Wordpress Beauty Blogs

Worldpress Beauty Blogs

This article first shows you two examples of great WordPress beauty blogs and then shows you how to set up your own blog on the world's most popular publishing platform. The Jogy is a WordPress theme developed exclusively for the development of beauty blogs, high-quality yoga and SPA. The SpaYou is a very appealing WordPress theme for beauty centers and SPA. Fresh and clear design of the Allure theme makes it the best premium theme for a beauty blog. Don't worry if you don't know how to install WordPress!

Astounding 11 beauty blogs made with WordPress

A beauty blog is one of those types of web site that has a great deal of pertinent information targeted at a particular group. Blogs behind these pages are usually very energetic and try to keep their users as up to date as possible, with all sorts of beauty related advice; from make-up to body treatments, and more.

A thing you may not have known is that many of these beauty blogs use WordPress as their web page publishing system. We' ve put together a shortlist of 11 stunning beauty blogs in WordPress for this article, so you can explore them and keep them in the back of your minds as you create your next beauty blogs.

Remarques is the first beauty blogs in a series. They can find all types of contents in this blogs, but the major issues that are debated are beauty issues such as make-up, skin care and beauty care products. Contributions on the homepage are chosen with care and presented well. Rather than fill the homepage with all possible contributions, the menus contain a pre-view of the last three contributions in this particular group.

In this way, users can quickly find the contents they are looking for without being overtaxed. Manface, the next beauty blogs on the roster, focuses on all types of beauty factor pertinent to men. Unlike Remarques, the former beauty blogs we divided in this article, this site divides much more of its contents on the home page.

The next thing we have is the formula blogs, which look fantastic. You also have a nice way to display the heading along with the name of the section to which a contribution relates. Then we also have the Barefoot Bleach Beauty Blogs. The website definitely highlights the individual behind the beauty page and uses instagram posters at the top of the page along with the soft symbols to resume the narrative elsewhere.

In addition, the whole site concentrates on the visible part of each contribution and allows users to view the articles without having already opened them. Next we have the Very Good Light Beauty Blogs for Men. And one of the very enjoyable things about this site is the scrollable motion that lets you interact with the contents you find on your site.

All in all, this beauty blogs is very simple to search and offers its users the contents they have generated in a very simple and user-friendly way. Beauty is Boring is the next beauty blogs we want to focus on. But they do succeed in combining this wonderfully with the pictures they use throughout the site.

There is a very noticeable way for this beauty page to create your submission. Maskcara is another easy yet stylish beauty blogs. This website begins with a slide show of the articles presented, which immediately ensures that users are kept up to date on all new contents offered in the blogs. The Beauty Blogs has everything you would want from a Beauty Blogs and ends the homepage by showing your users the latest Instagram messages from the Beauty Bloggers.

Well-known beauty journalist Jaclyn Hill also has a rather great website. We also see something we saw in some of the earlier beauty blogs in this one; the mix of blacks and whites in the entire weblog. Speaking of famous beauty blogs and make-up artist, Nikkie tutorials are definitely one of them.

As with the Jaclyn Hill website, this website is mainly used to split videos from its YouTube channels. One of the right side bar bio's purposes is to allow individuals to instantly identify the beauty bloggers identities and brands. Immediately, this beauty blogs gives you a summery mood by only looking at the colours of the website.

This allows instant access to the latest articles that need to be shared. In addition, the site also divides three ways to browse through the contributions while it is on the homepage; at the latest now, loved by all. They can be found at the end of the homepage and allow our guests to watch the latest video and blog.

Finally, we have One Turn Kill, a blogs created with the Divi topic. As well as beauty, this website also covers other themes such as looks and home d├ęcor. This website is a bunch of all sorts of things that could be useful when trying to find your own inspirations.

What's really great about this site is that it begins with a photo show that shows the stories presented along with an introduction to what it's all about. It will inspire the visitor to click on the slides and fully view the article. In this article we divided some great beauty blogs created with WordPress.

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