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Re-usable content & text blocks. The plugin allows users to define modular text/content blocks and place them in pages, posts, sidebars, etc. using shortcuts, widgets or PHP. WordPress uses custom mail type and mail management to define reusable content blocks.

Think about using the Content Block plugin to reuse rich text pieces, add links, files, and even images. Two main applications for content blocks exist.


Easy and agile CMS bloc. Create [shortcode] for contents that are replicated in different areas of your website. Just type once, insert your [shortcode] wherever you want it to appear! Insert the [speed dial] at the position where you want the contents of the notepad to be shown. Process your pad in one place and it will be refreshed wherever you had your [shortcode].

Please rate this plug-in for the web developers if it is useful for you. Once the plug-in has been enabled, you will find the'Blocks' option in the administration panel directly under Pages and Contributions. Once I type and insert the short code wherever I need it. It was a fantastic plug-in!

Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Blocked layouts

Make your own layout of blocks and paste it anywhere as a group. Gutenberg Editors. This allows you to generate new Gutenberg blocks layout. Then you can reuse these layout anywhere in your Gutenbergditor. Layout will be available via a Gutenberg blocks named Blocks Layout.

Naturally, this plug-in needs the Gutenberg plug-in. When there is a problem with the plug-in, the correct way to deal with it is to first ask in the support threads. Since Gutenberg is still in alpha stage, this plug-in obviously can't be perfected yet, because Gutenberg doesn't have an officially released version. Following persons have added to this plug-in.

Contents blocks (Custom Post Widget)

Gutenberg compatible for processing blocks of contents added. The same applies only to processing blocks of contents. Since there is no pad icon yet to add a contents pad in the Gutenbergditor, you have to select the Widget'Shortcode' and add your short-code for the contents pad there. Add the ability to display the displayed picture when using the shortcode.

Append featured_image=yes to the short code to display it: The average picture sizes are shown by default, but you can modify them as follows: HTML disinfection added to content block posts title. It has been re-named to Content Blocks to better serve its intended use. Remove the administrator hints, added the donate hyperlink to the plug-in summary page.

Short codes are now shown on the editing page of the contents blocks, thanks to Remkus, who suggested this function. Modified way to create the Widget in anticipation of PHP7 compatibility. You can now use the mail state to display the contents blocks in the widget areas; only publishable contents blocks are shown.

Ability to use contents blocks in short code has been added. The way in which the speed dial key is accessed from above the screen text box has been modified. Now you can append a descriptive text to the contents pad to make it easy for reviewers to find out where the pad is shown on the website.

Andreas Larsson made the plug-in include a translations to Sweden. Ability to use a separate Widget templates filename as proposed by flynsarmy added. Correction of the error created by the Plugin'Advanced Customizing Fields'. Supports the presented picture in the user-defined widgets area. Corrected bug notifications when you drag a new contents note onto the Widget areas and deleted the short code for adding contents notes from the Edit Contents Notepad.

Add the ability to deactivate applet_filters for the contents to avoid problems with incorrect plug-ins. I' d rather not have added this, but it seems that many plug-in designers don't know how to use filtering correctly (see http://pippinsplugins.com/playing-nice-with-the-content-filter/). Thanks to Jonathan Liuti (http://unboxed-logic.com/) the contents blocks can now be compiled with the WPML plug-in.

Due to Vitaliy Kaplya (http://www.dasayt. com/) a roman language version has been added to the plug-in. Small fix for the editing links in the widget. Add a hyperlink to the widget editors to allow you to modify blocks of contents and change the "Show contents block" to contain a "Manage widgets" hyperlink. It will emulate the $post queue now.

Implemented a shortcut above the Contents dialog to make it easy to insert the shortcut code (no need to look up the ID). The new version corrects all bug reports that were last detected when checking this plug-in. At the request of Tony Allsopp the possibility was added to drag the contents of a contents pad with the shortcode[content_block id= ] into a page or a contribution.

Custom Post Widget plug-in now uses the more effective get_post instead of query_posts to show the contents blocks on the page. Caspar Hübinger gave the plug-in its own symbol and Stephen James asked for the authors panel to be added to the editing screens of the game.

Now, the name of the contents blocks is shown in the administration panel to facilitate the administration of the widgets. Widgetitle now uses $before_title and $after_title to create the corresponding tag to show on the page. Showposts=-1 was added to the mail request to show more than 10 user-defined messages in the selection field of the widget config.

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