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Ads Wordpress Theme

Create a premium business website with this professional WordPress theme for advertising agencies. Classifieds WordPress Theme, Classifieds Software Futuristically arranged classifieds theme. Supplied with easy to use interface and high performance integrated designer tooling. ClassedEngine theme is well crafted and comes with all the key functions you need to build a website for classed quotes with WordPress. CE CLASSIFED is a formula for succes with its user-friendly WP-ashboard and its outstanding invention.

It fits in very well with the latest fashion designs, keeps things easy and focuses on the user-friendliness part. Fee for the placement of ads on the basis of different tariffs for individual or premiums subscriptions. Generate premier maps with built-in ads. Add more boxes to your booking form and get as much information as you need.

Raster display or Listview. Display all detail clearly: ad description, corporate information, other metadata. If you click on an advertisement, the user is forwarded to the detail page with all important information. The large picture of the products is shown above the display and attracts the user's interest within seconds.

A few pertinent ads are displayed at the end of each ad, so they can be viewed and compared by people. Easy and effective search assistance when searching the vendor roster Just enter the keyword and let the system do the heavy work for you. Vendors have their own personal sections where all their ads are listed for other members. If members are interested in a vendor, they can click on that vendor's section and see all their ads.

User have the right to leave comment aries and reviews for any ad in the reviews section. By using the wide spread networking site, people can quickly pass the ads on to their on-line communities. User can directly connect to the vendor via a personal messaging system. A special edition is designed for the small screen.

This topic contained a special feature to prepare the first user experience on the homepage. Free / normal / flagged plans: Provide your site visitors with different packages of payments to place ads. Restricted free plans: They can make free maps to get more visitors to your site, but put the restriction so that it does not impact your revenue.

An integrated interpreter is provided directly in your text translation dashboard for the translation of text. With the integrated interpreter assisted, you can quickly compile and edit text without any problems. Allow it to appeal to more people. Works with plugins like WordPress WordEO: This is a finished trip to present the most important aspects of the theme:

Make your own small ads scripting site with just a few mouse clicks. Whatever your needs. In our small ads theme you will find our small ads scripts with high-performance, multifunctional and high-performance functions. It is the best rated scripts and the best rated softwares to make your own lucrative website for small ad scripts. CertifiedEngine is a dependable, easy-to-use small ads engine. Please feel free to browse and start this small ad game!

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