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Administer or create your WordPress blog or website directly from your iOS device: create and edit posts and pages, upload your favorite photos and videos, view statistics and reply to comments. Usually they just let you use an RSS feed from your blog entries.

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Just download and deploy the app plug-in and select one of our great plugins that will immediately turn your website into a portable app. You can customize the template for your apps or even use your own. Create your own portable app! Become quickly the number 1 app constructor in our portable environment.

A few of the functions of the Mobile App Builder: Automated Contents Synchronization - Your portable app is synchronized with your website and all changes to your web page contents are synchronized with your apputomatically. This is a portable app that works with Windows Phone (iOS and Android). AdMob app ads and monetization - Thanks to AdMob you can now make a lot of profit with your app.

We' ve got pre-installed plug-ins that give your app even more features. iBeacons - Push your app when a user passes a buzzer and sends a push message to your app. Quickest portable app out there. You will receive your app by e-mail within 30 min. and in a very short time.

Post your portable app on the Google Play Store & Apple App Store. Just portable contents. Monetise your app with AdMob and App. Modify the style sheet to make your own design. BuddyPress compatibility. iBeacon compatibility portable applications. Get your free app today! It only takes 2 min to set up a portable app that is available anywhere in the world.

Now you can build an iPhone Mobil App or Android Mobil App without any knowledge of coding. Use our easy 3-step installation and build your own portable app. Our plug-in lets you select the colours, lettering, logos and contents you want to use in your app. We' ll build your free app and e-mail it to you.

It takes on averages 30 min to 2 hrs to build the app. You can upload your own applications to Google Play and the iPhone App Store. The website is available on iPhones, Windows Phone 8, Firefox OS and PDA. Safari, Google Chrome, Google Chrome, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer 10, Firefox and More.

Now you can create your own portable app for E-Commerce (with BuddyPress), Forum (with bbPress), and more. Forever your html app is free for your website. By inviting 8 persons, your free app is free for one months. and you get iPhone App, iPod App, Android App, HTMLobile Site, pushed alerts and all the latest news.

An excellent plug-in with good technical supports and free App Builder. Occasionally you'll find one of these plug-ins where it's unbelievable how much work someone has put into making a plug-ins, and it's available at such a low price that the writer, to add to it, responds very quickly to any problems you have and tries to help you find a workaround.

It is one of these seldom types of plug-in and plug-in author.... He put a lot of effort into this plug-in and the results are amazing and exactly what I was looking for. WordAp allows me to take my website to the next stage with a > whole new universe of monetization possibilities, as it is now available when someone is looking for my website contents in their App Store.

When you have the need that I would try this plug-in out, you can get an impression of how your app will look and work without ever having to spend a cent, then if you have it conveniently, you can bring it to the app store for such minimum outlay. I' m very much liked this plug-in, never had any problem or trouble with it.

The thing that made me give 5 star is this great developer assistance. Thanks a lot Dave & Team for the great plug-in and the help...! WorldApp is free and earns cash with advertisements on your portable app. Upgrade to Premier to remove your entire list of adverts and even place your own mobiles to take advantage of your app.

Upload 8 of your buddies and we'll make your free app for you! Generate your own portable app. Latest previews of the app. View a full feature previewer of our portable app plug-in. FREE to make a portable app Thank you for all your assistance and friendly comments via e-mail. Start creating a portable app today.

An app enhances your view. Stats show that the typical US citizen will spend more than two hrs a night on their portable devices. A portable app has many functions: it can offer general information, pricing, reservation form, searching engine, account, messenger, newsfeeds, event, promotions and more.

Get even nearer and engage with your customers directly from your portable app with pushed alerts. Make cash with your portable app by enabling advertisements. Expand your audiences and make cash using your portable app. Providing your company with a portable app can help to raise the profile of your company name.

Loyalty via the app. Use your portable app plug-in to help you establish better relationships with your customers. Differentiate your portable app from the crowd. To have a portable app is still quite seldom, this can give you a jump in front of your competitors. Get your free app today!

You can create a global app in as little as 20 seconds. Now you can create an iPhone Mobil App or Android Mobil App without any knowledge of coding. Publish pushed alerts - Submit a notification when you add a new blog entry. Your app will be available on Windows Phone.

Additional plug-ins to extend the functionality of your app. Create better applications with more template & theme. WordApp edition - You don't want WordApp to tell you? for our plug-in. Choose from hundreds of fully customized portable apps. Create a portable app without programming knowledge.

Without the need for coding, you can release your app, support your company and easily win more people. Portable app to connect with iPhone, Android, and soon iPad, Mac, Apple Watch, and Apple TV app stores around the globe. With WordApp, it's simple for over 20,000 clients around the globe to explore and create a portable app.

WorApp is loaded with great portable capabilities to increase revenue, alert and retain visitors, plan meetings, find sites, deliver rich media and more. It' amazingly fast to develop a portable app that quickly integrates the latest iOS & Android wireless technology into your applications, soon watchOS and even more. You' re always prepared for what comes next when you develop the most advanced portable app ever.

WorApp Plugin in your own native Speech! We' re happy to hear what you think of our portable App builder. Here is what some of our word app user think. Do you have any question about your App mobil? Please feel free to get in touch with me at (Head mobil app developer): Made by Dave, a designer of mobil apps.

We have been developing softwares since 2001, we encountered a dilemma with the cell phone. Deploying a portable app was costly and delivering portable technologies for SMEs and blogs was generally too costly. WordApp was created from here. WorldApp is now a portable first enterprise. Now our lives are on the move, on the move, on the move, on the move.

App Developer Now - Build your own portable app for your client. WorAppMobilePlugin Premium provides a wide range of advanced mobility topics for bloggers, business, buddypress, and WooCommerce merchants; premium individual customer service from our dedicated global network of experts. Don't miss this chance to get to your portable audiences and grow the number of recurring portable audiences.

With our fantastic app plug-in, you can create a free app in just a few moments. We' re currently improving the plug-in for better voocommerce and buddy press integrations.

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