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Best 6 WordPress advertising plug-ins to boost blog revenue A lot of blog posts and big web pages depend on advertising as their main revenue-generator. Google AdSense, affiliate ads or ad serving may be included. Advertising is a monetisation policy that is tough to administer and administer. Fumbling with your AdSense and WordPress themes can quickly become a real bad dream for many.

Luckily, you can fix these issues quite quickly by setting up a professionally designed ad manage plug-in on your WordPress page. Here is a step-by-step review of the 6 best WordPress advertising plug-ins that can help you increase your blogs sales by offering an all around better ad managing you. When you are looking for a sound and well-developed WordPress advertising plug-in, we strongly suggest you start with Ad Inserter.

There are currently 40,000+ installations with 4.9 of 5-star ratings. Ad Inserter plug-in allows you to add an ad or HTML/Javascript/PHP to WordPress. From Adsense to Affiliate advertisements, it can be used for all types of advertisements. A free copy and a free copy of the plug-in are available.

A great thing about this plug-in is that it lets you add advertisements anywhere in your posts. Among the extra functions of the free edition are: One of the oldest and most loved decisions when it comes to selecting a WordPress advertising plug-in is AdRotate. The system has 50,000+ installations with a 4.3 by 5 star score and has been in use since the beginning of mid-2014.

The AdRotate is a sophisticated advertising management plug-in with just about everything. You can also get a free and free copy of the plug-in. Optionally, you can have the plug-in notify you when an ad is about to expire, either by email or (and this is where it gets really cool!) or a push alert on your iOS/Android unit about an ad that is about to expire.

When selling advertising on your blogs, marketers can even send you an email directly from their dashboards. The AdRotate system provides comprehensive ad monitoring - you can see at a single click which advertisements are working best and which are not. AdSense WP Quads is part of the obsolete Quick AdSense Ad Plugins, which used to be the most frequently viewed ad plug-in in the AdSense AdPository.

It has been completely new written, with a strong source tree and backed by the same staff that developed the MashShare Financial Services plug-in. Currently it has 20.000+ installations with a 4. 9 out of 5 star score. When you need to easily upgrade AdSense and work quickly on your website, this can be a great one.

And if you're still using the old AdSense plug-in, there's a "quick import" so you can go over it quickly. As one of the latest additions, it adds support for Google AMP ad. As with the above mentioned plugs there is also a free and free of charge edition. Building on the expertise of the creator, who delivers tens of thousands of ads per months, he has developed this advertising plug-in as a high-performance yet light banner management and insertion tool for WordPress, testing and optimization.

Currently it has 50,000+ installations with a 4. 9 out of 5 star score. It has been around for a long while and the developers are very busy in the supportforums. Like the other above listed plugs, this one also has a free release and then comes with free plug-ins.

Ad rotations, ad injections and ad widgets as well as all other ad types are included in the plug-in. Ad Pro plug-in is a premier plug-in available on Codecanyon that will help you administer, resell and view your ad spaces. This plug-in provides a system of templates and grids to place truly fitting and user-friendly advertisements on your website.

Present your banner, Google AdSense banner included, in more than 20 ways! Are you looking for a WordPress advertising plug-in to help you track your own ad traffic and customers? This is a must-have for you! WP-Insert is another WordPress advertising plug-in that allows you to organize your advertisements and is optimised for Google AdSense.

Currently it has 30,000+ installations with 4.5 out of 5 stars. Are you sick of poor plug-in and topic update that breaks your WordPress page? Launched as "the ultimative WordPress plugin", WP-Insert has a great deal to offer. WP-Insert does much more than just place your advertisements here and there, just like the plugin's slogan says.

They can also administer Google Analytics (or other third-party) trackers, view regulatory information, and emphasize your image editing indentification. The WP-Insert software can be used in several advertising nets. This means that you can run several advertising backbones (such as Yahoo!, AdBrite, AdSense, Chitika and others) at the same time without violating the rules of a single backbones theater.

Featuring 20 amazing display Widget, the plug-in lets you customise your arrangements. You can even add ad codes directly to your topic codes (bloggers can still navigate the plug-in using the dashboard). They can even place geo-target ads: Show a US-based AdSense ad for visitors and show a German-based AdBrite for visitors, or whatever, you want to do it.

Altogether a stunning plug-in that provides multiple solution in one step. You can see that there are many great ways to facilitate ad handling in WordPress. You can also add extra premier functionality like Google AMP assistance and geo-targeting. Have you got a popular WordPress advertising plug-in that we have been missing?

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