Wordpress Avada Tutorial

Worldpress Avada Tutorial

Installing Avada over WordPress PLEASE NOTE: The welcome page is for Avada version 3.8 or higher. The Avada topic can be installed in two ways. It is possible to select whether you want to use WordPress, as described in this paper, or FTP to use it. You will need to have downloaded the necessary topic file from your ThemeForest user accounts before installing Avada.

When this is your first download of the ThemeForest topic, we suggest you download the FullTheme Package to get extra data like the Revolution and Layer Slider documentations and only the classical demo.PSDs. Once you have already down-loaded the complete set and already have these documents, you can simply use the WordPress Installable File, which is smaller.

Stage 1 - Log in to your ThemeForest login and browse to your Downloads page, then search for your Avada themes acquisition. Stage 2 - Click the "Download" icon and select whether you want to either simply select the "Installable WordPress File", which is the installation -only WordPress document, or whether you want to select "Download All Files & Documentation", which is the full Avada Topic Pack.

Stage 3 - Click here for installation of the topic via WordPress. Stage 1 - Browse to the WP Dashboard > Look > Topics. Stage 2 - Click the "Add New" icon at the top of the page and then the "Upload Theme" icon. Stage 3 - Click'Select file' to find the topic file you just download.

Once you have down-loaded the WordPress installation executable, you do not need to unpack it. Once you have unpacked the Full theme pack, you will need to unpack the original Avada.zip files, in which you will see a second Avada.zip files that you choose to be installed. Stage 4 - After the upload is complete, go to WP Dashboard > Avada > Themes > Themes and click the Adobe Acrobat Connect icon to enable Avada.

Stage 5 - Once you have activated Avada, you will be taken to our welcome page. You will be prompted to download and run the Avada needed plug-ins, the Fusion Core plug-ins and the Fusion Builder plug-ins. Please click here to find out how to download and run the Avada plug-ins. When you receive the error â??Are You Sure You Want To Do Thisâ when running the Avada.zip installation from WordPress, it means that you have a maximum portrait files limitation defined by your hosting company.

In this case, please FTP the topic or ask your host organization to raise the threshold.

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