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In order to provide support as quickly as possible, it is helpful if you set up an administrator account so that our Happiness Engineers can take a look at the problem. Do I need a WordPress.com account? WordPress.com is a web hosting services based on the much-loved open code blogs and website building utility available for free at WordPress.

org. Your intended use of the Site or your intended use of the Site is one of the offerings of Automattic, the organization that operates WordPress.com. In order to best meet our increasing number of clients across the enterprise, we have found that a single account system is a necessary move to achieve smooth payments and feature retention across all our utilities.

I' m using WordPress to run a blogs or a website, how does this new system work? Depending on whether you are already a WordPress.com customer or hosting your own website. You do not need a new account if you run your own WordPress.com blogs or already have an account here.

Just log in with your current WordPress.com account and we will direct you as a registered member back to the services of your choosing. Who told you if you were hosting yourself? The ability to create your own designs and run your own plug-ins is a good indication that you are hosting yourself).

There is a complex and technically complex response to this but for our purpose here, if you have ever used Facebook or Twitter to login to an on-line site, do the same kind of thing as we do with WordPress.com and the other Automattic sites. From now on, the only information WordPress.com provides for these sevices is your user name, name, and e-mail adress.

Is it costing anything or do I get spamming from the creation of this new account? Please refer to our intriguing Disclaimer to find out more.

accounts preferences

They can view and modify the fundamental account information in the account settings. Click on your gravity in the top right of your administration panel to get to the account settings. Changing your user name is possible by entering a new user name in the User name box and following the prompts.

E-mail Required. While you can modify this, please be aware that e-mail adresses cannot be split between different account types. This means that an e-mail may not be used to register more than one account. Please reconfirm the changes to your e-mail adress by e-mail. Primal BlogSelect which blogs you want to use as your primal blogs.

There will be no drop-down list if you only have one of them. Full address of your primary website or blogs. Modifying your web address does not influence the links to your current commentaries; it only changes the links to your upcoming commentaries. In order to select the preferred interface of your current blogs, go to the general settings of your blogs.

Keep in mind that when you make changes to your account preferences, be sure to click the Save Changes below icon! You can unsubscribe using the link in this section of your account preferences if you choose not to have us follow your interaction.

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