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Learn why the admin area is the administration area of a WordPress website. It can usually be accessed by visiting the wp-admin directory in your web browser. Log in to your WordPress Dashboard One of the advantages of being an InMotion WordPress host client is that we can either move from your current website or setup you with a website that already has WordPress on it. In case we did not help you with the setup, you can log into your desktop after completing the WordPress install.

In the admin area of WordPress, the "WordPress Dashboard", you will start to build your WordPress page. Remember that your logon information does not match your cPanel user name and password unless you configure it the same way. This is the user name that you created when you first installed WordPress.

This is the WordPress passphrase you specified when you started WordPress Setup. So if you sent the installer instructions by e-mail during the install procedure, they will also be included in that e-mail. In order to use the WordPress Dashboard, all you need to do is append /wp-admin to the end of the WordPress web page where you have WordPress at.

Enter the user name and passcode that you used to install WordPress. After registration you will see the WordPress dashboard. In the meantime, you can configure WordPress to use your tempo URL found in your Advanced Printing Protocol (AMP) specifications. If you modify WordPress to work with your tempo URL, if you are willing to go to the site via your own web browser, you will need to modify it again to work with the actual name.

You may get an error when trying to login to your WordPress Dashboard for several reason. Often the user just forgets their username and passwords. Fortunately, we have published an outstanding review about how to reset your Wordpress key. Please read our complete guidelines on how to activate two-factor WordPress authentification for more assurance.

Which is the admin area in WordPress?

WordPress Admin is the administrative centre of a WordPress-based website. Administrators have full control over all WordPress Admin section pages. People with other privileges like editors, contributors or authors have restricted privileges to the admin area. A few people, such as those with the subscription status, only have admin privileges to view their profiles.

On top of each administrator window is the icon list or admin area. Provides multiple administrational features. Located on the leftside is the primary navigator that provides easy use of most WordPress managing utilities. On the bottom of each admin page is the bottom line. Below are hyperlinks to WordPress and the WordPress release you currently have on your computer.

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