly in the real-time customizer. I' m speaking about feature, service, testimonials, members of teams, contacts, Google Maps and more. And even though it's a one-page topic, you'll still get a classy blogsite where you can post the latest headlines. Main features:

FancyThemes is a freely reactive topic of FancyThemes. It is a visual stimulus, classy and yet easy blogs topic that facilitates the creation of WordPress pages. Keeping your contents at the front line with minimalistic layouts, you can access your audiences across a range of media thanks to a fully reactive raster. Subject took a page loading of 1. 4s with 40 servers queries.

Apart from that, this free WordPress topic is simple to design with your own logo and color. Main features: Colorlib's Activello is one of the best ranked and most loved free designs on WordPress. org, Colorlib's Activello is a minimum WordPress topic perfectly suited for blogs, design enthusiasts, and other experts in the field of creativity.

It' s quite simply and linearly designed, which keeps distraction to a minimum. In addition, this free WordPress topic offers many personalization choices that allow you to create a website from your dream. The Activello is easy on your eyes, SEO-friendly and reactive, which means you won't be sweating to get the best Google ranks.

Additional functions are endless scrolling, WPML supporting, introduced slider, font assist symbols, limitless color, topic documentations and great supporting among others. The Palmas is a plain, minimalistic and stylish subject presented to us by Dev Sharma of WPKube. He' s a pretty good fellow, and you can see his figure on this unique subject.

It' the ideal topic for blogs, authors, poets, travellers, photographs, creative agents and much more. It' s got a great top hat and a fantastic side bar with a few widgets for all your related postings, archive, social panels and more. When there is a nice and handsome top level mail sliders, a beloved article section and a really great mail raster.

Like you would think, this free WordPress topic is 100% reactive. Every posting form is fantastic and contains common functions that make blogs a pleasure, such as Autor Organic, Related Contributions section and a beautiful comments area. You probably think I'm crazy to put twenty sixteen on that playlist, but you'd be amazed at the things you can achieve with that subject.

This topic is based on the one hand on the Mobil-First concept and therefore looks surprising on monitors of all heights. Featuring a few colour themes, Widget areas and many customisation features that you can customise using the Live Customiser, Twenty Sixteen gives you a sound basis to create any kind of blogs or websites.

With an average of about 600 Downloads per download per day Sauron is a relatively new and fascinating multi-purpose topic of Web-dorado. Sauron provides quite a breakthrough in functionality for a free WordPress topic. Easily customizable functions include a cover creator, page layouts, full-width post grids, full-screen post splitting, full-screen share and slide shows in your favor.

Featuring the latest generation of digital media, this SEO-friendly topic uses pallax technologies, one-sided scrolling and gooey menu options to deliver a great reading experience for your people. Sauron is also compliant with the best WordPress plug-ins like Jetpack,bPress, Photo Gallery, WPML, Contact Form 7, BuddyPress and some eCommerce plug-ins.

The Sauron is 100% fast reacting, can be netted and has a low profile all over. It' is the topic on which you rely when creating business, business, portfolio-, blogs-, photo-, healthcare- and other web sites. Good is designed to provide the best possible viewing experiences and will help you present your work in a stylish way. In addition, the Ableton Customizer lets you customize every detail of your designs.

In addition, you get limitless side bar menu options, retina-capable and reactive designs, high throughput, extraordinary typeface, continuous updating, and full on-site assistance, among other things. ThemeIsle''s Parallax One is one of the very best, most advanced and reactive themes for WordPress pages, which are in line with the latest web page layout conventions.

It is based on a sound encoding base with neat, verified source codes. The Topic Option Panel allows a webmaster to change the look and feel of their website without programming. Sophisticated single-sided construction is unbelievably light and gives you amazingly quick loading time. Main features: Unilateral pattern of para-laxes.

100 percent fast reacting desig. No, it isn't, especially not with a free and feature-rich topic like Education Hub from WEN Themes. The Education Hub is a neat and contemporary WordPress topic that is perfectly suited for on-line classes, high schools, universities as well as other education establishments. The variety of functions the topic comes with allows you to further tailor the Education Hub to your other needs, whether personally or commercially.

To put it another way, this topic is versatile. The Education Hub comes with functions such as extremely adaptable layout, enhanced topic choices, appealing styling, customized style sheets, tagged controls, customized Widgets, and customized headers. The Education Hub Pro is delivered with additional functions. This topic is used by a buddy to run his plug-in reviews page.

But before he went to the stage, he really asked you to follow the topic one last time. Well I was amazed when I gave the topic a test run so that it is now part of my professionally designed tools. It' an unbelievable free WordPress topic used by more than 70,000 sites around the world.

Zero with members who are enthusiastic about the topic. The free WordPress topic includes some remarkable functions such as custom layouts, several widgets, extensive styleting, switchable side bars, font awesome symbols, font sharing button, short codes, footers and headers, marked sliders/history et caetera et caetera. No need to fight to sell your corporeal goods or your corporeal downloaded s, with eStore, a free WordPress topic designed specifically for the WooCommerce platforms.

Organising your e-commerce shop with eStore is child's play thanks to a uniquely designed range of user-defined Widgets and premium feature sets that you would hardly get with any other topic of this calibre. eStore by ThemeGrill comes with other functions such as an appealing look, 728 x 90 headers ad, multi-coloured content classes, a number of side bars and four bottom line Widget icons, AJAX and user-defined style sheets, among others.

This topic has an approximate ranking of 5.0/5. Averages 0.0 with over 7k installations installed. Now, relax, we present you the SuperMag free WordPress themed by the talented boys from Acme Themes. We' ve got a complicated message sticker at the top, a beautiful, customisable pull-down directly underneath the badge, an intuitively designed slide bar, adjacent contents box, ad areas further to the right, and so much more in a unique topic that fully responds to the essence.

Additional functions are extended Widget, breadcrumb, unlimited color, inclusion of Google and more. A look at Sparkling and you'll feel that Colorlib is the deal when it comes to developing WordPress themes. The glittering free WordPress themes offer some great functions, among them (but not restricted to) flawless slim bootstrap 3 designs, reactive designs, SEO-friendly coding, fantastic widgets, full-screen sliders, extended themes choices, endless scrolling and stunning full text display supports.

The topic is playing well with most, if not all, of the free and premier plug-ins like W3 Total Cache, Gravity Forms and Yoast among others. Plus, this design is so easily customizable that you just won't stop making fantastic themes. Design is straightforward and straightforward to use, adjust and maintain!

Unimaginable and imaginative, this one-page WordPress topic is ideal for freelance professionals, content providers, agencies and more. An integrated custom izable themes lets you modify all the site features at will and without problems. They' ve perfectised the para-lax effect to produce an understated, gentle sensation that is great across a range of equipment, because here too the subject is completely appealing.

Further characteristics are compatiblity with all advanced browser, compatible source codes, full localisation, astonishing page speed, HTML5, CSS3 and first class FameThemes and other supports. Participating in the 15th place competition is nothing more than Sydney, a classic example (and reminder) of the finest web designs. It also comes with plain wallpaper for this wow effect, front side pads to make stunning home pages in your slumber, slider/image header, soft symbols, translations and more.

Most, if not all, all you need to gain big with your readership is a sleek look that's easily navigated. A clear styling highlights your contents and allows you to stand out from the mass. This is Olsen Light, a premium free WordPress topic from Anastis Sourgoutsidis, one of CSSIgniter's amazing characters.

Published on December 28, 2015, Olsen Light is a relatively new blogs topic that is picking up speed quite a bit, with over 8k installations up and running in less than three month. What makes this issue the first election for such an armed force? First, the neat, reactive styling makes sure all your guests have a fantastic amount of fun on every machine they use.

Loving myself a good free topic. The kind of subject that inspired you to do something great. This is a topic that will challenge you to get out of the frame and perhaps let the juice flow. Emmet may not be everything you can easily adapt, especially if you're a novice, but once you get the knack, the designs you get with this topic will drill hole in the jaw.

Anyway, how is this infant stacking up in functionality? It is fully reactive for apparent reason and adds a front customiser to the mixture so that you can modify all areas of the front without any problems. There are several different blogs available and endless colours, because who gets enough of these items?

I' ve been using this stunning topic in my blogs for a few years, and I can't tell you how much I regret it. It' like a prime topic, because in addition to the many prime themes, I've never had any trouble getting the elegant free WordPress themes set up and customized by the brilliant WPExplorer team.

Unless you've ever read about WPExplorer, you're the expert behind the Total Multipurpose WordPress topic, which has proven quite successful on Themeforest. Stylish is the great free topic for geeks (just like yours really), small business, developer (hello my friend), small business and so much more! It comes with built-in user-defined mail type, so the addition of home page functions, portfolios and employee pages is a question of point and click.

The addition of transparencies is as simple as A, B, C. Change your logo, background, text footing, home page selections and much more from the WordPress themes configurator. In addition, the design accepted CSS3 customized readily, so there are no limitations on what you can do. You also have a high-end edition, so yes, the joke never ends with these boys.

Templatic's WP Premier is the kind of WordPress topic that doesn't try too much to Impress. Oh, and don't be deterred by "Premium" in the cover, this topic is 100% free. Based on the Foundation' Foundationmework, WP Premier is designed to stand up to anything you can think of, be it a company blogs, holiday websites, private journals or anything else.

In addition, you get even more widgets in other areas of the topic! The WP Premium is fully reactive and interoperable with the best WordPress plug-ins such as WPML, as well as WPEO plug-ins and contacts among others. Additional functions are sharing knobs, video embedding, multi-page template, user-defined style sheet and more.

As a farewell photo I let you create a nice corporate website, a folder or a web site for a firm without any problems with West, a highly modern and free WordPress-Thema. West doesn't let you down in the feature section either. Get headers, enhanced topic choices, Live Composer integrations, HTML5/CSS3, appealing designs, multilingual and more.

DigiDyad has fantastic functions like adjustable widgets, pictures, community graphics and user-defined menu among others. Additional functions are endless scrolling, user-defined logo, gooey messages, limitless color, fast response and RTL voice over. Jane Morris of TemplateMonster is a free and fully reactive photographers portrait topic for WordPress.

It uses large pictures and a clear, minimalistic look to provide artfully stylised, breathtaking pictures to visitors to your website. It' s full of everything you need to create a fascinating photo store or something else that is image-intensive. Jane Morris, based on the Cherry Framework, provides a variety of customisation possibilities for Web masters who want to jazz up the look of their website with vibrant colours and strong type.

Jane Morris, a picture-intensive subject, offers rotten picture loaders to improve the viewer's surfing sensation. In addition to all these great functions, the free Jane Morris thread is translatable right from the start, allowing Web masters to access a worldwide audience with ease. Featuring a full set of scrolls, this unique motif is a great free option to create your own photo themes.

Main features: 100 percent fast reacting desig. Apart from that, I'd like to say that there are many more free WordPress themes. Well, as such, we may have skipped your favourite subject. Simply divide your free WordPress topic into commentaries and let us take this contribution (and WordPress in general) one topic at a stretch.

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