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Affiliate Program

Searching for the Best Affiliate Marketing Tools for WordPress? Increased visibilty affiliates continually advertise your goods and provide your service and dramatically improve the overall performance of your website. The affiliate programme will be set up and run in a few moments. Monitor partner-mediated partner visit, recommendations, revenue and registration in a timely and real-time manner. Do you have an infinite number of partners active in advertising your website, product and service?

Provide your partners with boundless viewing or text linking capabilities for quicker and more efficient advertising for your website.

Check your top paid partners, see partner reviews, process partner affiliate profiles and facilitate partner registration. Activate the automated partner registration for all WordPress registered on your website. Admin can modernize, accept, or create affiliate registration forms for you. This is a digest for your partners to keep tabs on their achievements, see revenue, access their recommendation URLs, find creative people and more!

Partners can create their own recommendation hyperlinks from the partner area with the integrated recommendation hyperlink creator. Select between flat-rate and percent transfer rates on a worldwide, partner- and product-related base. An Affiliate can use their Affiliate ID or WordPress user name in their URL. Select how many consecutive business days you want the recommendation tracker to last.

Utilize WordPress-friendly links for the affiliate sign-up forms, sign-up forms, Web sites, and more. Email for administrative alerts, outstanding partner requests, approvals and rejections of partner requests, and notification of new recommendations. Exports affiliate and recommendation information to a CSV format for forecast, billing, and billing use. On the withdrawal transaction monitor you will see an easy to see detail report of each withdrawal sent to partners.

Felt like I freed my own corpse from that old affiliate rig. Use @affwp if you sell #WordPress product and use nothing. You need to call @affwp for the fantastic plug-in they made for affiliate programmes. Felt like I freed my own corpse from that old affiliate rig.

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