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Creating a Rocking Band website with WordPress (and all the plugins you need) No matter if your band's playing at weekends, part times or full times, a website for your band is a good one. Everybody's everything has a page these days, so your band definitely earns their own little home on the Internet. While there are many band site builder like Bandzoogle, FourFour and Bandvista who make the creation of a website really fast, I will say that these are not the best ways to establish an on-line site.

Indeed, I will be brave enough to say that your best bet is to spend your little bit of your speaking English over the little corner to understand WordPress and build a website from the ground up. WorldPress is a great plattform for many kinds of websites in different alcoves, but it offers special advantages for groups and musician.

The WordPress is versatile. With WordPress you can go as easy or complicated as you want, and that's the great thing about it. If you want something with an immense number of functions or just a basic website, with this CMS you can achieve it. You can trick WordPress.

Allows you to use plug-ins to extend functionality without programming skills. WorldPress is a blogsite in essence. It' simple to insert new pages and articles, and with just a few mouse clicks, plug-ins let you quickly generate and insert events calendar, picture gallery and more. The WordPress was developed for communities, which makes it really simple to construct and interact with a following.

And now that you have a sharper grasp of what makes WordPress so useful for a band, you can begin the real thing. Let's begin the selection of a topic for your website and go from there. Choosing the right topic for your band website is probably one of the most important things you will do.

Here is a good choice of topics that includes a band suitable look and/or functions that meet a band's needs, such as an integrated tours schedule, an on-line shop or the possibility for a user to upload their MP3. Surely you don't have to choose a topic that has been created with band in view, but it can help to remove some set-up later.

The Amplify is a music design specifically developed for the musician that uses the AudioTheme plug-in to display everything you need for your band. So you can for example present your newest Song and album, video, picture gallery and much more besides. Beaver Builder also comes with this design, allowing you to easily customise headings, background, menu, colour scheme and more.

Further functions are a complete dokumentation, instruction manuals and one year long update and help. Narrator is a one-sided topic for musical pages - although it has a multi-page feature if you need it. It' s fast responding and has many functions that make it easier for you to advertise your band. It offers for example videobackgrounds, a number of play lists, a picture galleries for the brickwork, supports audiobooks and videobooks and many customisation possibilities.

There are also music-specific chapters such as a diskography and route data. Additional functions includes a para-lax effect, contact form 7, Google fonts, various blogs posting styles, miniature videos, 27 soft symbols, WooCommerce compliance, two light boxes, documentary and children's topic compliance. Promenade is a nice design for artists that provides an appealing lay-out and functions that are intuitively operable for artists.

You can use this topic to present your latest, best and best contents, be it new tracks, album, video or concert date. It is also possible to view an existing picture or user-defined sound file. Nearly every section is widgettized, so you can add video, tours, text and anything else you want with just a few mouse clicks, wherever you want.

Append album templates and link pages where folks can buy your soundtrack. Easily append video with a full-width ad. In addition, this topic is SEO-friendly and works on the AudioTheme Framework for an individual musical event. A further topic you might want to try out is Tuned Balloon. It is very simple to setup and uses the WordPress themme customizer to make changes and adjustments to the design.

Remarkable characteristics are an appealing look, multi-format posts, RTL voice capabilities, and a widgettized side bar and bottom line. We also supply our own Balloon with the Soliloquy Slider plug-in. Applause is another one-sided band style offering many functions to satisfy even the most discerning designer.

Keeps all your music-related information about your venues organised and readily available thanks to special section for sound, videos, galleries ans venues. Audioplayer can display your latest tunes with either distant links or self-hosting track. The design is also very adaptable with two headers option, six mail type, multipage support, a draft and fall interface, limitless color and Google fonts.

RoadRunners is yet another one-sided topic that provides practical functions for the musician. It' s fast and slim and includes user-defined mail type for event and artist, making it simple to spontaneously refresh information. Key functions of this topic are user-defined boxes to add location cards, stylesheet animation, shortcuts, contact form 7 and the possibility to customise any section of the homepage.

This section contains a heading, about us, shows, artist, testimonials, galleries, contacts, blog and more. Currently available for $43, DriveRunners Soundboard offers many functions tailored directly to the musician, which will help facilitate the work of creating a band website. There are special section for things like pictures, video, a diskography and trip data.

Your homepage has customized Widgets for your latest messages, tours, the latest albums, new pictures and video. And you can even view an audioplayer to give your audience a chance to see a previewer of your music. And it even comes with JW compatible music. Additional functions are the Nivo slider, user-defined colours and background, 7 page styles, 5 user-defined mailboxes, 7 user-defined widgets, a 960 raster, ready to translate, shortcuts, cross-browser capability, Pretty Photo Lightbox, and more.

As the name implies, Musik Pro is a topic for professional musicians and can be used by groups, recording companies and even musical journals. olf Socials, Wolf Network, Wolf Shortcodes et Wolf Gram. Remarkable functions of this topic are: three skin, user-defined background and logo, user-defined color and font, jPlayer multi-playlist, diskography, built-in reviews and ratings system, PayPal shopping basket system compatible, three home page slider, picture gallery, videogallery, video thumbnail and eight postal format.

There also comes with a top batten messaging that you can customize to welcome your traffic as well as a Social Sharing button, a Contacts page, shortcuts, SEO, limitless side bars and widgets, dropdown lists, 14 customized Widgets, demos, documentation review and more. Now available for $58, Musik Pro is a good topic for those who are in a band or are active in any way in the musical world.

It also provides the utilities you need to organize everything, including album, gallery, video and event. The design is retina-ready, SEO-optimised and comes with touch-friendly functions such as full-screen slide shows, video, slider controls and illuminated pictures. Featuring endless color, ready-to-translate, child-friendly, and full-screen background customization, a Topic Option Dashboard via GPanel, dynamic dates, page layouts, Google fonts, a Contacts tab with re-Captcha, customized widgets, shortcuts, and native and music-specific network connectivity, it's easy to use and easy to use.

Join the mixing process with help and documentary and you have a very useful topic for musician. Designed specifically for all types of musician, Ableton offers a variety of functions that make advertising and sales of your online tunes a breeze.

You can even use it for outside musicians if they just like the look. These themes also come with a headerslider, revolution sliders, 3 skin, retina and ready to translate, bricklayer photography galeries, a diskography, tours data, a videogallery, a shop and more. There are also contact form 7, various blogs Postformats, Google Font, 19 customized Font, 2 Illuminated Boxes, 2 Search Panels, SMTP, Search, an Instagram Warehouse, a Sub Topic Sheet, Demonstration Contents, Documents and Help.

Comes with 25 colour themes, 16 user-defined patterns and endless side bars so you can achieve exactly what you want with this design. There is also a 404 page, endless slide shows and pages that work specifically for artists, such as an audiopage page, an event page, a videos page and a photos page.

There are also 4 user-defined Widget, a customizable title page that can be tailored to your layouts, page break, shortcuts, user-defined mail type, topic option panels, cross-browser interoperability, Flex Slider, Google Maps and softwares. Further advantages are documentations and contents of XML-demos. If you are sensing for a message that adult the indefinite quantity stripe ibe you poverty, the Brooklyn indefinite quantity stripe is a advantage decision making.

The topic is fast reacting and comes with the Boostpress Addon, which makes the administration page of things fast as thunder. It also comes with themes and contextual information to help you get your website up and running in no time at all. The Brooklyn Indie Band is $38. Another topic that is ideally suited for artists and groups is jam session.

Additional functions are a full image wallpaper, a call sheet with re-Captcha, a service page, online help, free software upgrades and more. JamSession now for $58. Last, but certainly not least on this topic is Metric, a "badass" topic for audiophiles - in the business and on the go.

There are a variety of functions and organisational choices for album, photo, video and event management. Additional functions includes limitless color, eye and text conversion, Revolution Slider, a tactile light box, user-defined mail type, multi-format mail, GPanel 3.1. If you are a professional artist, you will want to divide your musical life with the rest of the family.

Support Everything WordPress says you can download with just a few mouse clicks. Download the latest version of Support Everything WordPress. However, if you want to bring things to a more advanced standard, a plug-in is probably your best choice. However, I must mention MarketPress because it is a robust plug-in that makes it a breeze to simply plug e-commerce into your website.

Its also works for the sale of your favorite electronic file like your favorite download. Additional functionality includes an order builder, configurable custom web browsers, customized web pages, a warning system, and booting via Apache programming interface. And if you're just looking to sell your tunes online, you should take a look at our online shop and downloads. Simple to setup, this plug-in provides many built-in functions such as rebate code, analysis, application programming interface (API), multi-gateway payments, export of information and more.

One plug-in specifically developed for making your songs available for downloading is named OperaStore. It' perfectly suited for the sale of sound data and handles PayPal transaction. It' s interoperable with all web browser and device and includes a preview audioplayer. Audioplayer support a variety of file types, among them support for mp3, wav, wma and oga.

It' free, but you can upgrad it for extra functions like the possibility to resell your collection of songs, a basket function, rebates, vouchers and the possibility to add your product as a broadget to the page bar of your website. SoundCloud Master is another download method for musical plugins. SoundCloud is used to integrate WordPress into the Sound Community in order to create a sound community.

Much of it is the emphasis on all the great stuff you've made. Simply add the cover art and add your own records and tracks. However, if you want to make your diskography more vibrant with a play lists feature, downloading link and provider link, you should consider a plug-in for it.

It lets you make album that contain songs that you specify. They can contain as much or as little information as you want. Artistography plug-in allows you to build a library of your own content for your favorite songs, pictures and video on a unique page. It' more focused on labels, artists' directories and festivals, but I can still see it being used on the website of a particular band.

Also uses Soundmanager2 to show an audioplayer. You can even synchronize it with PayPal, so your users can buy your tunes smoothly. Whilst groups earn their livelihood by performing and reselling their own songs, much of their revenue comes from trading. Using any e-commerce tool or plug-in, you can easily put your merchandising on the market - MarketPress inclusive!

1. Six million WordPress supers are reading and trusting our blogs. The FoxyShop is a very useful basket plug-in for WordPress. Combines with the FoxyCart hosting basket services, which allows you to maintain the stock of this services in your WordPress dashboard. The plug-in offers the possibility to indefinitely attach pictures to any item and uses a pop-up slide show.

When using WooCommerce, you may be able to use the WooCommerce custom T-Shirt Designer plug-in. What makes this plug-in really great is that users can post their own styles to make a truly customized vest right on your website. This comes with all possible adjustment possibilities for the shuttles along with many functions on the administration page, such as user-defined colours, buttonsettings, the possibility to activate different theme-boards and more.

There is also a WP eCommerce plug-in available for Cart66 that costs you $28. If ease is the name of the pack for you, then Cart66 is an outstanding eCommerce plug-in for you. They can also charge by state, postcode or order taxes, adding user-defined boxes to items, changing the local currencies, customizing your mail slips, integrating into an affiliate programme and even inserting your items on every page or posting.

A number of default functions includes charging, category of goods, the possibility to resell tangible and intangible goods, a spreadsheet set of weights and related wares. It is a fairly useful free plug-in that can be used as a good alternate to paying option. WordPress Ultra Simple PayPal Shopping Cart is really easy to use.

It is completely free. The most important thing you can publish on your band's website is an event calender. With this plug-in it is easy to show a calender with all coming performances. It is free of charge. Another way to add an event calender to your WordPress page is to use GigPress, only it attaches itself to a whole range of functions designed specifically for the musician.

This plug-in, once deployed, allows you to organize your forthcoming and past trip data and then view them on your web page using shortcuts, a wideget or PHP templates. Using this plug-in, you can create various items, event locations, trips and even related contributions to the widget. The Events Manager is another plug-in that makes it simple for you to present your latest appearances in an intuitively and esthetically appealing way using shortcuts, pages and broadgets.

Eventually you can make reservations for meetings with this plug-in with prices, date, payments and other choices via PayPal, Authorize.net and even by telephone or e-mail. Premier includes additional functions and add-ons. Another plug-in you might want to try is named saBooking. Here's another one. There are four different calendaring modes that help you build customized calendars for your upcoming appointments.

You can modify the plug-in to show both data and lessons for an event. Yes, we've already discussed how to sell free MP3 downloads on your website, but what we haven't discussed yet is how to provide sound sample. Your website won't fully present your band unless it has audioclips of your band's songs on it, will it?

Instead, what you can do is provide an integrated sound card that processes your tunes. Provide your audience with the opportunity to listen to your tracks, and maybe gain some supporters for your tunes and clever website designs. Below are a few plug-ins that make it easier to add sound samples:

Using a plug-in that includes a templating tags, broadget and short code, you can integrate your favorite songs directly into your website. Actually this plug-in is stacking via the built-in WordPress utilities using MediaElement.js. There is also integrated feature included with AutoTheme, so if you use such a design, you can easily include a track in your playback list from your disk.

MP3 jPlayer is another great sound and play list feature for your WordPress page. You can even integrate it directly into the built-in WordPress media choices with a drag-and-drop Playlist Builder. It' based on natively abbreviated dialing to enhance the musical features of your website. If you want, you can include an limitless number of musical devices in the pages, postings, page bars and even templates of your website.

Supporting more than one file, it works with Icecast and Shoutcast and is fully interoperable with most web browser and multisites. A further audioplayer to consider is the appropriately called HTML5 jQuery audioplayer. Add a classy playlist and track support to your website with this plug-in, which can be added with a short code.

You can also enable and disable auto play, asterisk rating and much more with this plug-in. Compat WP Audio is another free plug-in that will add HTML5 and Flash Hybrids to your website. Players themselves are small and appealing, supporting either portable or OGG music.

Last time I' m going to speak about an audioplayer plug-in is here titled Album. MediaElement is based on MediaElement. ys to combine sound data into an album. However, this plug-in does not generate a playlist, but it is an excellent way to group together your existing site uploads into related album, which can be very useful for organizing the site.

No matter if you are a new act or an veteran of the business, it's a good thing to also use them. This can mean that the musical clips were elaborately made. Regardless, even if you have some kind of videotape that appears on your website, it can work miracles to increase your fans' involvement. The longer your website stays on, the more likely it is that your website will perform every job you want, such as buying your favorite tunes or merchandise.

Actually, you don't need any additional tool to present your website content. The WordPress is delivered with full featured streaming media. If you have Jetpack, you can use the Embeds short code embedded short code embedded short code movies option. If your movies are housed on a specific website, or even if you are housed yourself, and you want more flexibility in presentation adjustments, you might want to try a plug-in for it.

Below are a few choices that fit every band: Advanced response embedder makes it easy to incorporate content from virtually any sources into your website. Use reactive sizing, rotten loads, thumbnail views, and shortcuts to prevent your site from blowing up your movies. Configure the appearance of your movies using user-defined parameters for the type of Web site you want to view.

They won't be much easier than the WordPress movie plug-in, but hey, maybe that's what you want? Allows you to add a filtering feature to your site that allows you to include 66 different types of movies. Yet another really easy and free plug-in is named Video.js. This works by extending the base functionality of the videoplayer. ys HTML5 videoplayer by enabling the embedded placement of movies on any page or posting.

The WP Movie Box is the last movie plug-in I will discuss here. Allows you to add your own custom embedding to your website, only they appear in a lightweight box overlays, which can be very helpful to add some more styling and sizing. When your band makes many regular performances and trips, it is important to integrate a picture album.

Wordprocess comes with a built-in galery function, but you can enhance the look a little with something that is a little more outlandish. Although there are many picture galery Plugins, the following ones are sitting on the heap: You have to begin with the most favorite artery plug-in, right? The NextGEN Galerie with over 12 million downloaded images makes it simple to load and view multiple picture galeries on your website.

The NextGEN Gallery is free, but there is also a Pro Edition available that contains more reactive gallery, lightbox, deeper link, socially share, e-commerce and more for $79. With the Slickr Flickr plug-in, you can view pictures and galeries from your Flickr and your fan's Flickr and Flickr player albums in more style than Flickr itself has to offer.

Embedded gallery contributions, pages and even broadgets for the text side bar. The Photo Gallery has a basic name, but a number of enhanced functions to make your band's pictures look stylish. Easily insert text and tag information, build gallery and album, and create slide shows. Several of the layouts contain miniature images, mosaics and brickwork.

The plug-in also contains four different Widget options, such as Dynamic photo Gallery Tags Cloud, Tag Cloud, Photos Gallery Show and Photos Gallery, which allow you to easily create and edit the page bar of your website with various functions related to photos. Photogallery is free, but the Pro edition contains more slide show and box effect, more albums, picture comments, contacts, supports and fixes for $30 to $60.

Using the plug-in, you can create multiple picture galeries on your website with just a few mouse clicks. What you need is a simple and easy to use browser. Apply as many images as you want, append description if you want, and view them all on a page or pages. It' s essentially a leap up from the default functions of the WordPress Warehouse without a pile of lint.

Included in the Galerie Premier Edition are more Illuminated Box preferences, picture crop, buttons ULs, buttons supporting the " how " buttons, page break, picture galleries snail adjustment, and $20 per months worth of client assistance. Contact with supporters is an integral part of operating a band website, and e-mail newsletters are a good way to do so.

I won't discuss how to increase e-mail subscriptions here - this is a contribution for another date - but a few newsletters you might want to try are MailChimp, Constant Contact and AWeber. I' m speaking of a full biography containing information about each member of the band, a history of how the band got together, a time line with important landmarks, and more.

Or you can provide a number of facts, things to know or frequently asked questions to help your audience get to know you and your songs better. There are a few other things you might want to include: If someone really likes a band, they want to know all about it.

Serves as new site traffic, informing your site users how to keep an eye on your latest shows and musicals. The WordPress Webstream: WordPress Social Stream: An easy way to add style to your website by adding share and watch button. This is our own plug-in for Facebook smooth connectivity. It'?s your subject.

This means your songs can be purchased through your own playlist, cover art, picture gallery, video clips, band bio, and a way to buy your songs. When you can review the key elements sketched here, you will be well on your way to creating a coherent band website that will provide important information about you, help your supporters keep in contact with you on the go, and give them a way to hear and buy your work.

Did you create a band website? These were must-have highlights. Regardless, you are welcome to write a notice about what you think is an integral part of a band website and which WordPress utilities (core, plug-in or theme) make it simpler to use.

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