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Best Wordpress responsive auction script and theme. On-line auction website in minutes. Create your own auction theme website in minutes with this powerful, search engine friendly WordPress auction theme. We've curated the best WordPress auction themes to help you create your own auction site like eBay or even a penny bid site like madbid.com.

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Overview of the auction theme: By far, this is the best and most loved Wordpress auction and Reverse auction theme on the web available at this time. This auction theme has many functions and comes with stable and well spelled music. Those facts make the auction theme the best and most coveted Wordpress theme (Wordpress app) for launching an auction website on the open auction markets.

Our auction theme also comes with a fast reacting theme and looks and works well on cell phone and tables (iPhone, Droid, tables, ipads, Nokias and everything else). There is a full -featured backend with many functions for both auction poster and bidder, a number of different pay gateway options and close Wordpress connectivity.

Start your own auction website in a few moments with a few mouseclicks. The auction theme can also be used as a theme for the Marktplatz. You can, for example, configure this theme so that you only buy "buy now" items and get your own genuine store website or start a quiet auction on line for them.

Learn more about the auction theme by attending the demonstration, reviewing the feature listing on this page, reviewing the most commonly asked question, or contact us. The Wordpress Auction application or Wordpress Auction scripts are a complete package for small and large companies.

An Auction is a Wordpress customized post and is very simple to create new Wordpress auction, categorize, select, auction modes, tag, reserve prices, buy-it-now prices, etc. This theme provides support for several popular auction utilities, such as a starting bid rate, a buy-it-now rate, a spare bid function and much more.

Offering your auction is simple for your user, they just have to register an affiliate on your website. The theme also features quiet auction support and also prevents last night bids by providing additional seconds when last day bidders are on. We' re talking aboutplug and play and you don't need any additional plugins or other script to run your auction website.

Even the install procedure is very simple: just use the Wordpress Setup and load the theme archives and you are there. You will have unrestricted availability of upcoming upgrades and lifelong technical assistance for all issues you may have when you install and use the topic. In our forum you will find many frequently asked and answered auction related auctions.

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