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have 8 nice and free band WordPress themes for your band website WorldPress is the most beloved CMS out there that has all the niches catered for - everyone uses it, hundreds of million web pages in fact, and some of the most famous web pages you know use WordPress as their basic CMS, which is proof of its capabilities. WordPress is one of the better decisions when it comes to CMS, from an everyday blogs to the website of a large messaging group. Actually, even a musician or a band can make use of it. But can WordPress really strengthen a band page? Is there any good free WordPress topics from the store?

And if you're someone looking for a WordPress theme for your band or group, look at the following listing! Even though in the past only the big players with an extensive web site were known, WordPress makes the creation of a website an indispensable business.

Take a look at our free WordPress theme library below and launch a music-oriented website now. Since it is so simple to build a website these days, we have put together a Top-Free Band WordPress Topic Guide that you can use on your band's website to build a comprehensive website.

Our free WordPress topics have a variety of functions that are very useful for groups. Everything from events advisories, plug-ins that allow you to resell your favorite songs, and various customized products is what you'll find in our free WordPress theme library. However, we recommend that you check out the free WordPress theme choices we' ve gathered in this article below.

The use of one of these topics guarantees a nice, adaptable and well programmed website with little or no outlay. Don't hesitate anymore and have a look at our collection and let us know in the commentaries what your favourite is! The Pixova Lite is an all-in-one theme for WordPress.

Try the Machos Theme website using the Machos Theme Customizer. Rolla is a free WordPress theme that works great as a lightweight and niche theme. This works as an unbelievably good-looking theme and also has some bright (but subtle) features on the landings page to advertise your latest postings and have a better range for your traffic.

Display a Soundcloud, ReverbNation, Mixcloud or Spotify song or play a play list with the Rock n Rolla WordPress theme. Configuring your design is now simpler than ever on the Preferences page. The Rock Star is a nice and free WordPress theme to be used by groups. Designed to make life easy for performers and groups.

The Rock Star theme makes it simpler than ever to create different kinds of broadgets that promote events and your work. With HTML5 and CSS3 as the basis, using this theme is very simple and hassle-free. Built by the developers, the functionality includes the ability to integrate ESF for simple tracking and update via tracks and up-dates.

Adaptability to this special free WordPress band theme is tremendous. This topic is suitable for translations and can therefore be oriented to several users at the same time. The WordPress theme is another niche theme that focuses on artists and musicans. It can be used as a standard blogs theme, but offers unparalleled functionality to attract more interest from your favorite people.

One of the eye-catching features of this topic is the full-size feature on the homepage. Dealing with this, especially with your band's name/logo, will be useful to increase your brand/band consciousness and evaluate your name in the record business. The MH MusicMag is a more dark theme in our free WordPress theme library that focuses on different musical genres.

Development proposes that groups focusing on metals, grips and punks use this theme. However, any band can make use of it - the designs speak to you and your supporters. Optionally, the motif is supplied with a black colour pattern.

In addition, you can use this free band theme to post your latest band /event related contents and messages - and even be used as a trade press for your own sector related messages. Flexibility in your layouts allows you to customize the look of the templates to suit your own styles and designs. Engineers have gone even further and chosen to allow extra wide areas, great functionality and uniquely customized widgets.

In summary, this is the right choice for you if you want to focus on the creation of a nice and typographic theme. Are you looking for a neat and fashionable Free Band WordPress theme that is both neat and fashionable - then you've come to the right place. SunGit's theme will also work great on portable equipment, and the spreadsheets will get their full reactivity.

This theme was specially developed for musicians, groups, performers and event-driven web sites. Design allows users to change their appearance without having to touch a specific piece of coding. Not only does the power of this free WordPress theme make it more interesting and efficient, but it's also a highly responsive and adaptable website.

When you want to add a visual appeal to your band website, this is the theme for you. Functions include adjustable centerpieces, softwares, community tools, deployable user-defined menu, and more. SunGit's theme is amazingly flexible because you can modify and modify almost anything.

The BeatMix Lite, an event-oriented site for groups and artists; this also includes shows, events and all related subniches of the music and entertainments world. It' s neat, fashionable and quick to react and is also ideal for musical magazine. Because of the theme's versatility, you can choose to gamble with different preferences and choices.

With the BeatMix theme it is now possible to create a nice theme that has a sound coding. These widgets, which are available along a number of different menu lines, will make this topic very available to most people. This theme offers full reactivity and supports headers backgrounds.

Using the Jetpack plug-in with this theme you can present the test stories in a nice way. Posting pages is also optimized in a way that makes the submission away from the styling of a blogs to a more general website. Handcrafted contribution to the artwork to move from blogstyle to a large-scale website.

This plugin in combination with the theme makes your website a true event organization tool and makes it incredibly simple to sell your work. One free and versatile free band WordPress theme is Blackoot. Though not as specifically as the other topics in this listing, it will also work well for groups.

Using a user-defined logotype and favicon, tagsline screen and user-defined headers picture will work very well with the general look and feel of the theme. And MusicMacho is another free band WordPress theme that focuses on stores, groups and shows. An up-to-date look like this fits several types of start and end pages.

The Bootstrap is the basis of MusicMacho. Cheerfulness on the move and expert assistance are the main characteristics of this theme. Which free Band WordPress theming is the best? We' re now completing our free WordPress theme library. We have seen several topics across several different genres in this summary. Those topics impress us with their design and high adaptability.

Band and artist need a powerful web site for their identities. We have done our best in our shop window to gather only the most beautiful and functionally most topics. All of them are great and free WordPress topics that are all of them! Tell us which theme is best for your WordPress website?

Also, if you need more of these great topics, have a look at the other free WordPress topics on our site.

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