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Worldpress 4.6

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What's new in WordPress 4.6 for users and developers. All you need to know before updating your WordPress to this new version.

Optimized updates

Don't loose your space: Remain on the same page while you upgrade, reinstall and remove your plug-ins and designs. Info 6 instantly applies it to your style and scripting, making your website even quicker. HTTP API now uses the request libary, improves HTTP standards compliance, and includes case-insensitive header, concurrent HTTP queries, and Internationalized Domain Names compliance.

Meta Registration has been enhanced to include type, description and visible REST support. Similarly, Customizing control messages now provide notification for displaying validations instead of dropping out in the background. Get some Pepper Adams from the news services of your choise and view some of their profiles:

ssung class="mw-headline" id="Installation.2FUpgrading_Information">Information sur l'installation/la mise à niveau ".

The Import screen has been redesigned, which improves access and greatly simplifies the installation and operation of an importing company. Enhanced emailji ji supports to contain all current Unicode 9. O Moji character. Masonry to 3.3 (read more)External Libraries External libraries have been upgraded to the latest version - Masonry to 3.3.

This extends to supporting the registry of key meta-keys and what you can expected from them. Amoji ( #37361) - Added update to unicode 9 character set supports for all current unicode 9 character set. Selected pictures are no longer immediately stored in contributions or appendices without a picture until the corresponding contribution or appendix has been refreshed.

Administrator screen natives (#36753) - Enjoy quicker loading time, especially for off-line work, the elimination of third-party dependencies, and a more natural feel as the boundaries between the portable web and natives become less and less. Download translation in different order (#34213) - load_plugin_textdomain( $domain) and load_theme_textdomain( $domain) are used to upload translation for a particular text domains, where $domain corresponds to the slot of your plug-in or topic.

Those features first checked the wp-content/languages subdirectory containing the packages, then the plugin/theme subdirectory. See the Code Reference for a complete listing of added or modified code in 4.6. See the Code Reference for a complete listing of features added or modified in 4.6. #34893, #36944) (read more). wp_embed_handler_googlevideo() became obsolete after removing Google video feature. wp_get_sites() became obsolete in favour of get_sites().

See the Code Reference for a complete listing of added or modified hook in 4.6.

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