Wordpress and Genesis

Worldpress and Genesis

Functions and options: The Genesis Comming Soon allows you to build a Comming Soon, Under Construction or Maintenance page while taking full benefit of the Genesis Framework. Simply build a page called Comming Soon or Maintenance Mode. They can work on your website while your users only see the page you created. Make a page template and use it as your maintenance mode page to display any type of contents.

It is and will always be free. There will be no PRO versions and you will never have to buy anything. Prerequisite for this plug-in is that the Genesis Framework is already in use. The plug-in writer is a third person who is not connected to StudioPress, the Genesis framework owners.

Being a Genesis fan, I like the concept of a special plug-in for this frame very much. I want the developers to constantly update the plugins interoperability, but that's something even StudioPress doesn't do very often. Please, keep this plug-in running! Many thanks for your work and your commitment to this plug-in.

ln the settings: You can select between one of your pages on the website (but only the home page is displayed) or the setting for Come Soon below. However, these setting below do not include text contents option. At canĀ“t you compose a note in coming soon modus.

Only the name of the website will be used as your messaging. If you select an already existent page, the entire homepage will be displayed, as I said. In this case the dot with a page appearing soon is wasted. I think in the Coming Soon modus it needs a messaging options and a way to process style sheets for the messaging.

I' ve tried Genesis Soon in a multi-site setting. I would like to see the described features added to this plug-in. "Genesis Come Soon" is open code soap. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

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