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Name of author

Publicly displays the value as a field in the user's display name. The first thing you need to do is edit the post or page on which you want to change the author name. You can use the code below in single.php or the appropriate page that you want Author Name to be. You can change the author of an existing post on your WordPress Web site from your Dashboard under Posts.

For the article you are the author of, click Quick Edit.

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You can display the author of a contribution with this tag. Note: unike other templating tag like the_title(), the_author() not only shows, but also gives the value back, so use but not to prevent duplicate outputs.

Shows the value in the user's display name as a public box.


Displays the name of the author of the posting. Behaviour of this feature is predicated on the old get_the_author () feature. It is not obsolete, but is intended to reflect the value of get_the_author(), and as a consequence of an old topic that may still use the old behaviour, it also passes the value of get_the_author().

Normally, the anticipated behaviour of this feature is to revert to the author and not revert it. Impaired (string) (Optional) Obsolete. Standard value: ''' (string) (Optional) Obsolete. You can use get_the_author(). response to the character chain or returns. This is the name of the author, from get_the_author().

Changing the author of a post in WordPress

Would you like to edit the author of a WordPress entry? You sometimes need to view an author other than the one who added the posting in WordPress. There is no need to copy and paste the whole WordPress mail with another username and password. We will show you in this paper how you can simply edit the author of an entry in WordPress with just a few mouse clicks. How to do this?

So if you just want to show your own name on a posting posted by another person on your WordPress page, you are willing to obey the directions in this posting. However, if you want to display another author instead of another one, you must first make sure that this person is on your WordPress page.

Please refer to our tutorial on adding new WordPress usernames and writers for details. If you are signed in with your WordPress admin area, you can view and administer all your WordPress page visitors by going to the User page. For more information on how to modify the way your name is shown, see our How to insert or modify your full name in WordPress.

Once that's said, let's see how to quickly and simply modify the author of a WordPress article. First, you need to modify the article or page on which you want to modify the author name. In the postprocessing window, click on the options in the upper right hand part of the window.

It shows a fly-down list on the monitor with a number of choices. Activate the checkbox next to the'Author' checkbox. You must then move down the postprocessing display directly below the postprocessor. You' ll see the writer's pit there. Just click on the drop-down list and choose another author.

That' all, you have successfully modified the author of a WordPress article. Modifying the author by modifying a posting is simple. But if you have to do this for several contributions, then it would take quite some effort to do so. There' an simpler way to quickly modify the author for several WordPress messages at once.

In order to collect updates writers, click on the Contributions drop-down box in your WordPress administration toolbar. Here all contributions on your WordPress page are listed. WordPress displays 20 postings per page by default. 2. To view more of your contributions, click on the screen options and modify the number of contributions you want to view.

You must now choose the articles in which you want to modify the author. Once you have selected the items, choose the "" Edit"" button from the "Mass Actions" drop-down list and click the "" Apply" button. Now WordPress shows you the Bulk Editor dialog box. The new author must be selected by dragging the drop-down list next to the Author item.

That' all, you have successfully modified the author for several WordPress messages without having to edit them one by one. Hopefully this tutorial has help you understand how to modify the author of a WordPress posting. Maybe you would also like to see our best WordPress back-up plugin compare. Please unsubscribe to our YouTube Channel for WordPress Videos tutorial if you liked this one.

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