Wordpress Art Portfolio

The Wordpress Art Portfolio

Best 25+ WordPress Topics for 2018 Performers While your art work will undoubtedly communicate your desired messages, your website must also present your portfolio in the right perspective. If you neglect the look of your website, you can also pull a veil over your best work. In order to achieve the right equilibrium between function and adaptation, a piece of art must be designed to present your work of art, so that you can choose the best possible piece to compliment your art.

And if you've been on WordPress for more than five moments, you've undoubtedly learnt about Divi. The multi-purpose topic has an excellent fame, but can it really be suited for an artist because of its broad range? The presentation of your portfolio is also no obstacle. Full width galleries, grids and carousels are available (with box version available), and your portfolio can also be filtered.

Layout is simple, but looks amazing and can be perfectly customized with the built-in Divi Builder features. We' re delighted that it can be the perfect fit for performers who need flexible and powerful designs, and we strongly encourage it for the creation of your website. So as such, a kill topic like potassium will probably be the most important selection of website you will make.

For a quick start, you can use one of 13 pre-configured demo versions, but you can also build your own custom layouts using the included Visual Composer plug-in. When it comes to customizing your designs, Google and FontSquirrel have kindly allowed you to select from over 1,500 typefaces, and a free upgraded version allows you to select from over 2,500 Typekit-typefaces.

Potassium contains a special administration pane that lets you customise your designs such as colours, header and footer, blogs and portfolio pages, your shop window front and more. Eventually, the topic was compiled into 16 different language versions and is fully WPML-enabled. This topic, however, has a level of excellence that many others simply cannot attain.

Dorsey is a leader in the possibility that your art (and not the look of your website) will lead the conversation. There' not much behind it - a basic navigational menue on the right (which will disappear on smaller devices) and your graphics on the right. If, for example, you move your pointer over your work of art on the home page, left/right arrow buttons and a galery symbol appear according to the position of the pointer.

Browsing through the almost unlimited number of topics available, you'll find that many concentrate on the same sub-areas - mostly weird designer agents or contractors. For those who specialize in more serious approaches, however, you need a topic that can do your job well, like Blaze. The Visual Composer plug-in included offers many possibilities for an even more profound optimization of your designs and layouts.

The standard colour schemes will make the items look eye-catching - an excellent portfolio topic. It' definitely an issue to present your work at the cost of everyone else - even though the whole wide variety of plug-ins and backend choices is your owl in this respect. Uncode offers a style suitable for any kind of creativity - with versatile layouts, classy visuals and rich brand-building capabilities.

Uncode's styling is built on an integrated Visual Composer plug-in that is designed to give you only the layouts you need and six menustyles - plus an off-canvas feature - to prevent your menus from interfering with your work. Featuring a wide range of fonts from Google Fonts, Typekit, Fonts Squirrel, and Fontdeck, as well as the latest SVG icon feature, this topic allows your website to brand in crisp, clear colors, regardless of the user's phone.

Uncode, in short, is a praiseworthy and dignified topic for all those who present their work. It' hardly captivating, but it is a much more colourful and appealing self-drive creation (i.e. before you begin to upload your artwork). The Wave acts as an eye-catching screen for your work of art without being too commercial.

In addition, it reacts excellently and adapts smoothly to all common equipment resolution and monitor size. In addition, this topic provides a variety of ad viewing style in its blogs and galleries submissions. They can go from one to four columns, with different choices for placing contents.

It' s as neat as the rest of the designs and will certainly not stop you from making a sale. When you have a great deal of art to divide and can trust that it will stand on its own two feet and not be backed by a complicated piece of art, it might be the right topic for you.

It' immediately obvious that Marble was developed for portable display - while the desktops look great on the website, the styling adjusts and deteriorates great for smaller units. In addition, the designers have done very little to stand in the way of what is really important: allowing your audience to intuitively navigate through your work.

Topic provides various layouts for the homepage, blogs and shops. When you like the look of this look, its versatility will make sure that you can customize it tightly or accurately to your needs. A multi-purpose creative topic, Weston integrates features and contains a number of favorite plug-ins to help you improve the look and feel of your website.

To further optimize your layouts, you can use the included Visual Composer plug-in to build powerful visually that integrates your work using the Slider Revolution plug-in. In terms of the portfolio, there are actually only two: a brickwork arrangement and a four-column construction. What Weston does not have, however, is a choice that balances out with an outstanding look - they all look slim and classy, and the brickwork plan also comes with a full width pattern.

The Weston is essentially minimalistic, and that means its styling and all its functions. The workshop wants to counteract this tendency and succeed in creating a stellarizing subject. We have indicated that this topic is entirely visual, so there is little room for extra text.

That makes it an outstanding portfolio topic. Standard layouts provide a full-screen brick laying raster for the items in your portfolio, making it simple to showcase your very best work. You can also select from a range of ready-made portfolio style choices, along with a variety of customisation choices to ensure your portfolio fits your original approach.

Briefly, while workshop is able to create a sound base for many kinds of locations, it is characterized primarily by portfolio. The development of a great subject, however, is about much more than just the creation of good aesthetics. They must meet all common requirements in relation to fast response designs, retinal pictures, etc.

and offer appropriate customisation choices so that the end users can customise the topic to their liking. Luckily, Recital combines its good looks with a variety of customisation possibilities. It' s fully reactive and retinal, as you would think, and also ripe for translating - often a good indication that the developer really did pay close attention to detail.

It provides bright and black colored designs (along with the option to create your own customized skins). The recital is definitely a topic for all bell and pipe, but its sleek styling disproves the power of individualization - the best possible combo. Curators are a singular subject: they offer you the opportunity to present your works of art in chronicle order.

However, if you do, The Curator provides you with a unique chance to present your contents in a somewhat unusual and eye-catching way. It is not a poor subject - far from it - but it does not really do enough to warrant its costs. The Wright theming puts your work of art in front and in the middle, leaving little space up and down for a logotype, navigational items, fringe graphics, and more.

If you are a minimalist designer enthusiast, be sure to find out, but make sure you also try the cheapest options. No matter how stylish your website looks at the end of the day, it's all about the images you use, because elegance is a full-width subject that offers a virtually empty screen for your work of art.

In addition, no page template savings are made, with choices for blogs post, a feature page, an agent page, an artists page, a magazines page, and an e-commerce shop. Elegant has a 30-day back and one year of technical maintenance and upgrades, and you get a free alternate topic with your purchases.

The Wonder is at the cheapest end of the available choices, but don't let it deceive you: there is much to be loved about this topic. Designed in a singlecolumn, it keeps things easy while making sure that all the visitor's focus is on your work. And then there is the wealth of extra features and choices that are packed with this topic.

Besides many of the things you would expected (theme adjustment, different page layouts, etc.), Wonder comes complete with six free plugs that you can use to enhance the features of your website. Using a Pinterest-style lay-out, Peak brings a bunch of images to a single monitor. The simplicity of the function seems to be in the foreground - the art work is shown on the right, while the navigational possibilities are on the left. Thus, the user can easily navigate through the work.

Main Navigation provides the classic navigation that you would want, while Main Navigation allows users to browse by category (demo contents contain samples such as illustrations, photographs, etc.). There is not much more to this topic than one might think at first, but this is not meant to be a bad one.

Surfing through Peak is like a seamless and intuitively working experience - perfect if you want your audience to concentrate on your work of art rather than your designs. The Crush is referred to as "the portfolio issue to end all portfolio issues". "But conversation is inexpensive; especially when it comes to WordPress topic copy.

Although not a single subject can be considered the "ultimate" - which makes all other styles worthless - crime is certainly not without its allure. Actually, there is quite a bit to like: from the distinctive mouse-over effect on homepage portfolio pictures to the visually consistent style of the blogsheet.

The Keen range features a slim, minimalist look - what you see is what you get. It won't be to everyone's liking, but if it strikes the noses at first, it could be the subject for you. However, one cannot help but notice that a greater appreciation of styling has been wasted in order to develop a device-independent look.

Neither the layouts nor the typefaces are imaginative, which could affect the perception of the work. Depending on what you are looking for in your topic, Keen is probably not one of the strongest nominees in this group. At first sight Alona is reminiscent of craftsmanship - the actual look is actually "framed" in the web interface itself.

Likewise, this topic is not brief for originals or functions. You have two homepage themes and four different portfolio style choices, and you'll also find a weblog style sheet along with a (admittedly unconvincing) service page. Alona's uniquely designed frames offer something different than the standard themed price and are definitely something to consider.

An astonishing number of WordPress portfolio topics do not contain e-commerce submissions, but KON/CEPT is not one of them. This is just the tip of the iceberg - this particular topic provides much more than just out-of-the-box e-commerce capabilities. First thing you'll see is the distinctive, slim look that makes up the homepage.

Your work of art is clearly in the spotlight without anything else getting in your way (as it should be). The portfolio pages are well thought out and show that the developer not only wants to build an eye-catching homepage, but also ignores the fine detail. It is almost as easy as the remainder of the site, with some easy filtering on top of the page that makes it different.

There' s a pleasant congruence of simplification throughout the subject - the designs never try to overwhelm what's really important: your art. Its fully reactive styling responds well to various portable gadgets, and the Pinterest-style layouts with endless hand scroll will be well known to many of your users. In addition, there is not much more that can be said on this subject.

For $79, it is one of the more costly choices available to you, and given the relatively simple nature of it, one might reasonably wonder why. Well, in a fashionable environment where minimalist, shallow designs are in fashion, artists are a little more, well, creative. Also, there are probably restrictions on the type of medias you can use with this topic - many pictures just don't fit well into the overall concept of the artwork.

The King Size, as one can anticipate from its name, is characterised by a full-surface, powerful visuals. In the reverse, the navigational menue is placed over the picture, so that you can't really get much going on this part of the canvas. Topics like King Size are really successful or fall through because of how well the designs were done outside the homepage, and that impresses also in this respect.

Among the features are six different galery styles, a user-defined portfolio mail style, different shortcut supports and much more. It is clear that King Size's designs have received a lot of thought and consideration, and its impressive homepage gives you every right to consider them thoroughly. Filtered at first sight is not a subject that inspired.

It' s very much resembling the WordPress Twenty-Twelve Topic with its crate design and round edges, and the structured wallpaper looks outdated in comparison to many of the more eye-catching full-screen wallpaper styles. So, is there anything that can deliver on this notion? This is up to you, but the competitive environment in the topic developing industry is fierce, and Filled is likely to appeal to only a small number of you.

Apart from the excessively trusted styling, the text will be too small for some people's eye and the typeface is not very inspiring. In addition, Filtered with its $59 priceplate is placed in a higher priced category than most other option. Wait for the common bell and whistle - fast response designs, themes customizations, customized page styles, and so on, but few folks are likely to make this their best choice.

So if you are looking for an eye-catching and classy look, you may be tempted to respond positively. There is not much about this topic, but that is one of the reasons why Snazzy is so impressing. On the homepage, the galery-like, borderless portfolio area is very familiar with the latest trends in slim designs, and the navigational toolbar is practical and understated.

The Snazzy thing is, it felt like a subject that has nothing to show. This results in a sleek but appealing look that is suitable for those whose art blends into contemporary style. In view of the name one can be expected that the topic Yin & Yang refers to this topic. Since all the pictures in the homepage galleries are reproduced in grey tones, the designs may be somewhat restricted as your art can fully reflect its nature.

However, the selected use of colour (i.e. on individual portfolio pages) could be taken into consideration to achieve a greater effect when the colour of your art becomes visible. In addition to the colour schemes, Ying & Yang provides a sleek but appealing look - nothing spectacular breakthrough, but it seems that the designers wanted to concentrate on the colour (or scarcity of it) while having your work of art talk to them.

This homepage explains why the topic is called puzzle - the work of art is put together into a puzzle-style picture assembly that looks rather impressive. A click beyond the homepage and into individual portfolio pages, however, shows a simple and less inspiring two-pillar-sign. Frankly, there is nothing inventive or interesting about the designs outside the homepage.

Jigsaw is fully reactive (as you would expect), but doesn't provide extended customisation or anything else you would want from a design at an incredible $99 or so.

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