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Access the WordPress Admin directly. <font color="#ffff00">Description admin_url gets the URL to the admin area for the actual website with the corresponding log, 'https' if is_ssl() and 'http' otherwise. When the schema is 'http' or 'https', is_ssl() is overwritten.

mpath (string) (optional) Location related to the admin URL. Standard: The schema to use (optional).

The default is'admin', which follows force_ssl_admin() and is_ssl(). http' or'https' can be given to enforce these systems. Default:'admin' (string) Admin URL linked with URL attached. admin_url (); admin_url('edit-tags.php?taxonomy=category','https'); admin_url() is found in wp-includes/link-template.php.

Modify your WordPress Login URL

WordPress' standard logon URL is /wp-login. Php (or you can simply enter /wp-admin/ and it will forward you there if you are not already signed in). Well, I can say that you use WordPress. It' quite simple for a cracker to tell if a particular website is a WordPress website. As soon as I know that your website is a WP site, I now know that your logon URL is /wp-login.php.

So, now I know your URL to log in. Also I know that WordPress defaults to creating an "admin" user name. Mr or Mrs Hacker now has your URL and possibly your user name. I at least hoped that I frightened you to read the remainder of this manual because the answer is fast, simple and hassle-free, and anyone who can deploy and enable a plug-in can do it.

Briefly, the installation, activation and configuration of the Better WP Security WordPress plug-in is the response. Better WP security can help you change: Be sure to review and fully comprehend all WP security enhancement features before making any changes. Speak to your web hoster or developers before proceeding if you know you have an uncommon set-up but are not sure how it might be affected by this plug-in.

Obey the recommendations of the plug-in writer and check out the tips and FAQs for a better WP security installation. I really think you should modify your log in URL (and by log in URL I mean the log in, registration and administrative URLs). I searched long and intensively for a "hide login" plug-in and there were not many decisions about it.

Hide Login didn't work for me (thank God I was on a WP engine stage because I was completely banned). There used to be a plug-in known as Stealth Login, which no longer existed. On the advice of several WordPress cursors, I tried Better WP Security just for this reason (although it has a number of great features), and it worked like a charme from the onset.

When the Better WP Security plug-in is ready, perform these steps: Please complete the first 3 set-up as shown in the screen shots below: Permit the plug-in to modify WordPress kernel file (read the warnings first). Select the Fade out page. Select the Enable hidden backend option. Type in your preferred log-in, registration and admin plug-ins or keep them at the default settings of the plugins "login", "register" and "admin".

Don't forgo your new web addresses, especially the registration URL! Click on the page for which you have modified the sign-in URL in the top right corner of the screen. Modify the Website Admin URL from .../wp-admin/ to .../login/ (or whatever you changed). And without getting too techical, the plug-in will add about 30 rows to the beginning of your WordPress. HTML page.

This is really all the magic needed to modify the logon url. In order to make this clear, no familiarity with . ataccess is required to use the Better WP Security plug-in. Better WP Security plug-in has many functions, only one of them is the possibility to conceal WordPress log-in, registration and admin url.

Below are some of the extra functions that are available in this free plugin: But there are many more advantages to using the Better WP Security plug-in, and it even works on individual locations and multisites. Find out more about its functionality on its WordPress plug-in page and give it a good evaluation of whether it worked well for you.

Modify your WordPress log-in URL today.

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