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WordPress has developed into a powerful CMS capable of imitating any type of website. Expand your customer base with WordPress Themes! Twenty-six Best WordPress Topics for Musicians (2017) Would you like to create a website for your band? You are not sure which is the best WordPress topic for band members and band web sites? The majority of artists and groups depend on their Twitter, Facebook and Instagram free online communities.

We will present in this paper the best WordPress themes for artists and groups to publicize their work.

WorldPress is the best place for artists and groups to create their website. Enables you to embedded your soundtracks, ticket sales and integration of your community without too much technological expertise. In order to launch a website for your band, you need two things: a domainname and webhosting.

Our site has in-depth instructions on how to select the best WordPress host and how to select the best domainname. Bluehost is highly recommendable because it is the WordPress.org officially recognized host. Then you can use our step-by-step instructions to download and start WordPress.

When your website is up and running, you can choose a WordPress topic for your website. Choose one of the themes below and then read our beginner's manual on how to set up a WordPress topic. Let's take a look at some of the best WordPress themes for artists and groups.

The Wayfarer is a WordPress topic developed especially for artists, groups and labels. Provides a contemporary look with many functions for a music-related website. And it has built-in sound and videolibraries that allow you to share your work anywhere on your website. Provides bespoke playlist playback for your favorite songs and videos with individual or multi-track playlist assistance.

There is also a performance manager section so that your follower can find out where you will be next to perform and buy your ticket. The Amplify is a nice WordPress topic for musician. It' s extremely scalable with user-defined header lines, background, colour selections, template, multiple layout and real-time customization. Comes with gig manage, audioplayer, playlist manage and customized Widgets to easily customize your website to include your own concerts and more.

The Obsidian is a contemporary and classy WordPress topic for groups and artists.

The Hammer is a WordPress musical topic with a minimalistic touch to it. There is a large slide control on the homepage with fridgets for community based content and a site specific playlistist. There also comes with a brickwork styled blogs section with nice presentation of the presented pictures and clear typography. 2. Comes also with giga manager, diskography, video store and user-defined fontsupport.

It is a mighty WordPress topic for players and groups. Comes with a fantastic jukebox that's built right into the subject. In the case of a musical song, a full-screen or picture wallpaper is displayed on the homepage with a call to trade. There are also pages for different performers, so you can present several performers with their tours, songs and movies.

It is a mighty WordPress topic for pubs, artists, entertainment facilities, groups, etc. Conceived for the presentation of special occasions, it has an eventmanagement area. It also offers gallery, camcorder, social networking and a variety of customisation possibilities. Beethoven Heaven is a WordPress topic for musical centers, artists and groups.

Comes with an incident managment section to simply append and mange incidents from your website. There is a nice slide control with several different style and layouts. She also comes with a nice sound cube. It is possible to locate the players anywhere or view individual sound streams in the libraries. When you want to open an on-line shop to resell your tunes, Soundstage makes it really simple.

Featuring gorgeous WordPress themes, this great WordPress song includes great functionality such as a built-in audio file format, integrated audio players, gallery, video players and a blogs section. There is a customisable homepage slide, band member pages, diskography and a generously sized homepage area. The Oszillator is a feature-rich, classy WordPress musical theming. Come with built-in sliders, artist, diskography, event, gallery and movies.

It' got a gorgeous jukebox that you can view from anywhere. There is also available events managment, diskography, drag n drops homepage and user defined search for content searches, Twitter, Flickr and more. This is a nice WordPress topic for musician. Delivered with an audiovisual archive, diskography, galleries as well as a web page builders.

There are also built-in artists pages, events managment, sliders and user-defined Widgets for your own creativity, as well as for your own creativity. The WordPress topic is dedicated to session artists, dj', event organisers, night clubs and everyone in the amusement world. There is a nice homepage slide, a built-in mediaplayer and a plugin for dragging and dropping the homepage build.

There are also discographies, art sites, shows, art gallery and customized plug-ins for integrating your own people. Berlin is a stylish WordPress topic for musician, performer, band and musical centers. There is a nice homepage slide, an organizer for your upcoming party and a section for the latest information. There are also art sites, diskography, eventmanagement, galleries und video.

Kontrol on the other hand is a WordPress musical topic that is extremely adaptable and up-to-date. There is a nice slide control on the homepage, the Musicplayer, the Videogallery, the pictures and the blogs. Konkol comes with an Eventmanagementsystem and a user-defined wideget to show your homepage your own calendar of activities. The Hernan is a slim WordPress topic for artists, groups, DJs, and more.

There are integrated video, diskography, media players, eventmanagement, galleries and artists sites. Design offers a variety of layouts, colours, and customized Widgets for viewing and integrating with your favorite and most popular online experiences. The Promenade is a WordPress topic for musician who want to excel in stile and quality. Comes with a highly customizable home page with tagged contents, tagged soundtrack, a nice mediaplayer and customized widgets.

The Promenade comes with an Eventmanagementsystem and a nice Videothek. Twotone is truly unique and an excellent WordPress topic for the musician with a wonderful full screen headers and a wonderful clear Musicplayer. Beneath the headline is a two-column widget area where you can view your favorite tunes, shows, discography, blogs, and more.

Industry-leading features include Eventmanagement, Tracks and Songsanagement, user-defined scripts, Movie Libraries and Galleries. The tent comes with a gorgeous multimedia players, audio-video-media-handling, artists pages, diskography and events-handling system. The Rock Star is a slim and free WordPress musical topic. There comes with various layout, Newsticker, Featured Contents, Features Sliders, Trips, Broadcrumb, Videos, Visuals, Instagrams and Visuals.

Comes with integrated soft ware inclusion that allows your users to simply split your track and trip data. Also comes with a customized Instagram Widget to make it easy to publish your pictures on your website. It is a nice WordPress topic for artists, dj', music and entertaining web sites. And it comes with built-in sound players and movie galleries.

There are also several page styles, user-defined widgets, a nice slide control, feature rich contents and even customizers. The Brooklyn is a colourful WordPress musical themed. It' simple to set up and can also be used as a topic for entertaining and musical blogs. It is a contemporary WordPress musical topic for artists, groups and entertainment-related web sites.

Comes with an integrated Events Manager that allows you to simply insert incoming trip data. Can also work great with home based videoguest sites like YouTube and Vimeo. Delivered with a number of ready-to-use colour layouts, soft copy interface, a nice slide control and fast set-up. The NightClubbing is a WordPress topic with nice graphic images for artists, nightclubs and general musical websites.

Comes with 7 nice colour scheme, built-in events schedule, homepage templates and softwares. You can also use it to insert SoundCloud, YouTube or Vimeo tunes with the slide control to present your tunes or video on your website. Harmonics is a nice free WordPress topic developed for performers, musician, and photographer.

There comes with customized mail types portfolios, a nice home page layouts, nice Media displays, customized header and background. Zoom is a WordPress topic for web sites that is perfect for web sites that share audio-visual. Comes with a high performance videoslider that lets you show your videogalleries in a wonderful roundabout.

So you can integrate video from YouTube and Vimeo into WordPress. The Dance Floor is a WordPress nightclub and musical themed. Comes with a gorgeous Audiotrack widget, an easy-to-use slide control and high-performance embedded SMP. Hopefully this piece has help you find the best WordPress topic for your band or musicians website.

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