Wordpress App Store

The Wordpress App Store

A plugin for easy linking to (Mac) AppStore Apps. WorldPress for iOS is an open source project, i.e. you can also contribute to its development. The plugin currently supports the Mac App Store and Amazon Partner Network.

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WordPress in the App Store

Maintain or build your WordPress Blog or website directly from your WordPress iPhone: Easily author and modify postings and pages, share your favourite pictures and video, see statistics and answer your questions. WordPress for WordOS allows you to manually publicize your work. Grab a picture and mail it on your luncheon.

The WordPress for iPOS is an open resource program, so you can help develop it. WorPress for WordOS support WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress.org pages with WordPress 4. Please go to the forum at https://ios.forums.wordpress. or twitter @WordPressiOS. Create your own blogs. It' s great to get to my blogs at the push of a single key!

Although the Wordpress app can be very bewildering and can have many different but minor failures. And I think it's really simple to get into the app and setup it. They still allow you to login and logout, they allow you to see various things on your computer or website, and you can still pose things with pictures.

E.g. changing the size of HTML pictures does not work in the app. When I try to do this, then release my contribution, all the formattings I've made will vanish. An error (due to the absence of a better word) exists when using either font type in font or italic. So if I convert my text to fat, then go for a new section and still be in fat, it is published in such a way that all the fat text is combined into a huge one.

Normally the first element in my listing will "jump" to the preceding section after I have published the article or saved it as a outline. In addition to bug fixes, another thing that would be great in the app is the possibility to create several mosaics of your pictures, as you can do on the desktops page.

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