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The Wordpress App

From WordPress.com in Safari, you can now easily switch to the same content in the WordPress for iOS app. Simply look for the banner at the top of the WordPress.com pages!.

.. The activity log is now available for free WordPress.com pages. Install WordPress, distribute it in the app stores.

Best 19 mobile apps to administer your WordPress page

Looking for portable applications to administer your WordPress page? We' ll be sharing the best WordPress page management applications with your cell phones in this section. WordPress.com provides applications that link to your self-hosted WordPress page. Post, photo and comment from your Android or iPhone or iPod touch device.

Specific functions of the app might necessitate that you have a WordPress.com Account. Comes also with a built-in scanner that displays the blog you have followed on WordPress.com. You can find detailled information in our manual how to use the WordPress App on your portable device. When you run an on-line shop with WooCommerce, you can use the WooCommerce app for iOS to administer your shop on the go.

This app provides an appealing user experience to show the power of your branch such as orders and purchases. And if you're not already using it, read our step-by-step instructions for installing Google Analytics in WordPress. The Google Analytics app allows you to display your website stories on your portable devices.

Allows you to generate and display user-defined reporting. Choose date range and see real-time report. With Evernote, you can take your own note with your portable notebook, and it synchronizes across all your notebooks. Generate task logs, scribble, take note, store images, books, and video.

The Evernote software works on all portable devices, PC and Mac. Pingdom's portable applications let you know when your website goes down. You can do it from anywhere with your portable app. See your queue of postings, your approved postings, analyses, and adding new contents on the go.

This is what the IFTTTT app does for your portable device. Besides WordPress, it also works with many other on-line utilities and the like. Have a look at our WordPress and IFTTTT automation Tutorial for more detail. Keep in contact with your favourite newsgroups, blog and website with the RSS app on your cell phones.

Pages Manager allows you to organize your pages more effectively. They can also see how well your contributions are developing. The Facebook Ad Manager app lets you see your Facebook Ad Manager stories, generate your ad, and organize your ad from your device. If you own a WordPress site, you will receive many e-mail alerts for commenting, updating, and notifying via your WordPress contacts.

Google Incoming allows you to quickly clear your mailbox. Drive gives you free space for all your data. Even more important, you can get those assets from anywhere on any machine. Password can be hacked with ease by a hacker, and it makes your WordPress page susceptible. The addition of a two-step review will protect your WordPress page from attempted Hacking.

The Google Authenticator App lets you apply a two-step review to many apps, even your WordPress page. Read our instructions on how to apply two-step authentication with Google Authenticator in WordPress. Read our WordPress ultimative safety manual to further enhance the safety of your website. Adsense offers an simple way to earn cash for small sites and Google blog.

So if you're already using Google Adsense to display advertisements on your WordPress page, the Google Adsense app is a great place to go. This gives you immediate insight into your revenue reporting for all important figures. When you run an on-line shop, then the PayPal app is a must.

View all your PayPal activities from your portable device. Always use secure password protection for all your account information, even your WordPress page. It is not possible, however, to memorize all these tricky password types. LoadPass makes it easy to keep track of all your password, so you don't have to memorize them.

You can use it on the wallpaper, in your browser and even on your phone. You can find more information in our password management instructions for WordPress newcomers. Typing on portable equipment is particularly challenging. The IA Writer makes it easy to type on your portable device and a pleasurable time. Comes with a neat, clear and easy-to-use interface that will help you edit long items from your portable device.

The most important thing is that you can link the app to your WordPress page and directly post or store them. With Trello you can help your organization work together, administer and organise your workflows. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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