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Desktop app that lets you manage all your WordPress.com and Jetpack-enabled websites in one place. Desktop users can download WordPress for Mac free of charge.

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And, just like the rest of WordPress.com, the new Windows app is easy, smooth and lightning quick. My Websites Dashboard for management of several websites, whether WordPress.com or WordPress with Jetpack that you have yourself hosted. and more. New WordPress.com editor, with in-app preview and automatic design storage. A reader that lets you track and view any of your favourite pages, and the brand new Discover that delivers great WordPress all over.

App alerts so you can see your commentary, preferences, and new episodes in one place.

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WorldPress is probably the most stylish and pro online blogsite on the market. When you want to start blogs, you really can't make a better decision. Despite being in the shadow of Google's Blogger for many years, WordPress has become much more user-friendly and provides much more customization, publication controls and just a good look than the first one.

WorldPress is highly a collaborative effort with many of the thousand topics created by enthusiasts. WordPress has become better and better with each publication. In order to set up your own WordPress blogs, you need a WordPress web site on which you can download WordPress.

You can also use Wordpress.com's own hosting services to do all the heavy work for you without the need for your own servers. But if you do it this way, you won't have as much complete command over your blogs - for example, you won't be able to use Google ads on a WordPress.com- hosted blogs.

Anything you do in WordPress is done via the intuitive dashboard. Here you can modify topics, add and modify your own commentaries and of course post your own blogs. Easily add rich media to your website with YouTube connectivity, where all you have to do is type the links to your videos to add them to your blogs.

So the only issues you might have are to embed videos from less known videosites and medias like WordPress, which can be very tricky when it comes to videos. WordPress's most powerful feature is the possibility to insert a plugin. From the bulletproof Akismet spammers to keep your blogs from gathering spammers' feedback, commenting on your subscription, and using plug-ins to track statistics.

WorldPress has everything. When you' re serious about starting a blog, it's the best way to do it. WorldPress is a state-of-the-art semiantic personnel publication system focusing on aesthetic, web standard and ease of use. WorldPress is free and invaluable at the same to you. Put simpler, WordPress is what you use when you work with your blogsoftware and don't want to struggle.

The WordPress project began with a piece of simple coding to improve the type ography of daily web typing and fewer end user than you can rely on your hand and forefoot. It has since become the world's biggest self-hosted blogsite, used on tens of millions of websites and seen by tens of billions of people every week.

All you see here, from the docs to the actual coding, has been written by and for the Fellowship. WorldPress is an open resource program, which means that it is being worked on by literally thousands of users around the globe.

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