Wordpress Application Theme

Worpress application theme

More than 45 best WordPress themes for Apps and mobile Apps (2018) The choice of a theme for commercializing an application is anything but simple - especially given the wealth of WordPress topics available. With the right theme you have a sound foundation for a website that presents your application (and all its features) in the best possible way, complements your advertising activities and finally inspires every visitor to the website to come and visit.

For your convenience, I've searched several hundred topics from various major vendors and selected more than 45 excellent choices that can present your applications efficiently. Each of these topics should not only be specially conceived for the presentation/market launch of applications (mostly portable applications, but also applications for other platforms/devices), but should also help to leave the right mark when used well, i.e. to point out the special characteristics and points of sale of the application itself.

Briefly, when it comes to advertising your application for download s, an uncomplicated no-nonsense Landingpage is vital - and especially if you choose your perfect theme, keep an eye on theversions! Stand out features: Optionally available plug-in for creating indefinite shapes, including shape styles for fast set-up. Stand out features: Frontend Builders (Massive Builders) with full flexibility to modify the entire design.

$93 plug-ins that are fully built into the design. This includes MailChimp, Gravity Forms, WooCommerce and Masterlider. Stand out features: Over 500 useful shortcuts and adjustment possibilities. Queue controls - full frame and videoslider. Stand out features: Movie head and clear navigation bar. including Masterlider, Visual Composer and contact form 7. Stand out features:

Stand out features: Multiple Vendor Supported (with WC Vendors) - Theme can be used for presenting your own application or for an application repository to enumerate applications from different wells. Portable Displaycase Builder Plugin - build portable mockups without Photoshop. Four display case layout apartments. Stand out features: Infinite wallpapers, parallel axis wallpaper generates 3-D scroll effect.

Apple Screenshots section. Stand out features: Page by page, multipage or multipage option (each with automatic menus for intern sections). Flexible slide control that can be pasted into any page or mail with short code. Stand out features: LayerSlider, 3 user-defined Widget and 4 Blogs including. Stand out features: First-class plug-ins -lider revolution and visual composer - including.

Stand out features: Minimalist theme that illuminates the functions. Very few adjustment possibilities. Stand out features: Visually build short codes for keys, tab, accordion, and price tables. Simply toggle between full width and box layouts and apply designs to the box layouts wallpaper. Stand out features: Stand out features: This is a topic that you can use to present a particular application or a project within a group.

Apple application includes screen shots section, blogs section and ratings storefront. Supplied with anti-spam registration email. Stand out features: Stand out features: User -defined homepage with 8 different layouts. Icons and subscription forms in the footer/header. Scroll parallax backgrounds on homepage elements. Stand out features: One-sided design, sufficiently versatile to be used for a multi-page website.

Stand out features: There are 3 different backgrounds: Picture control, Movie and Parallel. Gallery, videopost and audiopost. The Verde Soon Coming plugin is contained. Stand out features: Choice of 3 different style - colour, patterns and photographic backgrounds. Contains a 3-D slide bar and a number of plug-ins. Stand out features: There are 3 ways to present your application - slide, magnification and movie (YouTube & Vimeo).

Contains an frame or full-width picture control and an apple slide bar. You can use up to 7 different units with the application shown in the demo version. Including demo speakers for common equipment. Stand out features: More than one slide bar layout and colour option. Scroll sliders for demonstrations. Stand out features: Audioplayer, integrated movies, user-defined page styles.

Stand out features: Videobackground and full level parallel axis scanning backdrop. Stand out features: Animation of backgrounds. Picture filters and over filters that can be deployed either on a global or individual basis without affecting the picture sources. Stand out features: Includes full sets of . mo and . po data sets. ePanel can be integrated into the WordPress dashboard to give you full command over your website.

Many short codes including. Stand out features: It uses the unique preconfigured program that contains an exhaustive set of choices. Stand out features: Including price chart and enquiry request forms. Customisable type, including 3000+ type. Stand out features: Includes Page Builder and Slider Revolution. Stand out features: Stand out features: Heroes section inclusive. Stand out features: Stand out features: Supplied with the Doc Builder to make your documents look great.

Stand out features: Includes parallax and llazy loaded effect. Including MotoPress Notepad. Stand out features: Customized Visual Composer release. Nectar exclusive. Stand out features: A new circular tables area, ideal for finding out certain functions of your application. The three best functions of your application can be emphasized. Bright or darkness options.

Stand out features: Screenshot modul inclusive. Supplied with short codes and built-in enquiry forms. Stand out features: Contactsheet, on-line chats and registration for our newsletters, all inclusive. Includes parallax and llazy loaded effect. Stand out features: Simple to use Visual Composer. Stand out features: Go-price charts and a simpler price table including.

Contains font symbols - ideal for retinal equipment. Stand out features: Selection of 2 page building tools - Visual Composer and SiteOrigin Pagebuilder. Integrate the flexible sliders anywhere with short code. Stand out features: Complete pre-launch page with one lead-gen application including. Stand out features: 2-page and 4-background style. Videofile - Technique loops networks containing connection information, scripts, graphics, numbers and more.

Stand out features: Stand out features: Videobackground, bright and deep variation. Including price charts and enquiry forms. Stand out features: Use the Design Wizard to configure the default settings and The7 will do the work. The Visual Composer with ultimate addons and The7 elements. More than one Displaycase option. of 45 topics.

We hope you have found one that will present your application in the best possible way and enhance both your market activities and your convertions! Do you know any other great WordPress topics for promoting your favorite applications?

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