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iThemes Security (formerly Better WP Security) WordPress plugin directory with the best selection of free and premium WP plugins to create amazing WordPress websites. Thirty-seven essential WordPress plug-ins that you should have installed if you haven't done so. WordPress provides a number of functions and a high degree of versatility, but the kernel still lacks a great deal of function. Of course, the best way to fill in the gaps is to get the right plugs. The WordPress Plugin provides all sorts of customizations for site administrators, but with nearly 40,000 choices to select the WordPress Plugin Directory from, not to speak of all available premier WordPress applications, it can be hard to sort the good out of, well, not so good.

Here is a compilation of free and high quality must-haves, the WordPress plug-ins that can help make your website from good to good. Besides, it's simple to use. The plug-in also goes beyond the limits of the cloud, as it does not only operate page-cyaching. It' s like the little birdyie that says to your website how to get as quick as a colibri.

The W3 Total Cache is engineered to boost page loading speeds for WordPress pages, which will enhance the overall user experiences of your users. This plug-in will help boost your servers efficiency by shortening your downloading time. WorldPress is a favorite option for website creation and this makes it a great destination for a hacker because they can build a robot to spread the infection to thousands of web pages without stirring a thumb.

When you can establish a good defense, you can help your website prevent attacks from hackers, and the Defender plug-in will help you do that and more. The Jetpack provides a number of powerfull functions for your WordPress page. Increased safety, better page yield, many site browsing utilities and retention functions are part of this plug-in.

Further functions are spam-free commenting, social sharing, related posts, email and much more. Acismet will help you identify any comment in your blogs that looks like spamming. Now you can check your comment against the Akismet Webservice. Each comment has a historical record that shows the user which Akismet comment has been selected or deleted.

Furthermore, those commentaries that have been flagged as spamming or not by a presenter are emphasized in the story. Keeping track of how and when visitors to your site are visiting is important if you want your site to become more popular because it gives you an ability to see where you can make enhancements to your site.

The Google Analytics is an outstanding utility for this and the Google Analytics + plug-in will bring this information directly to your administratorashboard. You can also follow your whole site or your whole networking stats with the fast set-up and clear view. A must-have plug-in that generates an automatic site map for your website.

Google, Bing and Yahoo sites are alerted every times you contribute to your new website. eThemes Security can help you close frequent gaps in your WordPress page through potentially automatic attack. While many WordPress admins generally don't know that they have these gaps or weaknesses, WordPress Security can help.

Due to unexplored weaknesses caused by other plug-ins your website can be an attack destination. iThemes Security works to detect and prevent these gaps in your website. Using this plug-in, several contacts can be generated and administered. There is no additional encoding required with the Contacts forma 7 plug-in, as the content of your message and your email can be adjusted via the preferences.

Contact form 7 also includes support for Ajax-based send, CAPTCHA and Akismet filters to help with spamming. It can secure your website, but you can also store your images in several places like Dropbox, Amazon S3, Google Drive, your computer and more. If you are a WordPress site and a company operating at the same site at the same times, you know that it is important to look professionally and just as important as your contents and your product.

For this reason it is a good concept to convert WordPress into a wholesale labelling engine. The WordPress emblem can be replaced with your own, the administration panel can be customized, and your own corporate name can be added to create a unified look and feel for your website. It can do all this and more.

It is possible to fully customise the administration panel, log in page, bottom line, dashboard and anywhere else WordPress logo and logo. It' simple to setup and use and works across your multi-site networking or your individual installation of WordPress. The Ultimate Marketing plugin is the only marketing plugin you need to turn a WordPress site into your company's website.

It' s simple to win stunned and duplicate customers. With this plug-in, the user can also make his own bookings and even make payments. They can even activate opt-in feeds to make it even simpler for customers to make an online booking without having to fill out every detail because their information is collected for them.

They also have the agility to be able to add all your personnel, plus timetables, so your customers can select an employee for their schedule or just a specific one. It' s as simple to install as most other plug-ins and is fully compliant with WordPress standalone and multisite installation. When you want to give dates + a try, there is a free copy on WordPress.org.

If you are trying to resell items on your website, it is important to select the right option because you want the buying environment to be simple and enjoyable for your clients while being manageable for you. It also makes it easier for you to track your shipments, inventories, shipping requests and product information.

And it comes with everything you need to physically, digitally or externally resell articles without having to install other plug-ins to take on important work. Try the free MarketPress at WordPress.org. Manage your site's visitors can be a little difficult, especially if you want to adjust the usability and know what they can see on your site.

Feel free to join, free or fee, present your site over the years, test your site for free, customise your sign-up forms, or secure everything on your site, from articles and medias to plug-ins and category protection. Also, you can adjust or map the standard custom role and use shortcuts to secure everything else, even just parts of a page or posting.

The plugins already contain all the add-ons you need and only need to be activated. Once logged in and logged out, you can redirect a user to a specific page and also enable billing and Taxamo to take charge of EU VAT legislation. Membership 2 Pro works with both standalone and multisite installations of WordPress integrated with BuddyPress, and it's a breeze to setup and use.

It is definitely on the top of the most " easy-to-use plug-ins " somewhere. They can try the free edition, named Member 2, on WordPress.org. Per Site is a high-performance plug-in that we created ourselves and use to help us administer our subscription, features, and affiliations. Pro Site can also be used to build a web site such as WordPress.com or Edublogs.

To restrict users' use, define a rate and even provide fee-based disk size upgrade, upload s, domains mappings, posting, post ings, forum forums, forum forums, forum forums, forum forums, forum forums, support, plug-ins, topics, and more, this is the plug-in you need. It' simple to create subscription accounts, but you can also provide free memberships, free trial versions, rebates and vouchers.

It' s customisable from pay screen to full-on brand-name, provides price charts for you, contains four pay gateway, handles sales tax and can handle cancellation and refund requestsutomatically. It is a trustworthy plug-in that you can use for your corporate environment and your work. You' re working really hard to create amazing contents to attract traffic to your site, but are you really attracting all the people you could be?

Webcrawler makes your site more accessible to web searching by notifying webrawlers when your site has important information that needs to be registered instead of just wait for webcrawlers to find you. In addition, SmartCrawl can be set up and used quickly and easily with the Set Up Assistant.

You can use the Yet Another Related Posts Plugin (YARPP) to view a listing of contributions or pages related to the actual contribution. 6 million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. Follow them and have contributions sent to your mailbox every day - free of charge! User have the ability to view only contents found on their website, or can earn additional revenue by viewing them.

Posting pictures for use on your website and in postings is an great way to catch the eye of your traffic, but they can put a strain on your website. The WP Smush Pro was rated as the best plug-in for picture compressing and optimizing. Quickly and easily adjust the size of your pictures, allowing you to automate, manual or large-volume picture compressing and optimizing, as well as Super Smush for 10 x the compressive strength without sacrificing picture clarity.

Feel free to try the free WP Smush on WordPress.org or try the free WP Smush with a 14-day free evaluation period. Lazy BJ Loading can help you download your WordPress page more quickly and conserve your time. Substituting most pictures on your website with a wildcard, the plug-in downloads the contents when a user walks through the page.

It works for all Post-Images, thanumbnails, Gravatarbilder and Inhalt IFRSrames. Ever had to save or move an entire WordPress site from one site to another? Duplicator plug-in can be used to copy, save, move and transmit a website. It can also be used as a simple service for admins who want to secure their websites.

Yes, the Duplicator plug-in is great for backing up a WordPress site for evaluation and validating. Nowadays, the ability to publish contents on sharing is a must and your website is no different. They need to give your users the opportunity to split your postings and pages and distribute the Word about your company by making it simple to split your contents.

Using Flipping Visual, you can view panels that allow your viewers to view your postings and pages by linking to their visuals. Keys also hover on the side of the page, making it easier for the user to see and click, as they follow them as they move around the page.

And you can select which of your favorite community members' favorites will be shown, so you can view only what your audiences are using to make it even simpler for them to opt for sharing. It' simple to setup and use, it' fully supports WordPress stand-alone and multisite installations, and it' s all the important online community websites.

Optionally, you can select whether to display the release button on all contributions and pages, or restrict it to certain contributions, pages, or contribution styles. You can customize the plug-in so that it can be configured to perform subword mating. A free Relevanssi release is available that provides individual website functionality, while the Premier release provides multi-site functionality among other functions.

Link Checker will monitor the link found in your postings, pages, commentaries, blog roll and more. It detects defective hyperlinks that no longer work, missed pictures or redirections. As soon as defective hyperlinks on your website have been detected, hyperlinks can be processed directly on the plug-in page to prevent each posting from being updated by hand.

With the plug-in disable comment, admins can manage commenting on their website on a global basis. You can deactivate commenting depending on the contribution category, pages, appendices, etc. It works well if you want to deactivate commenting on certain kinds of postings or on your whole website. But if you are planning to deactivate selective annotations for single articles, then it is better to use this feature directly via WordPress.

Generate regenerated images with the regenerated preview plug-in. If you have modified one of your miniature view measurements or switched to a new design with different picture measurements, this plug-in is very useful. The Easy Update Manager allows you to administer all your WordPress upgrades for a standalone site or multisite installation.

It has a variety of preferences that are contained in the plug-in, so it is very adaptable. Functions includes automatic updating of WordPress main and secondary versions. You can also choose to have site admins automate plug-ins, designs, and more. It can be very useful when you migrate pages from another website and change the folder structure of your WordPress install.

TablePress makes it simple to build spreadsheets that can be inserted into articles, pages, or text widgets using a short code. With Edit Flow, it's simple to talk to your members directly in WordPress. The functions includes a calendaring tool that provides an overview of your planned contents. Authors and reviewers can lead personal discussion through WordPress editing annotations.

Advanced Customizing Panels gives WordPress publishers the freedom to customize their website by creating visual user-defined panels. User-defined box entry styles are: text, text box, text box, text box, Wysiwyg, picture, page linking, postal item, relation, selection, check boxes, check boxes, date selection, true/false, repeat, variable contents, and galery. WP mail SMTP plug-in re-configures the WordPress sent e-mail feature to use SMPT.

There is a set-up page where you can set different e-mail settings. Photogalleries and scrapbooks can be added to articles and pages in WordPress and to more than one widget. It can also make it simple to re-name, load, remove and copy pictures in just a few simple clicks.

All In One Schema. org Rich Snippets can give a useful synopsis of your displayed contents to searching machines. This plug-in provides the following contents types: reviews, events, peoples, products, recipes, applications, videos and article. Using the Quick Connect Plug-in, you can simply generate your own WordPress page and attach it to it.

Contacts made with this plug-in can effortlessly be adapted to your website. CAPTCHA and Akismet features are also included to prevent spamming. With Display Widgets you can modify the contents of your side bar for different pages, different catagories and more. The Black Studio TinyMCE Widget allows you to add enriched text and/or multimedia items directly to your page bars without any HTML encoding from a visible author.

WordPress text widgets do not have the standard editing features provided in articles and pages. For those who would rather change from a descriptive text to HTML (such as articles and pages), this is also an optional feature. WordPress stores by default all your removed postings, pages, annotations and all your postal reviews, spamming annotations, idle tag and the like.

Free Optimze Database Plug-in deletes your databases from any additional tabular information you don't need, even other scattered information like orphaned postmetas and elapsed transits. It is multi-site compliant, so you can enable the plug-in on the net and purge and optimize your databases with a single click.

In fact, you can even plan for your data base to be regularly optimised so that you can run your data base like a well-oiled engine without having to care about it.

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