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Band template Wordpress

Ideal for musicians, DJs or bands who want to host their content online using multiple pre-built templates that fit their style. Sign in to download your favorite template with one click and start customizing your music page right away. Breathtaking 6 music WordPress themes in 2018 Bring your sounds the level of attentiveness they deserve with the outstanding features of SoundRise, a professionally integrated audioplayer that hovers on your website no matter which page is displayed. That means your supporters, endusers, executives and agencies can view and hear your tunes previewed on every page and browse your entire website without interrupting the game.

Sonaar.io is a new WordPress themes store that offers the best WordPress themes for groups, dj', musicians and record companies. Create nice WordPress sites from musicians in a few moments. Audioplayer, event managers, discographies and much more! Whether you are a bandleader, bandleader, artist or even website owner, this WP Topic is for you.

Lush is devoted to the musical industries and is the ultimative choise for your website. This topic contains all important functions: News, discography, photos and biography, HTML5 player, YouTube videos and even a booking section.

Free WordPress topic for musicians and groups

The Music Lite is a slimmed-down copy of our recently reworked music themes. It is an outstanding and free WordPress topic for musicans, groups and entertainment professionals with a limited audience budgets. Free WordPress topics like Portfolio Lite and Structure Lite are favorite with graphic design professionals. Music Lite, however, is our first free topic for this other fighting performer - the performer.

Musical Lite has a slim, deep and reactive look. Offers a homepage template, tours, blogs and interoperability with favorite audio players plug-ins. In addition, it is fully compliant with our Organic Customizer Widgets plug-in. So you can create vibrant pages to view a diskography, fanstimonials, feature rich merchandising and more!

Incoming Tourdates, CSR Link and a wallpaper or movie can be shown on the homepage. Please obey these steps to build a home page: Insert a page header (*bold on the home page). Adds an excerpt (*It is shown below the title). Insert feature enhanced picture (*It is shown as wallpaper).

Under Page Attributes, choose the Home template. You should be informed by the design that you are installing and activating the Organic User Content Plug-in. This plug-in appends the user-defined mail types to the topic. As soon as the plug-in is enabled, please obey these steps to insert your route data: Browse to Route Data > New Date.

Please fill in your trip data, date, place, venue as well as your Ticketlink. Make the date of the trip public. Until your 4 most recent tours are displayed at the bottom of the home page. Elapsed trip data are faded out automatic. When you want to build a page with all coming tours, please consider if you want to upgrade to the Premier Music themed.

The topic head can be added with a special context menue. You can do this by setting up a user-defined menus. Please obey these steps to enter a content menu: Please click on the hyperlink to "create a new menu". Append a name to the menus (e.g. Sample Menus). Press the bluish buttons "Create Menu".

In the menu settings, activate "Social Menu" as the displayed position. Choose the Custom Links page on the menu on the left. Insert a hyperlink to your CSR account in the box labeled URL. Press the "Add to menu" pushbutton. Perform step 7-9 for each of your links. Press the black "Save Menu" icon.

Update to the Premier Music themes for more choices and functions. Premier versions offer the possibility to create and view additional route data on a page template for route data. In addition, the WordPress Configurator offers several additional topic settings to change colours, font, layout, slide shows and much more.

The design is also WooCommerce compliant. In this way you can set up a store on your website to resell ribbonware. Like Music Lite, you'll like the high quality Music theming! The Music Lite is currently in the waiting line for the WordPress topiclist. The only place where you can get this rocky topic directly from our website, while we are waiting for the reviews to take place, is here.

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