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Lite Pubstore is a free Bar WordPress theme. It' perfect for wine shops, bars, hotels, pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and any other business. 20 popular WordPress themes for Bars & Pubs 2017 Because WordPress uses the user-defined design system, many shopkeepers use WordPress primarily because it is so simple to find a good design. Let's take for example these coming topics for example for bars und pubs. Then comes the icing on the cake, these are the customized functions.

You can, for example, allow your customers to pre-order a dinner or even order a glass of their favourite artisan draught in your still.

As this is a recess where you are looking for more, please read our other listings for similar topics: Don't worry, WordPress (and especially Topics ) are so simple to adapt that you'll never have to. So what is it you're looking for in a great bar/pub theme?

Name it in the commentary and we may help you find the best option for your bar/pub store. Otherwise, you' ll be able to relish the summary and suggest your own favourite topics from the Internet. A WordPress theme, CraftBeer is a wordpress theme designed to create breweries, pubs, or beerhouse Web sites.

The Craft Beer uses a more courageous page creator, which saves you a great deal of setting work. FontAwesome and Stroke 7 offer five different user-defined iconsets with WPML compatible translations. The Craft Beer provides easily changeable options with the built-in WordPress Customizing tool in the Control panel.

Another neat feature is that you can simply override everything with the available kid theme. Now get a theme that offers you all the specialised basics for your needs. Go get Craft Beer now! OldStory theme is a dependable choice for all kinds of bar and pub. His original aim is to serve as a theme for whisky bar and whisky shops.

As with any WordPress theme, however, it is easy to make changes and customise this design for your own custom alcove bar/pub. The OldStory is so versatile, in fact, in addition that you can use it for dining, cafés, cafés, cafés and similar companies. OldStory offers a remarkably profound sound experience that is difficult to overlook.

On the one hand, the OldStory theme works on your portable device without any degradation in your device designs. Even if you only use this topic to post a bar/pub website, it's still a good way to build in some kind of menus. When you start structuring your pub/bar Web site, you can use a customized Media Content Manager to append or manipulate pictures to your WordPress Web site.

In addition, if you are planning to start a website of this kind in your area, you can readily compile this topic using WPML functions. Rugged is a premier theme with versatile configurations and natively response designed. What makes it stand out is its sleek styling and functions that free designs cannot duplicate.

You need skills, perseverance and web designing skills to create a prime theme like Robusta. They have to ask themselves: "Does it make sence to get a topic like Robusta for our work? It is the simplest way to find out how you think about your own creativity and whether such a topic is the right one.

Gaven Creative's staff has made sure that Robusta contains only the best and most important functions. So if you enable the Robusta theme, you will get two different homepage layout. There are similar designs in both layout, but you can see a significant change in the way your site looks and feel. Visual Composer is a WordPress page builder that allows anyone to become an experienced WP constructor.

Well, the Robusta theme is WooCommerce-conform. WorldCommerce is the most used eCommerce plattform for WordPress. The Jz Pub & Bar is a WordPress theme with a gentle blend of functions. While a theme like Jz sounds challenging, it uses a styling that fits your creativity objectives. It' s quite often to get confused when you preview a theme like Jz Pub & Bar.

Luckily for you, setting up a bar/pub website with this theme is unpretentious. Looks like most WordPress Premier topics contain some kind of Visual Composer versatility. Jz's only difference to other topics is that it offers its clients user-defined items. Well, now you know that working with this topic is easy.

Consequently, those in charge of creating the Jz theme provide clients like you with a tailor-made events management system. Designed for restaurateurs, barkeepers, cafés, public houses, and patisseries, this contemporary and neat WordPress theme is a great way to create your own personalized and personalized experience. Dina lets you get so many functions that it's simple to customise.

It is specially designed to integrate functions such as restaurant cards, reservation templates, picture galeries, page layout and online customisation utilities. A further thing that the Dina theme draws our attention to is simplification. A lot of food/bar topics use substandard items to show the menue. The Dina theme, however, includes advanced styling utilities, and you can view your kitchen as a tabsheet.

Keep in the back of your head that everything about Dina is separated from everything else. It also incorporates the best available best-practice technologies, contains user-defined Widgets and is translateable into your mother tongue. Especially nightclubs and clubs where groups play are often the places with the biggest characters.

The SD Bar accentuates the elegance of beams and incorporates these features into a WordPress theme. Today, because most of us look things up on our handsets, it's a long way to have a fast responding website. It is an enthralling prime theme that uses bright colours and a mesh box for display.

The WP Live Customizer can be booted to give you the ultimative creative power, an awesome WordPress expertise. An issue is only as good as the help file that supports it, and Cooker is well researched from the bottom up. Now AxiomThemes have published a theme named Tavern.

This is the ultimative complement for audiences and nightclubs all over the world. The glittering premier theme uses a robust styling that is complemented by utilities such as the desk booking system. The tavern theme is already quite optimised the way it is. You can offer not only your individual beers, but also the complete listing of your restaurants-card.

Tavern allows you to advertise your event with a user-defined Event Page Builder. It is a top of the range topic for WordPress blogs and anyone who wants to use WordPress as a website plattform. Featuring striking and thoughtful details in the designs, this classy yet contemporary theme is ideal for all types of restaurant, bar and pub.

Every website in a niche such as bars and restaurants needs specific functions to ensure your site's succes. The Liber submission considers the latest web designer tendencies as a contemporary theme. You probably know that a portable website is critical not only to customer satisfaction, but also to Google.

Just a few years ago, Google stated that portable designs are becoming a rank rating and not having to be concerned is a huge plus. The Birra33 is a contemporary WordPress theme developed for brewers and restaurateurs. It' a WooCommerce-ready theme, willing to welcome clients for your draft beers.

It is a cutting-edge theme that incorporates retina-capable display for a truly high-resolution visual environment. If so, a theme like fable is more than enough to meet your needs. But if you look at things from a more humble angle, this prime theme is perfect for creating a bar website and having it do its thing.

When it comes to variety, Lambert is a phenomenonal prime topic. It' s difficult to imagine a WordPress theme that represents variety better than Lambert. It can be quickly transformed into a home website for a bar or bar as a theme for a dinner table. Lambert Theme uses a slide control that is able to display contents in more than one presentation.

Rather than rely on other developer to deliver a solution, Lambert Theme Owner integrates their own reservation plug-in. You somebody who runs a place? It' the theme of our company is perfect for making a sustainable impact on new and current customers. State-of-the-art user interfaces from within our software suite take full advantage of the book's features to give you the agility you need to be a diet-drivenenterprise.

One example of this is the use of OpenTable - a seating system specially developed for bar and restaurant use. There' s a good reason why more than 25,000 WordPress topics are available for downloading. However, you still need to use what you can and show your character later when downloading the theme.

Otherwise, we believe that Food & Drink is easy enough to be seen as a universally relevant topic for bar and pub. Nothing but stunning background visuals fill your website area. It combines professionality and refinement and is everything a company in this sector needs.

Pikant is as much a brillant theme for your healthcare as a bar and café setting. So what exactly is the classified compound that makes your product so unique? In addition to full OpenTable integrations, this theme is WooCommerce and several premier plug-ins compliant. In addition, it is a massively scalable theme that uses a sophisticated administration surface for theme administration.

Calimera's theme had just lowered its cost, so we recommend that you investigate the opportunity to purchase this theme right now. The Calimera is a versatile model for restaurant, bar and café use. This theme takes its name from the Greek term Kalimera, which means "good morning".

An appropriate name for an appropriate topic. As well as high levels of customization and a nice name, this nice theme has all the ingredients to make your website a hit. Several of the uniquely designed features for this topic are a menus creation surface, dinner reservation, event administration and even an on-line shop.

Resulting from this thought, AncoraThemes has released Jarvis - a premier WP theme for nightclubs, festival and concerts. But the way Jarvis is constructed is more than enough to turn Jarvis into a theme for a fashionable bar or a pub. The theme uses the full optimisation of portable devices, with painting effect and portable slider contents.

If that doesn't work, use your Premier Service Pack through the Service Centre. Rica Plus theme contains 9 distinct homepage layout. Some of them are for restaurants sites, but others involve a café, bar/pub, vineyard and one-sided design. Posted with neat and constant coding, this topic is kind to WordPress developer.

Luckily, the Rica Plus provides a way to do this by using a short code that you can manipulate with WordPress Post Editor. There is no denying the ascent of crafts beers. Brewery's theme is the unbeatable addition to brewers all over the globe. Think of this topic as you know it from a clothing website.

ProgressionStudios' theme of inhibition is as beautiful as the one before, but with slightly more dark colours. So it may be a great topic that can be used for any project that involves review or discussion of singularraft beers. In spite of its complete ease, the ban submission does not miss to add Visual Composer, WooCommerce and Revolution Slider to the mixture.

With just three of these great plug-ins, you can give your corporate identity contemporary and neat designs.

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