Wordpress App Template

Worpress App Template

Wordpress & WooCommerce App | iOS & Android Version App Template #65165 This app template provides you with a complete ready-made app with the WooCommerce and WordPress newsletter content in it. With our CMS you can easily adapt this sources to your needs by modifying the text, pictures, colors, logos, etc. Once you have finished working, create the install file for your Unix application using your own software and download it to the app store.

In case you need another foreign languages, we will be happy to provide you with a native speaker version of our website, which you can easily convert yourself. As soon as you have finished your work, we will generate the new sources for your Android and iPOS application. You can now build the . appk and . ípa files and add them to the App Stores.

You only need to reupload into the App Store if you want to modify the app's startup screens, the app icons, etc. Receive the full iOS & Android sources of the orginal demonstration app directly after your order. With our CMS you can work on the sources yourself.

Once you have completed processing the app, we will generate the upgraded version of the original software. On request, our technicians will also prepare the . appk and . app file for independent download into the App Stores. Once you have registered, you will have 24 hour instant acces to the App CMS and can start working on your app.

You can reach our staff on weekdays between 9 and 18 o'clock (Central Europe time) and we will set up your CMS within a few acres. Full CMS accessibility is free for the first year. Starting in the second year, you only have acces to the CMS to dispatch push messages.

Gladly we install the app in our content management system and give you an account so that you can work on your app with our CMS. App CMS features are as easy as Wordpress itself. For CMS login, please get in touch with our technical staff.

In the first year, this service is free of charges for you. One the one side it is really simple to modify your own app with the CMS and / or to add extra functionality, on the other side we provide the install file for your CMS using your own application for iPOS and Android.

All you have to do now is download and install your app in iTunes and Google Play.

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